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Old 13-01-2018, 01:20 PM
God-Like God-Like is offline
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Originally Posted by Nature Grows
Thanks for the link GOD-LIKE.

No problemo ..

x daz x
Everything under the sun is in tune,but the sun is eclipsed by the moon.
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Old 13-01-2018, 07:58 PM
CrystalSong CrystalSong is offline
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Listened to one of the lectures on her website, at least partway through, till it got preachy.
Some of it really resonates (like everything she said on frequency) and then some like:
"moving through parallel time frames" just doesn't.
Aspects of the Holographic Universe Therory do resonate, but over all the theory still seems nebulous and slippery to me needing wow-gee-wiz words to prop it up and thus ultimately faddish.

"If you want to understand the Secrets of the Universe think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration"
Nicola Tesla 1856-1943

When asked by a reporter how it felt to be the smartest man alive Einstein responded "I wouldn't know, ask Tesla."
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Old 14-01-2018, 07:40 PM
7luminaries 7luminaries is offline
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Originally Posted by God-Like
I think she spoke about one's vibration and pure intention being key to all quantum manifestations ..

This is also why the continuous level of frequency expressed will always attract / gravitate similar energies / life experiences to you for it is you mirroring you .

The universe which is you reflects what you express, it reflects what you believe you are ..

So many attributes / pointers to the scientific approach that can gel with the eastern teachings .

This is why / where karma manifests because it's what you project out, what you project out as a frequency will create the same frequency back to you, it's that simple ...

Different levels of frequency and vibrations attained will shift you into other realities
, this is what purifying oneself in eastern teachings are about also for they transcend you from your current perception of this self reality to another one which contains finer / higher reflections of what you are ..

It's all there to see if one joins the dots .. It all points to the same thing ..

I haven't as yet listened to any of her other stuff ..

x daz x

Hey there Daz and thanks for your response. I agree that the concepts you mentioned were the central ones underlying what the speaker discussed. Re: my thoughts on what you said below...I highlighted some bits only because it's a long post..I hope that's not too distracting.

First, at the broadest and most general levels, I agree this is true.
Meaning, over the span of what we perceive as an infinity of aeons in linear time, this is true.
I.e., over the span of eternity, this is a broadly true statement.

In a particular lifetime or aeon of lifetimes, this is not universally true IMO.
Meaning, on the other hand, it cannot be universally true that we have received all we have put out in each moment, else there is no space for the growth and change needed for the journey of evolution and realisation.

But in fact this is not contradictory. It is logically coherent and by design. That gap or chasm is what we seek to close or minimise on our journey, and yet for the aeons of our spiritual infancy or childhood or adolescence, we as yet lack the capacity to live in the heart centre, to take ownership, or to live in integrity, and thus to manifest OR to handle to the manifestation of instant karma.

So...until we reach a threshhold of spiritual maturity and wisdom and strength, there will continue to be a gap between what we give (our intention, thought, word, and deed) in this now moment and what we receive in this or in the next now moment. There will for many continue to be a gap between what they put out and what they receive, even if their individual vibration is high. This is because we do not each live in a universe of individuated "one". That's the fallacy or illusion of separation.

This karma or realisation of karma "timing" gap exists in our material reality because it's not just about the universe of one. It's about the universe of the others equally to the one, and of one equally to others. We're not collectively evolved enough to manifest instant karma as a general rule, regardless of the individual masters or gurus, etc. Otherwise, many of us would look around the world right now and see democratic institutions and humanitarian rights and laws in place, and we'd see peace and health and equality and sustainability, etc. We don't need occasional masters at this point...we need the master next door, and they need us to be their master next door

We are all at different places on our journey but we exist here collectively, with one another. So the gap exists as a grace, as a blessing. The gap exists an opportunity for our individual and collective choice not when it is easy (immediate return in kind) but when it is often difficult, or hard (no immediate return in kind, or immediate return but not in kind and of something else all together).

For example, in past lives say you may have murdered or committed other misaligned acts. In this life you may have encountered some of those whom you murdered. They may approach you in love and friendship, OR they may blame and resent you and treat you badly (consciously or not, either way), whilst in essence they continue to abrogate any consideration of forgiving you and allowing for acceptance and reconciliation. If so...by choosing these actions, they perpetuate your mutual karma in misalignment. And yet, there is no gun to their head. They and they alone are responsible for their actions, and they and they alone will suffer the most from a hardness (or, a weakness) of heart. Note I said "the most", for it's equally true that everyone they touch will also suffer their hardness but in various ways. The collective soul suffers. And those who are targeted for vitriol and harm, such as you in this example, would suffer the most personally, externally to the source soul. Would your remorse and contrition, would your love in friendship heal them? Absolutely it could, but first they must be open to it and they must be capable of growth in love and humility (here, esp. forgiveness).

Likewise, you yourself may also approach them in love and kindness, OR you may continue to blame or resent them and treat them badly (for whatever reasons you had for murdering them, or for still existing, etc.). So as you can see in even this very basic example, there is a call for forgiveness, for remorse and contrition and repentence, and for the giving of lovingkindness and equanimity on BOTH sides. Even those who were murdered before have some complicity, even if as simple as striving and learning to better love, communicate, and be present for those in their lives, and/or to seriously work on letting go of any blame and fear and unkindness they currently may be putting onto you due to karma. Would your soul be healed by their forgiveness and their love in friendship? Absolutely, but you too must be open to it and you must be capable of growth in love and particularly in humility (here, esp. remorse and repentence).

