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Old 28-02-2011, 07:22 PM
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releasing negative thoughts

I have some negative thought forms that are driving me mad. I don't know how to get rid of them.

When you recognise that a thought or belief needs to go, what do you do to move it on?
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Old 28-02-2011, 07:28 PM
Spiritlite Spiritlite is offline
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Wow I feel the same way right now I would love to hear how other's release negative thoughts.
Thankyou for this thread.
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Old 28-02-2011, 07:48 PM
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If I notice I am beginning to think negatively, I have developed a habit of saying to myself "okay, this is not serving you," and I try to move on directly to something positive. I may have to do this several times in a row before it sinks in.
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Old 28-02-2011, 08:02 PM
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recognizing the existence of such thoughts only give them energy to exist and prolong their unwanted "stay" within your consciousness... Using your brain to conquer your brain can be quite a paradoxical endeavour.

I belive Tolle said, "It is like the chief of police looking for the arsonist, when the chief of police IS the arsonist."

Perhaps looking within, finding your complete "presence" - if only for a few moments- will help remind you of a more "positive" thought pattern or aspect of BE-ing.

Remember, as others throw off their own "negative" patterns, there will be more of it going around. Intention to hold YOUR truest vibration and move on. Belaboring the situation can very possibly perpetuate the "problem".

I have fallen vistim to recent thoughts loops. Not "bad" ones, mostly snippets of songs that appear and DON'T GO AWAY. I focus on my breathing, and the essence of BE-ing and all sems to render in a short period of time. Every time I do it, it becomes easier and easier.

Much love.

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Old 28-02-2011, 10:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Ladofthelight
Perhaps looking within, finding your complete "presence" - if only for a few moments- will help remind you of a more "positive" thought pattern or aspect of BE-ing.

Can you explain more about what you say here. "Finding your complete presence" sounds very subjective and not something that is easy to do if you don't know what it is.....

I get caught up in trying to know which is the right course.

I have a thought, a negative one (at the moment it is about a person who is bothering me) so I think to myself "that's not very enlightened, try to think of a positive reason why this person is affecting you"... and then I switch and think "but this is my truth, I am entitled to my truth and that is that I don't like this person"
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Old 28-02-2011, 11:29 PM
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There is nothing wrong with being "bothered" by someone, perhaps another way of putting it is that you simply do not "resonate" with them.

Generalizing it in a vibratory sense, for me at least, puts things on a singular scale instead of thinking about one of the many things a person may have "done" to you.

But the idea of presence is simply quieting the ego mind.

Our egos are primarily formed based on how we view ourselves and how we believe others view us. This idea is one we carry around with us seemingly always, until we make a decision to change the perspective to a new paradigm.

So, how is it that the ego is molded over the years?

Well, we have memories that we keep with us, whether "good" or "bad" that help to make us "what" we are today, or at least what we "think" we are. Remember though, something that happened in the past, is simply a memory. Memories have a way of altering themselves based on emotional states etc.

For example, I bet your memory of your first kiss has changed over the years...

Events happening in the future are simply probabilities. You can intention something from a place of presence, but you cannot experience the future first-hand, until the future becomes the "Now".

How is the ego affected by the future? Well, we might put pressure on ourselves to become successful one day because we want to make our parents happy. Perhaps all we think life is about it having children, we think about it, about that great event in the future, while the entire "time" things are happening all around us in the present and we are not even paying attention.

Catch my drift?

What usually happens when we anticipate some sort of event in the future? Well, depending on our state, there is a good chance of a let down once the event is over.

The idea that is formed in the ego-mind whether it be about a future event or something that happened in the past only distracts us from the present. Why is this? Well, it is because in the present singular moment, the ego can not exist. There is nothing for it to pull its energy from. No memories of past, and no future probabilities.

This is the concept of being "present".

Eckhart Tolle talks about it in "The Power of Now", but many other spiritual people have taught this concept.

You may find enjoyment in the book. It allows one to truly "quiet" the mind. And once that happens, the truly lucid moments start to occur.

The idea of "enlightenment" is quite a paradox of on its own, to me, enlightenment is the complete assassintation of the ego mind. It is a complete detachment from the illusion we exist in, and a realization that the "individual" is seemingly a heterogenius part of the monistic universe.

