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Old 24-10-2018, 11:34 PM
IndigoGeminiWolf IndigoGeminiWolf is offline
Join Date: Oct 2018
Posts: 223
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Binaural Beats

Does anyone else here meditate with Binaural Beats? I use Holosync which uses this technology, and meditate about an hour a day. I've been doing it over a year.

It doesn't really feel like I am going that deep. But it's supposed to entrain the brain to lower states.

Do Binaural Beats work for you? There's plenty of videos with them on YouTube and they have brainwave generator programs that do that as well.
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Old 25-10-2018, 12:10 AM
inavalan inavalan is offline
Join Date: Oct 2017
Posts: 2,597
According to the theory on which bin-aural beats are based, they should help you lower the frequency of your brain waves. It might help ...

On the other hand, meditation is a form of self hypnosis, which in itself should lower the frequency of your brain waves beta, alpha, theta.

As you get into light trance you become more suggestible, and your beliefs and your emotions become the dominant factor. So, if you believe that something helps deepening your trace, then that will help, while if you believe it is useless, it won't help.

Hypnosis induction can be simple, and the more you do it, the easier you get hypnotized. You don't have to use complicated procedures as some individuals describe. An honest qualified hypnotist will tell you that.
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Old 25-10-2018, 08:31 PM
iamthat iamthat is offline
Join Date: Feb 2017
Location: Golden Bay, New Zealand
Posts: 1,859
I use binaural beats a lot but not for meditation. Instead I use them in my ongoing attempts to consciously leave my body. I prefer Hemi-Sync to Holosync but there are lots of alternatives out there.

Yes, binaural beats is good for entering alpha, theta and delta brainwave states, and you can lie there comfortably in the mind awake / body asleep state. That is where I get stuck.

But when it comes to meditation I prefer the traditional ways.

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Old 27-10-2018, 09:18 PM
sentient sentient is offline
Join Date: Sep 2017
Posts: 1,163
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My Holosync story …….

Most of my life I have been nicotine addicted, (and I am not recommending it here – mind you), because I tend to become overloaded with sensory and extra-sensory perception i.e. my nervous system is so very highly strung and since nicotine suppresses the central nervous system (or I think it does), it takes the sharp edge off it which gives me the time to think how to best respond to the stimuli.

To illustrate:
Just had this addiction conversation with a bloke at the shopping centre the other day, and when I tuned into his energy field – there was a ‘cameleer’ written all over it and I voiced it.
“That is my grandfather!” – he said, (the person he has mostly identified with in his life).
“In those days all cameleers were called Afghans, whether they were or not” – he said.
Yeah, I know something about the cameleer history in Oz.

^ That was a straight forward situation and as such a delight & no overload. He is aligned with his ‘soul group’ and knows who he is, so we could communicate “what is” openly and honestly.
The overload comes in when people live in conceptual script reality only and tell you they are this or that or the other - when their energy fields tell an entirely different story.
Now this becomes such a complex headache issue – how to deal with it and what if anything should one do with the deception (self-deception usually).

Like one ‘friend’ whom I identified such and such indigenous – yet he totally denied it, only months later confessing being one when drunk, because this indigenous group is so looked down upon by the majority population that he doesn’t usually ever admit it to anybody.

Still, even with the overload, the extra time, patience and tolerance/empathy and energy drain it takes to deal with energy fields – mental script overlay discrepancies, I wouldn’t like to lose this ability.

But experimenting with Holosync I did.
3 weeks into the program and I realized just how much I normally do rely on energy-fields to ‘read’ my reality, when all that was wiped out.

Holosync made me feel elated and at times even euphoric and perhaps it was because I was free from the burdens and responsibilities of all these energy field – conceptual mind discrepancies overloads.
But then this elation became annoyance, because all the signs and indications were there that I have got a ‘psychic message’ waiting, yet it was like an e-mail I couldn’t open, because I just couldn’t crank my brain-hemispheres into functioning independently anymore i.e. stay in alpha with my left hemisphere and go into the right hemispheric dominance with theta (in order to get into a light trance).

Took me about a month after my Holosync experiment to get back to my old independently functioning hemispheres mode.

Perhaps ……..
– if one suffers from bipolar disorder, the Holosync might (?) help to regulate the swings.
- if one has suffered a traumatic event, the Holosync might (?) with (forced) delta wipe it out, as delta seems to create a ‘clean slate’ from where to start to build ‘a new program for your mind’ - a new ‘map’ or ‘script’ - maybe that way Holosync can also help with addictions (?)

So different horses for different causes.

Up to you IndigoGeminiWolf to speak for Holosync and tell us about the many positives.
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