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Old 03-09-2018, 06:31 PM
StormNexus StormNexus is offline
Join Date: Sep 2013
Location: Wisconsin
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Thumbs up Change to my inner landscape - Birth of Shamanism?

There is no Shamanism category in the forum, so I have chosen to post this here. I have recently been strongly drawn toward shamanism. I'm not at all familiar with it other than some basic concepts. I picture elderly wise men or women drumming, chanting and hallucinating around a campfire - travelling to otherworldly realms to explore and battle evil spirits. I know they learn about plant medicine from the plants themselves - communicating with them directly.

I have recently experienced a dramatic and (initially fearful) shift in my "inner landscape" as I've called it for years. This is a personal place I go to in my mind during meditations. It is an island I created for quiet space and somewhere I can go to speak with my angels, guides, guardians, and ancestors.

Original state of inner landscape (5+ years of stability):
Forested island with sand beaches. In the center, a small cabin surrounded by gardens and garden paths. Within the cabin were several rooms and areas that I used for specific self-improvement work and communication with certain ancestors and guides. I created this space and it has been constant for years - I was in complete control of this place as its creator.

Recent change to my inner landscape:
I came to my island and there was an absence there - something I can only describe as part of my soul missing. This represented itself as an earthquake and distant rumbling. Much of my island was being consumed by this emptiness and ripped away into the ground "behind" the cabin. I entered the cabin and found several of my guides inside in a state of confusion and a couple of them in fear of what was happening. They may have been reflecting my own feelings. This was my literal sanctuary being ripped away. I called in an army of angels and helpers to stabilize the island. One of my guides, a crystal dragon, took on a new form as a humanoid for the first time and worked with me in-lock step as I willed the island to stabilize. I subconsciously knew the only way to stabilize the destruction was to dive into the heart of the void opening up. I walked through the back of the cabin wall, now missing, and jumped into a gaping tear in space-time, resembling a deep, black canyon.

I fell/flew through this opening into outer space. I subconsciously knew that I needed to create something huge - something solid - to end the destruction. I created a planet. I willed a planet divided into 12 giant continents to form in space. I seeded this planet with 2 ancient races whose purpose is to terraform the plants and animals of the land and sea. Once done, I returned to my partially destroyed island with my dragon guide. My guides were all more content and peaceful now. The destruction has stopped. My cabin was being rebuilt into a castle, of sorts. The foundation of my new dwelling was replaced by a large twisting tree-stump-base with thick roots. The castle is hazy and indistinct, as if I cannot bring it fully into being yet. I've never had so little control in my own inner space, and yet done so much here. Yet, I was able to create a balcony and stabilize the gaping maw into the void that now dwells beyond my castle.

Why am I posting this vision/experience with regard to shamanism?
I have a strong connection to earth, nature, trees, etc. I have done this planet creation thing before - in fact I have memories from past lives creating solar systems and planets just as I did in this vision.

If you have performed shamanic visions, quests, or travel to lower or upper realms as I believe they're called... what is it like? Is it similar or different to what I've described?

This morning I played shamanic drumming in my headset to travel back to this planet I created. It was thriving. I found myself traveling through a world-tree to this planet, then again through the tree to a lower realm of the planet I created. The lower realm of the planet that I created was desolate and looked like a lava planet. I began creating life here where there was none. Starting with small plants, grasses and shrubs - I then called rains to cool and flood the lava. The steam fed the clouds and rain. I seeded a "great seed" there, which will grow into a world tree. I felt then saw a dark presence above and behind me - it was a black dragon. It was fire breathing and I simply transformed all fire into breaths of fresh air. I easily neutralized the dragon here with my redwood staff. We had a conversation and ultimately came to an agreement on its position in this world. I returned through a new world tree that just sprouted to the surface world there. I proceeded to create a half-dozen life-forms in pairs of male-female on each continent. I gave them each some minor direction and a gift. I then returned to my inner landscape through a worldtree to a grove near my castle. After this journey, I feel at peace and more connected to that planet. This felt shamanic to me and why I posted it here.

Thank you if you've made it this far. I'm open to any books, websites, and advice you have for whatever this is that's happening to me.

