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Old 03-02-2013, 11:19 PM
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crazy... I met someone once and can't stop thinking about them

I know this sounds mental and deranged and I feel so embarassed writing this but oh well. 12 months ago I was doing a one-day work at this place and I got chatting with one of the workers. I didn't really notice him proper until he looked deep into my eyes... it was indescribable and I still can't get the image of my brain, sparks just ignited. During that conversation I knew there was an instant connection, it was the first time a guy has conversed with me and been really interested in what I had to say. I always thought it was a singles life for me, but when he looked me in the eyes like that I felt for the first ever time I have the potential to be someones girl. After that shift I felt euphoric... it was weird?!!

I never saw him again. I was only working there for the day. Something was telling me to get his contact details, but it was at work, there was clients and workers around and it just wasnt really the time or place. I think of all the things I should of done to this day but hindsight is a *****. Months passed and I still couldn't stop thinking about it. Most crushes only last me about 2 months. I've had many conversations with attractive and nice men since that time but none have impacted me the way that did.
I reluctantly know that I've placed the man I met once as the physical image for my idealized fantasy man, who becomes the face, and makes me, in a way, believe what I feel is real, when itís really all in my mind to be fair.

But now after all these months I've just started thinking about him again and the obsession is back :'( I don't know where it come from. he mentioned his full name in passing, I've stalked him on facebook but I just feel like such a creeper. I've talked to my guides about it and they say we were lovers in a former life but not twin flames/soul mates. In a way I would like to see him again, but I know how awkward it would be because the way I've thought about it so much and he probably thought I was a proper weirdo.

I just don't get why he's sprung back in my mind after a year!! I've pleaded and pleaded not to think about him again but I still can't. What's the best thing to do in this situation? Anyone else had a similar experience? I feel so mental :(
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Old 03-02-2013, 11:36 PM
Emvee Emvee is offline
Join Date: Aug 2012
Posts: 218
Been there done that. End up getting heartbroken in the end, big delusional mess. You fantasize about the guy all the time, barely even talked to him & then once you REALLY & I mean REALLY get to know him, he is a complete different person, far from the dream guy. Trust me, I thought that we were 'lovers from a past life' & all of that fairytale talk. Wrong. It was big fat infatuation. And even if we were 'lovers from a past life', what difference does it make? Past is past for a reason, all that matters is this life. Who knows, he might be happy with another girl now & he might've even forgotten about you, but you are still wasting your time dreaming about him.

I know it's harsh but...Wake up! Stay grounded & let go. If you are so convinced that you guys were past life lovers destined to meet in this life, like your guides say, then go ahead, add him on Facebook, send him a message and see how it goes from there. The problems sometimes is this: When we let our heart & emotions control us, we lose all sight of the logical and end up being the fool in the end.

What woke me up: Having a reading with a psychic...she told me that I was just daydreaming. I suggest maybe, you can ask for a reading on the reading section of this forum [although you have to have more posts] or you can ask someone for a tarot reading.

You could also trust your gut feelings & intuition. But make sure that your gut feelings aren't clouded by emotions. I don't want you to get hurt like I did, I'm sorry if I sound harsh. Good luck violet! I wish you the best. Tell us what happens. I'd like to know.
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Old 04-02-2013, 12:22 AM
twinkle twinkle is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Posts: 651
Sometimes people feel love at first sight because of synastry in the natal charts. I also think it is a good idea to send him a message on Facebook. I think it will help knowing you at least tried.
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Old 04-02-2013, 02:13 PM
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To me, I think things happen as they are meant and its up to us to see the signs and act upon them. Clearly, there was a spark. You seen/felt it, he must of as well or he wouldnt of spoken to you in the manner he did.

Contact him through Face book (technology has this brilliant way of allowing you to say what you feel without the uncomfortable aspect of rejection face to face) Say something about possibly getting together for coffee but make it simple enough to where you dont come off as a creeper.

Im sure he'll be flattered that you remember him from all this time. And if he isnt..well then so be it. You tried. At least you wont always wonder what might of been. Good luck!
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Old 06-02-2013, 01:54 AM
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I know I'm acting like an irrational idiot. I want to stop thinking about it so much but it always crops up in my mind. I think the reason why it always crops up is because it's the first time I've ever felt a spark and connection with something, and I didn't think it was possible for me. I just want to forget it so much :( I just wish I never met him. I could never add him on fb because it would just be too weird.
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Old 08-02-2013, 12:18 PM
H:O:R:A:C:E H:O:R:A:C:E is online now
Join Date: May 2011
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  H:O:R:A:C:E's Avatar
From stuff I've read, relationships are all about "energy-exchange".
We humans are evolutionary creatures, whose energy flows can fluctuate and change.
What you want to do is gain mastery over your own being, your personal evolution;
then you can find a healthy, sustainable relationship with somebody else.
Unlike in Jerry Maguire, you don't wanna find someone to "complete" you -- you wanna be a whole person on your own two feet first (don't you?).
Go ahead and "experiment" with love-relationships (if you have a mind to),
but don't place your fate in the hands of somebody else.
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Old 10-02-2013, 02:38 PM
Somnia Somnia is offline
Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: East Texas
Posts: 1,427
There is a reason you are suddenly thinking about him again after a year. I'd definitely take a chance and contact him. You never know what might happen but also keep in mind he might be with someone. At least you will know and you will have closure.

Long story short, when I was in High School I was dating a guy and after a year and half of dating I had classes with another guy who was a Senior. We had 2 classes together at the end of the school day and I developed a huge crush on him for the rest of the year. I never talked to him, mostly admired form afar while dating my BF at the time. When my crush graduated and left I felt so depressed because I wasn't going to see him anymore at school. Life went on and that's when I noticed how controlling and manipulative my BF was. Always wanting me to himself and ran off all my friends. We finally broke up and I felt free. A year and a half had passed since I had last seen my crush and I felt an incredible urge to contact him. One of my girl friends gave me his phone number and I called him up out of the blue. I was so nervous but he remembered me from school and we talked about what we did during Summer vacations. We started hanging out soon after and 3 months later he asked me to be his GF. We've been together ever since :)

So yes, I think it would be worth it adding him to your Facebook. If I can call my high school crush out the blue after a year and half of no contact, I see no excuse for you to not add him on Facebook
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Old 10-02-2013, 03:58 PM
Adrienne Adrienne is offline
Deactivated Account
Join Date: Apr 2007
Location: an alternate reality
Posts: 25,983
send your thoughts, wishes out to the Universe that you want to meet up with him again... if this is what you desire

nothing quite like it when you are looking deep into someone's eyes and the sparks ignite

Dream Angel xx
♥ love always ♥

Expect Miracles !

Sometimes in the winds of change ~ we find our true direction
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Old 10-02-2013, 04:23 PM
Miss Hepburn Miss Hepburn is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Southwest, USA
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Yes, please let us know...contact him, follow your heart's calling..you could have
many years before
You divorce and hate each other.
Kidding, but not really.
"Prepare yourself for the coming astral journey of death
by riding daily in a balloon of divine perception.
Through delusion you are perceiving yourself as a bundle of flesh and bones...
Meditate unceasingly, that you quickly behold yourself as the Infinite Essence"

~Lahiri Mahasaya, the Guru of Yogananda's Guru

I have no scientific evidence for anything I say.

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