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Old 23-09-2018, 11:16 AM
Unseeking Seeker Unseeking Seeker is offline
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Interesting insights.. thanks to all
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Old 26-09-2018, 05:14 PM
talha123 talha123 is offline
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I agree. Each of us is unique and quite different
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Old 28-09-2018, 12:07 AM
Akira Akira is offline
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Originally Posted by smilingsun
How can i contact my guides and can i be able to listen clearly to them ?

Do they will answer the call, present themselves if they're asked ? Or can they choose not to ?

Does the communication is done in with precise words or can it consist only in vague feelings, sensations ?

Hi there

I would say first connect with your guides, get to know them and interact with them in general. My main guide used to take me to a library (in my meditations) when we first met and sometimes he would show me words. I was about to say he was not very helpful, however he is impressing upon me that it build our relationship up.

Every guide will communicate in their own particular way. So once you start to connect you will be able to recognise them. Think when a person that you know writes, you know their handwriting, or their voice. This is the same with your guide.

Remember you need to connect and build this connection so that you can know their handwriting, or their voice. Once you have got this part started you will start to feel them/ know them/recognise them.

I know mine so well now, however when we first connected I used to feel them standing by me.

As for the messages being able to understand can take time and it isn't really because they are not clear, it has more to do with the fact that we attach human thinking and reasoning to their message and then we often discount it.

So I recommend that you ask for the answers to come in a clear way that you will understand and trust what you feel. When people start with this, they tend to think that they are making up the answers. You need to trust.

Remember that your guide will never suggest anything to you that is not grounded in love.

Simple connection: Angel music and meditate - as you go deeper ask your guide/s to show themselves, ask if they have a message for you. Spend time communing with them. Journal anything that you learned from them. The more you commune with them in this way the stronger your connection will become. Over time you won't need to do this as much.

I've been connected to my guides for years and there were times when I flat out forgot that they were there and there were years and years when I just plain ignored them. They say now - when you connect with us we love to bring you more of what you need in your life, it is hard when we see you struggling, when we could help, just ask and we will pave the way for everything to be alright.
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Old 29-09-2018, 03:15 AM
MissCreativeSpirit MissCreativeSpirit is offline
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Talking Spirit guide communication

Originally Posted by smilingsun
How can i contact my guides and can i be able to listen clearly to them ?

Do they will answer the call, present themselves if they're asked ? Or can they choose not to ?

Does the communication is done in with precise words or can it consist only in vague feelings, sensations ?

I hear words...but they do not always identify themselves.
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Old 29-09-2018, 06:39 PM
Winter Song Winter Song is offline
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Only on rare occasions do I hear clear, spoken statements that I immediately understand, and they are always very short; the longest was only six words.

Some of my guides' communications with me come in the form of images, which will appear in my mind, and sometimes I will receive a word or two (usually the simple command to "Look!"). In those cases, it is something that will be significant when it appears, and they want me to be aware of its importance.

One of them uses a very specific shade of deep blue to indicate his presence, and that he is trying to communicate with me. The color appears in ceramic objects sometimes, but cars of that color are a favorite of his. Once, when I was in a lot of turmoil and not receptive, I witnessed a collision between two cars that were his exact shade of blue. They were of completely different makes, and different model years, but the exact same color, and they smashed into each other right in front of me. Let's just say he got my attention!

There are many, many shades of deep blue used on cars, but very few cars are a precise match to his color. I can look at 99 dark blue cars that are close, but not it, before spotting the one that is a perfect match. I could go days or weeks without seeing a perfect match, it is so rare. So when I see a car in that color, I know it is a communication from him.

Once, I was potentially facing a lawsuit and felt very unsafe, but after consulting with an attorney I left her office to find my car parked between two other cars (again, completely different makes and model years) that were his shade of blue. Not only that, but the car parked facing mine in the next row over was that shade of blue, and I saw three more on the way home. I had been upset earlier in the day, but after that I felt safe once again, and knew that everything was going to work out (as it did).

Some communications come as a sense of knowledge being impressed upon me. Perhaps I am in a confusing situation, and suddenly I know, with great clarity, exactly what I ought to do, and when I act it is with a power and certainty that is unlike my normal experience. Or perhaps I see something I've always had a mild interest in doing, and suddenly know that it is time to do that thing.

Most come as nudges, telling me to take the alternate route home, stop at a certain store, go to a particular event, or call a specific person. When I do, interesting things happen. Sometimes, I get a nudge to pay close attention to a certain famous person, or the events surrounding a news story, researching them in depth, and when I do I gain insight into something that is happening in my own life.

All of this comes because I know they are there, and open to their communications no matter how they might come. I don't have a pre-conceived notion of how they must communicate with me. I don't expect lengthy, detailed communications, just a nudge in the right direction if they are inclined to give me one.

They don't prevent me from making mistakes or doing something self-defeating, and they don't warn me of impending tragedy or disaster (or tell me anything about the future). What they will do is communicate afterward in ways that help me make sense of and learn from the experience, and see why it was important for me (and any others involved) to have it. They will not interfere with what is needed for my own growth (no matter how painful), because I agreed to it before coming into this body.

My guides are not protectors, nor are they there to solve all of my earthly problems; they are more like friends watching from the stands as I play in a sporting event. They know the rules of the game I am playing, and they have a wider view of the whole field and the relationships between players that I don't have while in the midst of the game. So they cheer me on and shout out plays I might make, and if I am lucky and the wind is right, I might hear them.
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