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Old 05-10-2006, 12:30 AM
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After doing a *very* quick search of some of your posts hoping to find a link to SSOA - - I never found that - - but I did find 6 points that you saw as "involving" these six points - - plus - - and I assume here - - others.

Going off of these six - - what I said previously - - stands strong and firm.

There are a goodly number of people who have attained and moved passed this state - - here in the physical plane - - and on this planet as we speak.

Finding them is NOT easy. Having them consider anyone as a "worthy" student is tough - - tho they will assist all of Life - - human and otherwise - - living being and otherwise.

As with all endeavors on the Path - - it is not up to any aspect of the Path to present itself to you. You - - have to discover it - - each and every one - - and then discover the interactions and the responsibilities of such actions.

All of us do.
Old 05-10-2006, 01:17 AM
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it is said that one should not "actively seek" a teacher, rather, a meeting will just happen, or, the teacher will recognize the student if and when the time is right. what do you think...??
Old 05-10-2006, 02:52 AM
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As always a very interesting and insightful post Pounamu.

I've used the term walking point (a military term) to describe this same thing. A few people call the group of people (Lightworkers) going through the first phases of the ascension process as "First Wavers". The next group being activated to begin the first phases are being called "Second Wavers" and so on. Recently there's been the activation of the "Third Wavers" and on it goes, slowly at one level, much faster at others.

We can get all fancy and dramatic but having gone through the first phase myself, its far far from what most people would guess it to be. And let me add quickly that just because I've survived my personal first phase does not mean I've totally "ascended". No no no. It dosen't work that way. This is a process and it takes some time but most of the prep work's already been done by most of us who's currently going through the nitty gritty aspects now. This is about layers and layers and more layers of clearing, refining, transmuting and then releasing. Over and over and over until it starts to become "normal" and far easier and much much faster. This is just like Alchemy. Turning the Lead within and without yourself into Gold. Transmuting lower vibrating energies/consciousness into a clear, higher and much purer energetic state. The natural result of doing that over and over and over is that you quickly get squeezed out of the old lower vibrating realm and into a higher more like one. No magic no ** nothin' fancy just a natural result to those transformative actions. It's being called "Ascension".

This business is about transmuting, in our own bodies/minds/hearts/selves, all of our own lower personal and family and collective negativity or lower and denser 'stuff'. For ourselves individually but also for the Group, the whole Group and I mean far more than just humanity. Does a person clean up the whole Group? No, just a good chunk of it all, the next guy does his part and the next guy after him and on and on until finally, we can actually see that Light at the end of the long dark tunnel! These "First and Second and Third Wavers" for lack of a better term, are as Pounamu said earlier, designed for this type of Work. I've called us Cosmic Janitors because that's what "Lightworkers" do. They break up and then clean up what needs to be cleaned and transmuted so that a pathway of higher vibrating energies and conscious is available in a realm that's been totally controlled and held hostage in darkness.

Having said all that let me also add that once the door had been opened and it has, then more and more higher Light aka higher vibrating knowledge begins pouring down upon the planet like the symbol of cosmic Aquarius pouring Waters out of his urn, and that activates the process in most everyone else.

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Old 05-10-2006, 11:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Glorymist
After doing a *very* quick search of some of your posts hoping to find a link to SSOA - - I never found that
Glorymist - the link to the SSOA site is http://www.ascendpress.org - I have given it more than once on this board, but I forget where.

I agree with you that if one is ascending - or even "on the Path" - it used to be considered "bad form" (and dangerous) to say so.... but the SSOA people have a mission, one of which is to inform (or put into the public domain) about ascension and the opportunity we have to contribute to Earth's ascension and "cleaning-up process" at this time, so that more of the human species will avail themselves of this opportunity to serve in this way. As it is vital that more people give their help thus and do it consciously. It is said that many humans can ascend unconsciously up to about 2200 strands of DNA activated, just from the help they get from their guides and Soul; beyond this, one really needs to consciously intend to ascend, and follow the process as it unfolds.

One of the criteria of a "complete" or "true" ascent is that the physical body as well as the higher bodies and nature must be refined, purified, and cleared of karma. There have been many attempts by certain metaphysical groups to "ascend" or purify the subtle bodies and nature, without doing anything about the physical. This leaves the physical karma intact, and as the physical DNA is the basis of the energetics of a person's nature, it means that the harm that is embodied in the physically unreleased karma can be used by the dark to cause harm to the individual or to others (depending on whether the harm is inwardly-directed = disease, or outwardly-directed = abuse, wars and so on). So although these people having an incomplete ascent can become more powerful, they become more powerful in a harmful way! And besides causing a lot of strife for others (or enabling the dark to do so through them), they naturally also harm themselves and rack up a great heap of karma - that someone of their lineages will have to release.

During the work on the physical body, the harm-producing DNA is swapped out with DNA from one's ancient, compassionate, unified ancestors, as the karma for the harmfulness is hunted out and released. The whole physical structure is slowly thus transformed - rebuilt - in what is termed "crystalline" cell format. If this processing is not done, the ascent is bound to be incomplete; and in fact is not now being allowed to progress to any great degree by the Ascension Counsels in charge of human ascension, as it would likely cause the ascent of Earth and her life-forms to fail.

