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Old 11-02-2014, 07:07 PM
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Lucid dream /possible ap /

OK so the first time this happened, I went to sleep on my back (on purpose) binaural beats (I work nights I always listen to alpha and theta waves)
The first time I got out of my body enough to know I was sleeping and see the body dormant. Each time I tried to leave my room I suddenly woke up again but while asleep. Like a loophole.

Some say it's fear or practice I need.

So today it happens again. I didn't expect or anticipate it but felt more familiar : I made it ti my front door and it wouldn't open. Got the keys and unlocked it then the wall morphed over the door and expanded pushing me back in the room. (I was trying to get out of the house. I wake in my own house and nothing is different in my dream to reality)
So I stand on the bed thinking I can fly out the roof.
The roof pushed me back down and into bed.
I cycled a few times the ended up begging over and over again to wake up like I was trapped In a coma again.
Eventually going to sleep woke me up.


What am I doing wrong?
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Old 13-02-2014, 02:55 AM
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Well looks like you got no replies yet.
Last time i had an out of body was about 2001 or so. I was able to pass the ceiling with little resistance. I think to a certain extent you can only get so far away from your supposed physical self. In dreams when trying to open doors and such ive had the same problem you are experiencing.

After watching the matrix, a couple of years ago, i dreamt i was in a house. Lucid dream. I tried to open the front door and couldn't. So i took a couple of steps back and flew into the door with full force. Instead of waking up from the impact i kept flying around that foreign neighborhood. It was night and i didnt see other people on the streets.

Next time you become lucid and can take control just force yourself into breaking the door, window or walls. If you get lucky you may find that the outside actually has an extended stable environment.

Best of dreams to you friend.
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Old 17-02-2014, 01:20 PM
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Yes, I've had lucid dreams.

The first time while was watching a youtuber who was specifically relaxing her viewers and placing them in a deep relaxed state.

It was incredibly vivid, and surreal. I had never seen colors along those lines before.

TheAshCooper, it sounds as if your dreams may also be kinetic, and that's something I do remember experiencing three times in my life. Once was a nightmare from a long long time ago, the other last summer, and one very recently during an herbal detox.
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Old 20-02-2014, 01:41 AM
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What do you mean by kinetic? Physical?
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Old 21-02-2014, 02:22 AM
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Yes, kinetic, as in where movement is felt inside the dream.

For instance my first kinetic dream in memory is falling infinitely through snow. A nightmare of sorts at the time. I literally felt as if I was falling.

Recently, I've felt as if I were floating into a high space.

Oh man, now I forget the kinetic dream I most recently had. Give me a minute.

The context of the dream is lost. However it was a sensation of sweeping, as if in a swing, going from one side to another, only in one direction.

Normally all my kinetic dreams are one movement in one direction.

Anyways, the scientific explanation with lucid dreaming may have roots in rebound. Or some will argue that the brain, while rebounding or stabilizing, will push other areas of the brain into new territory. Stress, leading to a nightmare, or a profoundly life altering enjoying experience, leading in a reduction of stress, re-balancing the chemicals in our brains in dramatic ways.

I've been able to maintain lucid dreaming for months, however, yes, there is normally a gradual fading of the effect over time.

Think of yourself as blessed, since many people will go through life never experiencing such a profound and vivid dream. Perhaps keeping a journal of events is a good idea?
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Old 21-02-2014, 05:03 AM
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Originally Posted by TheAshCooper
What am I doing wrong?

Beats me what your doing wrong. Those kinda dreams are outside my experience.

Then again, on reading your post I was amazed at how you describe your dreams as...I wake in my own house and nothing is different in my dream to reality. Which reminded me of a semi-lucid dream I had earlier this week, where I was in the company of a few members of the band, Gong. I had asked one of them what he was constructing, (a prototype circuit board with a row of RLC filter modules), over which he ran his finger across producing a xylophone sound...

Anyway, my gut reaction is that perhaps there could be something in your real world that first needs sorted out. As if that something is what's holding you back. Something prosaic maybe, like an unpaid bill, or a cupboard that needs tidying, or a new colour you'd like to wear...Well, I wouldn't know what that might be! If so, then all you need do is find whatever it is that has been swept under the carpet and, Bob's yer Uncle!

I wake in my own house...

Or, what if you were to obtain a key that you could hang up in your room so that in your dream you could use the key to unlock the dream door. Thor's Hammer!?! An Ankh!?! Some novelty key from Forbidden Planet!?!

Just my tuppence worth.

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Old 02-03-2014, 05:32 AM
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I've been getting the hints that I need to sort myself out first....
It needs little explanation but will take a lot of time to accomplish.
I have been working nights for a year though so chronic sleep deprivation might be a contribution.
Either way thanks for the tips.
I've stopped listening to binaural beats and tried just to get some sleep. This isn't working to well either. Sleep paralysis is almost a guarantee nowadays.
It's actually started to happen while I'm awake Sometimes aswel. You know when your just sitting in a semi trance...
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