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Old 07-04-2017, 10:34 PM
MergingWolf MergingWolf is offline
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Vivid dreams: The ghost and 2 death scenes

30%: Well I finally experience what happen when you actually die in a dream. You know cause usually you just wake up before anything bad happen but this time around I witnessed what happens I'll get to it in a min.
it started with me and this woman I was now married to, trying to find an apt to live in, in a new city. We did find one, it was pretty cool when you walk in there's the living room, the dining room, mixed with the kitchen.

there was a door that divide them, we propped it open so we can move in, while we were moving everything in, I notice the chandelier swinging back and forth on its own, when I got close to it I got this feeling there was something there, so I head to one of the rooms where my wife was, and told her about it, but she didn't believe me. So she followed me back to the dining room kitchen area and she saw that it was swinging to, as we both are staring at it swing it started to swing faster.

We both were surprised by this. we decided to move closer to the chandelier, but as we got closer this female voice yells out Get Out, Leave. At this point I took it upon myself to confront it and told it no shut up, she then spun the chandelier faster, at this point my training from a previous dream kicked in, like the memory of it suddenly came to me, the one where this being trained me how to get rid of demons and spirits.

So at this time I threw my hands forward in a rage, not knowing if this was a good spirit or a demon, but seeing as that I was in a rage dealing with this thing I just did what I felt was best instead of finding out its intentions, so yea I thrusted my hands forward like I was trained to and yelled out the key word Die (if you remember it was two key words I learned Die and or Release) , but it didn't work on her the way it suppose to, she was still there, but after I did this her attitude changed and she had this nice vibe to her.

my wife didn't wanna stay there any longer, so we moved out that night. (here's where the death scene comes in) So as me and my brother heading back to the apt to get the rest of our furniture, we see this guy with a mask on head into our apt, I got this feeling this had something to do with the ghost in some form of way, then suddenly as quickly as he went in he came out. when he saw me and my bro he started shooting, he shot my bro first, which enraged me, so I chased him down, but I too got shot 3 times, but I wouldn't go down, I wanted revenge, but he got away.

The realization that I was shot kicked in, and I began to move slowly, then finally I feel to the ground unable to move. I died with my eyes open, the thing is I was still able to see out of the eyes, as people gathered around my body, I tried to communicate with them threw my mind but couldn't. suddenly I became very lucid, but still couldn't move only watch as people gathered around my body talking, since I couldn't move I just ended the dream by waking up.

25%: I just experienced another death in this dream. I was at a KFC restaurant with a female friend. something went down where she left to head to the car, so I was left to get our food in a doggie bag.

I got hold of one of the workers, he started to go put the food in a doggie bag, but he stopped in his tracks in anger, and said no you going to finish all this chicken I'm not bagging this for you, so I said fine I'll do it myself, but things turned worst. at this point I became lucid and got up to go leave, when the worker asked in an angrily tune where the hell you going, I said something along the lines of, going to go smack your mama on the ***. At that point another worker came and held him saying, you don't want to lose your job, but at that point I had already left.

I went to cross the parking lot to head somewhere, when one of the other workers came up to me, and said run, he's coming after you, I'll come with you. at that point I turned the scene to a familiar place, my grandmother on my granddads side old home. The worker female phased with me, so did the worker who was after me as well. We ran up the back steps of the house that I knew so well onto the balcony. The guy saw us and came up too, so I climbed over the railing as he's coming up the steps. when he started heading towards me I let go of the rail and fell.

I could have grabbed the wooden beam that was sort of holding it all up, but I didn't want splinter in me. I was falling fast, with my arms flailing over my head, (while falling) as I looked up at the balcony I saw him dash towards the steps. When I hit the ground hard my legs buckled under me. at that moment I feel to the ground in slow motion. afterwards I got up and started to run through the excruciating pain. I noticed while I was running my arms were still stuck over my head, I couldn't put them down. Every time I got them down they flew back up.

I tried to phase the scene again, but I didn't wind up where I wanted, instead I was in a meadow, the worker was there as well, he was persistent, he enter the meadow with this long iron rod; when he saw me he threw it at me and it pierced through my chest. I fell down hard, this was the third death scene but I didn't survive getting thru this one. as I laid there dying I seen the worker running towards my body. after that everything went blurry and I woke up.
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Old 07-04-2017, 11:24 PM
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these are all just warnings that humans can be extremely dangerous & so you don't want to push their buttons or give them a reason to harm you or your loved ones.
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