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Old 17-04-2017, 05:18 AM
NeonJosh2000 NeonJosh2000 is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Dec 2016
Posts: 3
Can someone please help me?

Last night I went to sleep. Next thing I know I'm waking down the street with my sister and I genuinely think it's real life next thing we are been chased by a hooded figure and we run but as I'm running I start flying like my legs arnt touching the floor and I'm moving so fast.
Next I'm sat on my bed with my sister and she says it's 11pm time for bed I say that's weird because I was just falling asleep a minute ago, so I thought I had hallucinated the real world and now that sleep world was real life I then stated I must have hallucinated then because I was just in bed a moment ago she then turned and looked at me and said maybe you are hallucinating now and my vision then went weird and the world turned dark there was a sensation of me been physically pulled from my body and then I was stood up in my bedroom and I knew I wasn't in my physical body everything was dark and there was things moving around me like non natural forces if you know what I mean like dark shadows shifting I then remembered reading up on astral projection and remembered if you think of your body then you simply return and wake up, I was thinking about my body for about a minute with no luck I was still in the horrific world with my eyes closed tight scared to open them and see what was shifting around me. I then felt a sensation of me lying down so I thought I must be back in my body now I opened my eyes 3 times and there was nothing but darkness as I was trying to open my eyes it was like I was fighting been pulled from the darkness. The whole experience felt very forced like an external force was conducting what happend. I'm very scared about this as I've seen the movie insidious years ago and the whole experience was exactly what was like when they entered the further. And if so what can I do to stop these evil forces can someone please give me some advice I'm scared to sleep again incase I go back and can't get home.
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Old 12-05-2017, 07:28 AM
Elohim Elohim is offline
Join Date: May 2017
Posts: 50
may be you visited lower worlds , just do meditate daily and have proper vegetarian food , you can know and experience better

Know yourself , meditate and find the answer , no money involved
there are no shortcuts in Spirituality
Google, pyramidmeditation, its free meditation and it is focusing on Breath Energy
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Old 18-05-2017, 06:23 PM
rashmi rashmi is offline
Join Date: May 2017
Location: india
Posts: 35
  rashmi's Avatar
first remedy stop worrying

I use to do astral travel n work with energies and i can understand how r u feeling . Some how you attracted negativities. .. i can not say it is bad because some time when one increase self energies. .. negative entities try to pull his or her energy . So it may be sign that you are on the path of ascending too. Now next part how to handle this situation
1 never fear or worry ... it decrease your soul power.
2 always secure your self you may visualize your self into white , pink , voilet ball. Which will protect you n your energies.
3 take help of healer
4 chant divine name according to your religion
5 put garlic clove beneath your pillow
6 bathe with Epsom salt
7 practice gratitude it increases soul power tremendously
Try any remedy which appeal you ... more than that if you want i will send you some higher energies to protect you.
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Old 19-05-2017, 12:02 AM
slowsnake slowsnake is offline
Join Date: Mar 2017
Location: Rural Western Australia
Posts: 578
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Originally Posted by Elohim
may be you visited lower worlds , just do meditate daily and have proper vegetarian food , you can know and experience better

Know yourself , meditate and find the answer , no money involved
there are no shortcuts in Spirituality
Google, pyramidmeditation, its free meditation and it is focusing on Breath Energy

Hello Elohim,
Why don't you take your Pyramid Meditation Google advertising and shove it "where a duck can't stick its beak"

Kind Regards Billy.
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Old 19-05-2017, 12:59 AM
Tobi Tobi is offline
Super Moderator
Join Date: Aug 2012
Posts: 5,972
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I am sorry you had such a horrible experience.

Try to calm your panic and fear and know that you can take charge of this situation. You must believe in yourself.
In the long-term, a change of lifesyle/diet etc may help you indeed. But for the next few nights, just to make sure you get some natural deep sleep and to calm your fears, one or more of these things may help you.

First steady yourself by concentrating on your breathing and nothing else. Feel yourself center in your Heart. Know that this is the place you feel Love. So anything or anyone you ever loved, try to feel that feeling. I don't mean sex excitement or passion, just a calm love.
Get a picture of someone who means a lot to you. That might be a parent, a sister or brother, a Nan, or Grandparent. It might be a pet you love. It might be a picture of Jesus or a religious image.....
Stand that picture right next to your bed, and feel tuned-in to them (even if they have passed on now.)
Find something that reminds you of love and genuine kindness and innocence, and put it in a clockwise circle all around your bed. It might be the petals of a rose, which you have dedicated in your Heart to a loved one....it might be a scented oil or some other herb you like which reminds you of something good. It might even be football cards your Dad gave to you once! It can even be dog biscuits! But the main important thing is this circle should be your confidence ring, and you should infuse genuine love and truth into it. As you put that (whatever it is) there, know that the energy will stand by you and keep you safe from any harm.

Saying the 23rd psalm as you lie down to sleep will be wonderfully comforting. "The Lord is my Shepherd"....etc

Make sure you are healthily tired and have eaten well that day and had good fresh air and exercise.
Listen to gentle music before bed time,. and try not to watch any ghostly or thriller movies, etc.

And basically know that these entities whoever they are get a silly kick from scaring newbies onto the Astral. They are living on a very 'low' Astral level indeed. That often is their choice. You don't have to party with them! You also do have a choice. You can over-ride them. But it is going to be a mental/emotional challenge, not a 'physical' one. You are being drawn out now to use your mental powers to rise above those situations.

Try to get some good sleep tonight. And don't let those bullies intimidate you.

It is some peoples' destiny/choice to work with them and learn from them. But for now show them you have the power of your own Soul, and your own choice in the matter.
A Dog's Life After Death
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