Have fun with the SSOA site - its very large - give yourself plenty of time!

Old 05-10-2006, 11:54 PM
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Blair - - that is one of those questions that is quite maddening. The answer is a clear and definite - - yes and no ! !

Yes - - in the sense that one should "seek" the teacher - - but in a sense - - what Pounamu is trying to find out - - is right. They want to know someone that had done that in the first place. One who has - - "ascended" - - according to their terms of what that means. Then - - "all that follow" will be able to seek that teacher because s/he now "knows the way."

My point being - - it is nice to seek the teacher that offers the level of teachings that you wish to accept as part of your state of consciousness. It's nice to know that there IS one. That was my point in telling Pounamu that yes - - there are a goodly few that have ascended.

But - - beneath it all - - the student will find that they pretty much have to already be practicing a lot of what the new set of teachings will offer. In other words - - the student will already need to be believing in and living from the basic principles of the more advanced teachings. It is a highly used criteria for determining dedication and sincerity. It is also the basis for the old statement of - - "when the student is ready - - ." How much more ready can a "student" be if they are already living from the teachings that they wish to learn a deeper level of ?? Then the teacher is there to just help the student refine - - and not necessarily teach from scratch.

So - - bottom line - - continue to practice what you believe to always lead towards that higher truth - - listening to those that promote and offer glimpses from what they have been studying and where they "are" on the Path - - and always put out to Spirit that you wish the highest teacher that is right for you. When you work into the arena of the more advanced set of teachings - - the teacher will let you know how to find Him / Her because you will pretty much already "be" there - - at least as far as the basics are concerned.

The best way to go about all of this is to know what you want to find out. To "know Truth" or "to find God" or to "know it all" and such - - is way too broad. WAY too broad.

People begin to refine their entire approach to God when they deal with their own daily affairs - - which are the issues and beliefs / concepts that YOU use to understand and live life - - and these constantly need to be understood and refined - - and two - - that they know where they want to go. Specifically. Like - - to know the value / truth of this principle or that concept. To find the technique or method that will allow you to do this or that - - or go to this plane or that dimension to find out this or that.

Put the two together - - and you have set your course. When your course is so clearly defined - - then - - if nothing else - - thru the methods and principles outlined in various aspects of this forum - - you will "head there." And - - as you head there - - you will be refining and purifying your approach to Life via cleansing and understanding your daily affairs / interaction with what goes on around you.

That combination - - is very tough for LIFE to overlook. When one begins to do this - - and sees what effects come into their life - - and continue to refine from there - - you simply work more deeply into the arena of ALL LIFE. You cannot help but ascend naturally as you release the karmic burdens that are holding you down - - so to speak. People who try to MAKE it all happen by doing this ritual or that rite - - waste their time - - tho I would imagine it does help to some extent.

But as you walk more deeply into LIFE IT-self - - then you find the teachers necessary to give you specific details on how to refine your technique to continue on the quest you have already set for yourself.

Just from the 6 points that Pounamu offered in one of his entries - - the steps or stages for ascension - - as currently promoted today - - would be a good foundation. The refinement would be a later phase - - as it would in anything. There were points in those 6 aspects that will actually keep them "here" rather than allow them to ascend - - but - - who am I to make such a bold and audacious statement ! !

One of the biggest viewpoints that keeps people where they are no matter what they are trying to achieve is - - trying to "ascend" to just get OUT of here ! ! They've had enough of the physical world and they just want to escape. The intellectuals practice this when they just want to stomp mind and ego into oblivion.

This doesn't work - - no matter how lofty the goal. You are trying to grow - - to escape. That may work in leaving a lousy job - - but it doesn't if one wishes to leave a lousy life. It is "lousy" for a reason. It will balance thru understanding - - not thru escapism.

It all comes together into a rather simple process. The cons / traps / detours - - are endless. That - - can often be a test in simple discipline - - and knowing where one wishes to go.

(This one got WAY too long. Forgive me. )

Old 06-10-2006, 03:59 AM
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this is a big bit to digest. ill have to think on these points for a while...

thanks glorymist!!.......................

(no apology neccesary, answers are offen not simple)
Old 06-10-2006, 04:52 AM
Mother Goose Mother Goose is offline
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OH, Glory..that's a wonderful post!

Originally Posted by glorymist
This doesn't work - - no matter how lofty the goal. You are trying to grow - - to escape. That may work in leaving a lousy job - - but it doesn't if one wishes to leave a lousy life. It is "lousy" for a reason. It will balance thru understanding - - not thru escapism.

This particular quote really struck a chord with me. thank you!

JOY is the evidence of internal growth ~ Marie Montessori
Old 07-10-2006, 12:54 AM
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Sorry Blair - - I got carried away. Kinda one of those things where - - if I cut it short - - things just wouldn't "tie together" for you. Or - - at least offer the tidbits for you to do so.

So - - it got rather long. It's been a while since I have done so.

Oh Ms. Goose - - I am glad you saw something worthwhile in that ramble. I think of you often.

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