Once someone says, "I am enlightened" they become "unenlightened" to me because they have identified with the ego to make that statement.

Regardless of all my "blah, blah, blah"... If you really wish to quiet the mind, practice existing in the present moment. It may take work. As things pop into your mind, you can make note of it and deal with it one at a time. But in dealing with it, let it go completely, and you will find it will not come back.

Eventually, if you choose, you will see you can exist in complete "presence" for longer and longer.

Ok, that is enough!


Take care.
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Old 01-03-2011, 03:11 AM
Gem Gem is offline
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It's a matter of going beyond the symptom where a person or thing causes angst... thats not really a negative thought, only a passing emotion... the patterns and habitual beliefs of self worth are like subconscious reactions and often can be traced back to some pivotal point in memory where the self worth was first adopted... I think as long as these remain subconscious they are hidden in shadows like secrets but when you become conscious of them it's like a light shines on them and they can be seen... then it's no longer a secret thing... it's a realized thing, an accepted thing... so also a released thing.
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Old 01-03-2011, 06:41 AM
Rah nam Rah nam is offline
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Originally Posted by tilia
I have some negative thought forms that are driving me mad. I don't know how to get rid of them.

When you recognize that a thought or belief needs to go, what do you do to move it on?

I often say, we don't have control over, what comes into our minds, but we have control over, what we do with it.
To let go of thoughts is a process, at least it was for me. Be aware an unwanted thought coming in, look at it, smile at it, and let go.
Be aware those thoughts are not your thought. Its a great step for anyone who likes to practice forgiveness.

Rah nam
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Old 01-03-2011, 08:37 AM
ROM ROM is offline
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You aren't alone in this.

Just let the thought pass.

If that doesn't help, try redirecting it towards something more positive (don't try to ignore/suppress it).

A heart-felt prayer for help might also suffice.
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Old 02-03-2011, 01:43 AM
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Originally Posted by tilia
I have some negative thought forms that are driving me mad. I don't know how to get rid of them.

When you recognise that a thought or belief needs to go, what do you do to move it on?
There are many, many tools.. my teacher has given us to practice hmm..

However, beginner tools or simple ones.. I can't think of..

Alright, I'll teach you a advanced tool..

I got it! Grounding.. do you know how ground?

Imagine a cord from the bottom of your feet or your 1st chakra (lower back) connecting to the center of the earth.. you can make it a rope, beam of light, a root, whatever works.. now after you make the connection.. turn on a second cord that winds around that one..

Thoughts are electrical and emotions are magnetic.. emotions will go down the main cord.. and thoughts will flow down the secondary..

Advanced tool #2 - Defining your energy/aura

See a point out in front of you about arm’s length.. now put a rose about 10-15 inches in front of you.. and practice this daily.. in this way you’re seeing your energy field/aura.. and when you practice reigning it in.. it helps establish a boundary between your energy and others.. "it's a point of delineation" my teacher says.. by establishing the boundary playfully you will begin to separate yourself from outside negative energy or thrown energy..

A good practice is not only to kind of command your aura.. but walk up to people (or pass by) and purposefully reign in the aura halfway between them and you.. you can also play with this energy field in your car.. and purposefully move cars back and forth..

Advanced tool #3 - Breathe.. breath in deeply, and exhale deeply.. the more you breathe.. the more you will feel energy in the body.. creating the 'prana' or infinity breath is highly helpful for 20 minutes to a hour.. my teacher says "infinite intelligence is in the breath" I think he's right

Advanced tool #4 - Any form of healing.. will help you release negative thoughts/beliefs..

Take some ME time all the time.. and pursue any method of healing you allow.. all are "permission slips" to let go of negativity.. and heal away that problem..

(to be honest these are not advanced tools.. (basically beginner) I'm not sure giving you some of the things we practice.. would work without the energetics and all the work we've done.. however, one of my fellow students jodi does a meditation every monday over the phone and she often brings in advanced tools we use/were taught.. so if your available on monday nights at 9 p.m. eastern than your welcome to join in.. cause she says beginners are welcome)
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