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Old 03-12-2019, 10:57 AM
tabane27 tabane27 is offline
Join Date: Feb 2012
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My toddler talking in strange boices

Not sure this the right section....

My son talks in unusual sounds like heís having a conversation or he occupies 2 souls in his body. At first I thought he was trying to sound like his dad but now I think different. Iím not sure what to think. This mainly happens in bed but he does it in the day. He will talk in a really high pitched voice and flip it to a deep deep voice. He would count each number twice. Once in a high pitch then a deep pitch. My partner is a skeptic but he has even said it sounds demonic like heís having a conversation with someone but heís responds to himself.

Set that aside for a moment.... there has been some odd things going on since he was born and also before. I was highly psychic before falling pregnant and they pretty much went. Late into the birth we moved into our present home. We caught orbs all over the house and around me and his cot Fayís upto his birth. When he was born I put him in his Moses basket in the evenings and it used to just rock on its own. I was aware it was spirit and didnít bother me coz he was
Peaceful. Over the period thereís been a few things but lately his big sister moved out leaving a room for him to move into. We havenít put him in there yet. We keep hearing noises coming from that room, scraping on floor, banging and footsteps as if someone is in there. Last week I put my sons toys in there and we all heard a bang. My partner ran up there to look. He found my sons trike handle on the floor. My partner said it is impossible for it to just fall off and needs force. This did happen a few times when his sister was living here. I keep catching something in the corner of my eye around the house, itís a shadow fog and very small. I will walk into a room and catch it or I will turn and I see it disappear. Yesterdayís one was bit weird though, I watching tic and right in front of my along the floor entering the door was a small dark fog shadow(cat sized) it sort of manifested right in front of me as it glider into the room and disappeared in front of my eyes. Now I donít feel any negative from this whatís so ever.

My 2 year old was a twin which we lost in the first trimester. But leading upto conceiving I always heard a little child playing around the bed. I couldnít have children and only just given up all hope and excepted. I had a strange sleep paralysis round exact time he was conceived. I was convinced I was abducted and operated on. Once I was pregnant I just new it was twins before I knew I was pregnant. Unfortunately the day I found out I was pregnant I lost the twin and it was traumatic. Once my son was born I knew the twin I lost was a girl.
Could he be talking to his twin?? Can his twin soul occupy his body with him? Iím aware he may have abilities as it passes on through our family but Iím struggling to connect still now
Im a woman not a man
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Old 04-12-2019, 06:09 PM
Lynn Lynn is offline
Join Date: Feb 2006
Location: Past Pluto in the vastness of space and time
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I so can relate to your discussion here. I am a Medium that was born into it naturally and very wide open to it all. Growing up was a struggle for me but I made it through it all.

I have three kids all that are sensitive but not all that open that door fully like I do, to work with it, but it is there with them. Like they came in adjusted to it all and its just how life is for them.

I missed it with my first Son totally. He from day one of birth never settled in his room, never slept well. He was verbal very early at 6 months he was forming basic sentences. At the age of 2 ( I was pregnant with his brother) he would say there was a "spirit in his room a man" I was so tired that I dismissed it as nothing.

Well it so was not nothing, there was a man in his room. I was watching a paranormal show one day and on this episode they were dealing with a child under the age of 6 trying to figure out whom was there around them. They did something interesting. Too some family photos of family members passed, and some of random people and asked the child to point to someone that they knew or saw.

Well I did that with my Son at the age of 2, he went right to one with my Dad in it ( whom passed when I was 25 and I was pregnant at 35) and had no photos of him in the home. As I am 56 years old and I was 2 years in the picture it was black and white. My Son went that is "Spirit" that is the man and he brings with him the little brown dog. OMG its a black and white photo and in it was my puppy that was brown.

My Son went on to say that he also comes with a small wire black dog, that was my second family pet a terroir cross so hair was like wire. Then he goes there is ae fluffy cat that gets you all wet when you pet it. That was my Grandmother's cat. She drewled when she purred.

There is no way he could have known of these pets. Not at the age of 2. When he was told whom the man was things settled and he finally slept the night. He went on to have many interactions over the year with spirits like to him it was normal. Open communications I found was key to him being ok with it all.

It is possible that your child has a connection open to the other side this is common pre age of 6 and most times it will fade after 6 when the logic side of the brain develops more. Not always mine never did but I too kept communications as an open door.

My second Son too is sensitive on a different level he is in the Autistic Spectrum so he handles things on a different emotional level. My Daughter would draw one's she saw and then name them.

I had to go so far as to write a report to the school about my kids, and to have one see a psychologist whom spent 5 minutes of the 2 hours with my Son and the rest of the time with me as he had never believed in Medium's or met one he felt was real. I was real.

I am not sure that the twin would occupy your Son as that journey was never completed in birth and life. There could be a connection but not on the level I feel of being as one.

I know too that "you cant have children" I had three but was told at 19 me and my mate could never both have any. Well that was not true. They come in if they are meant to come in. How is a mystery medicine will never understand.

If the crow has chosen you as your spirit or totem animal, it supports you in developing the power of sight, transformation, and connection with lifeís magic.
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Old 10-12-2019, 03:10 AM
desert rat desert rat is offline
Join Date: Aug 2013
Location: Phoenix AZ USA
Posts: 3,638
Have you asked him why the voices , and who he is talking to ?
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