Though surrounded by rage, fear, change, and destruction; the eye of the storm sees only Peace. - StormNexus
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Old 01-01-2019, 11:39 AM
siebenraben siebenraben is offline
Join Date: Nov 2018
Location: Germany
Posts: 47
It's nice to read that other people are as weird as oneself - I was starting to think I might be completely crazy. Well - maybe I am but at least I am not the only one.

I don't really know wether it is an inner world or another world or whatever but I like traveling there and I usually do it without any drums sometimes I don't need to close my eyes and I can imagine me going there or things happening while I am driving my car or doing the dishes.

It happened to me once that there was a change to ... my tree - the one where I usually enter my inner world, it's a birch - started to look like a giant broccoli, the top looking like an alien spacecraft - I wasn't sure about what it meant - it didn't feel comfortable and nobody there could give me an answer or wanted to do anything about it. It's usually like this - as soon as I am starting to think or analyze what I see in the other world there is usually a bear walking up to me and biting my head off. Anyway the other places in my inner world had not changed at all and after a month or two everything was back to normal.

I also have several different places to go and maybe that is the problem? That you have changed and the place you created didn't match your new personality. I sometimes use Alberto Villodos way of getting back lost parts of my soul. Had a very powerful experience using this way once - but I am not sure if it has worked the other times I tried. Anyway your story sounds as if something happened in your life that was a deep shock for you - maybe you had not realized it on a conscious level yet.

All the best.
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Old 02-01-2019, 10:53 PM
SaturninePluto SaturninePluto is offline
Join Date: Feb 2017
Location: North East united States
Posts: 1,096
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Hello original poster.

Yes. What you have described has happened to me as well. I have a garden place I envisioned when young. It remained stable for a while but has grown more chaotic over time, and the scenery has begun to become a changing force.

I still enter this space. Personally I've dealt with it by accepting that it is subject to change. I don't want my meditations to become static.

I have created a new place as well, though I have not entered either space for a period of months.

Namaste and I wish you the best of journeys.
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Yours In Retrospect, The Universe.
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Old 03-01-2019, 10:23 AM
Heatherkey Heatherkey is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Jan 2019
Posts: 9
Hi StormNexus, on my path, the visions have depicted the nature of energy that plays a part or influences other aspects of life (such as physical, mental and emotional). They have at times related to the past (even many lifetimes past if it bears relevance) or they can relate to something to come. Can you relate what the dreamscape shows you to to anything in life or to your responses to any aspect of life?

Ive not studied much about shamanism, but I believe that in many cultures, the shaman will have undergone some sort of death of the percieved self, through rituals or walk abouts. I dont know if you can relate this to your visions or not this time, but sometimes the destruction of what we know or hold dear, can allow something new to grow.
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Old Yesterday, 08:33 PM
StormNexus StormNexus is offline
Join Date: Sep 2013
Location: Wisconsin
Posts: 105
  StormNexus's Avatar
Thanks for the responses. Honestly, I forgot about posting this story and was going through some old email alerts and found activity here.

@siebenraben - Yay! Another weirdo! Thanks for sharing your story here. I'm also curious about your Spaceship/Broccoli Birch if you ever want to discuss further. I also hope you found some comfort in my story.
@SaturninePluto - Thank you for explaining your experience. I'd love to hear more about your multiple inner spaces should you ever want to private message about them.
@Heatherkey I agree that destruction allows something new to grow. I expect it is a necessary change, but that doesn't mean I need to like it ;o)

How wonderful to know that there are others with an inner landscape they go to. I have stayed away from my meditations there for the most part over the last several months. The changes were uncomfortable in my comfortable place. I'm not sure what changed in my life that would have altered my sacred space like this, but I see that I'm not alone... and that helps.

I'll probably poke around in there more in the coming months to see if I can figure out what happened. There was some mental influence I was able to exert over the landscape - things were more "solid" the last time I was there.

My best wishes to all of you! Thanks for sharing.
Though surrounded by rage, fear, change, and destruction; the eye of the storm sees only Peace. - StormNexus
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