Reconciliation could be described as the natural outcome of authentic love and divine or angelic awe (humility). We ARE capable of this vibration and this way of being. It is our future and our nature. There's a reason why the guides are forever stressing forgiveness...it is all about karma and reconciliation of souls. And if you don't believe me, I encourage everyone to just ask them for yourself.

How do you treat others in your life where there is "big karma"? How do they treat you? Everyone, every single one of us, is responsible for their own intentions, thoughts, words, and deeds. We do NOT have to give a quid-pro-quo. We do NOT have to agree to perpetrate harm, cruelty, or unkindness. We are NOT bound by any "agreement" that is misaligned...that is utter rubbish and reflects a profound misunderstanding IMO. Any agreement is always to provide a context for healing and reconcilation. Then again, we can choose to act in misaligned ways because we lack the heart-centredness or because we are not yet strong enough to live in integrity and alignment with our centre, even when we know it's right for us and it's who we truly are. But we can always choose a different way in the next now moment. This is what Jesus meant by turning the other cheek.

And we can pay it forward in this and other lifetimes in a different way, a more forgiving and loving way, by choice. Because who we are, who we really are, is eternally becoming. Who we are...that becoming...is priceless...and though individuated, we are never separated.

If you receive their blame and resentment from those who may have loved you deeply but now act out hatefully or unkindly, or by withholding enagement or opportunities for forgiveness and reconciliation...and then if you instead remain centred in your heart and return kindness, forgiveness for their current actions, remorse and love for them regarding your past behaviour, and a stated expression of love and friendship and desire for reconciliation, then you are taking a different approach that does not fuel or perpetuate the karmic misalignment on your end. This act, and each similar act in future, alters everything in existence...and for the better. We shift our reality to one that is just that much more loving...and we do so by aligning ourselves consciously with our heart centre and by making it real...i.e., by speaking and acting day-to-day in alignment with love and reconciliation. This is the beauty of our conscious choices...living consciously reveals even the most desolate, oppressive, or constricted external reality to be one permeated with the seed of truth and love and the beauty of being ever more who we are in each moment. Even in times of great strife, we can work for the good of all, so that every home welcomes us and our community has no borders...or not. Choice being ever ours to make.

And yet, the reconciliation that is so central to true spiritual maturity and growth for ALL souls is an act of mutuality. Reconcilation is not one-sided. Reconciliation requires a mutuality of authentic love, repentence, and forgiveness. You cannot come to reconciliation on your own. Both or all parties must be centered in the love they are, taking full ownership for all actions (now or in other lives), in authentic love for one another...where the highest good of the other is held equal to that of the self. And the highest good of the self, to the other(s).

The centrality of reconciliation for all souls is why karma (the gap) and karmic fallout exists, even when we move on to higher and more loving, more right-aligned places on journey. Because we're not all at the same place, even though we can carry our own vibration wherever we go and this can be a very helpful and healing thing, as the speaker alludes to. Because some (many) will continue to perpetrate unloving and harmful acts and it is up to others of us to set loving boundaries, to respond both individually and collectively with equanimity and compassion.

Most of all, because this karmic gap presents us with a clear demand that we manifest our love and truth in our day-to-day lives. We are presented with the gap as we move forward because it is a foundational reminder that as MLK said, we don't get there till we all get there. We are presented with the gap as a tangible call to engage and manifest love and truth on the ground. What is this love and truth? It is authentic love in doing and being, both as lovingkindness and as equanimity.

Because the gap exists as an act of grace until we all arrive in a place/state of lovingkindness and equanimity, through a fullness of reconciliation and living in that state going forward as a simple way of being

The parallel realities are 99.9999999999999999999 (etc) % similar, but with the odd or occasional difference - mostly small stuff. So we can feel that incremental relief or boost of resonance here and there...and we DO!

But regardless of how perfected any one person's vibration, it's not that any of these other realities will be night and day IMO, no matter how dramatic it may feel energetically in that moment. Why? Because...look at your own life and just think about it. When in your own life and in the life of all those you know -- when reconciliation in authentic love is the NORM and not the rare, oh so rare exception, then we'll know that we are in a qualitatively different place. No matter all the shifting we are doing and thank God for it, BTW...

But it's all us, if you see what I'm saying. IMO this qualitatively different reality doesn't just happen because we internally are a good place vibrationally. We have to go beyond just being and [be and do] from a conscious perspective. That is, we have to live in manifest integrity or alignment. Where we act and speak with the awareness that we matter...everything we do and say. And that this lifetime is a gift which allows us to take choices to act and speak (and think and intend) with authentic love, and not in a quid-pro-quo vendetta-style manner. Nor in slavish service to self whilst exploiting others etc. This is the juice for the consciousness technology IMO...authentic love and reconciliation...which would be the true and resonant outcomes of living as the masters do in a state of high vibration. And as the speaker says, no way in hell can one fake it...though I'm quite certain some will try for aeons hence to do so, rather than pursue the tough yet straightforward path of the heart-led consciousness.

I think the shifting is by design incremental because we only get there through the love we are AND through the love we do...and not just any one of us but but by all of us. Though I do think that a critical majority living centred in authentic love and reconciliation as a way of being would seem to open up newer options and more radically loving realities for us to begin to incrementally shift into.

We get there through the love we manifest on the ground with one another, through the healing and reconciliation we actively seek and invite, and and we do so most powerfully through the conscious choice to live and act from our centre (authentic love). IMO only in that moment, or as we come into it, will we ever truly know the full potential of any consciousness-centred technology.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and look fwd to your response.

Peace & blessings Dazzer
Bound by conventions, people tend to reach for what is easy.

Here we must be unafraid of what is difficult.

For all living beings in nature must unfold in their particular way

and become themselves despite all opposition.

-- Rainer Maria Rilke

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