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Old 02-03-2018, 03:38 PM
Jack Mitchell Jack Mitchell is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Dec 2016
Posts: 21
I'm frequently seeing"11:11" in my clock.. Does it means something??

Hello guys,
I'm trying to understand numerology and the science behind it. But nowadays I'm frequently seeing the Time 11:11 in my clock whenever I look in my watch. I've felt a bit strange and thought,why is this happening repeatedly is someone trying to say anything to me?? I'm confused about it... I hope someone has an answer
And also, my birthday is November 11 1999. I've also heard that numerology has a lot to do with our birth date
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Old 02-03-2018, 07:07 PM
RefinersFire RefinersFire is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Jun 2017
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Your belief or prior association with forms?


Are you a study with forms or number? Do you have any prior experience in association values attached to numbers.

Are you an astrologer, occult-Kabul affection-ado?
Could give you 'my' interpretation of the forms, but it is not an end all beat all reference to these numbers, it is after all isn't it just 'what' type of understanding you have about numbers..if any..at all?

'11' is often associated with being a master value, because there are 2 like forces upon the left and the right side of number informational reference - with same evaluation ideal. Polarity speaking, the energies are completing a statement of balance and mastery, energy equivalents = thinking or similarity of forces, it is a complete form of expression of equal talents or capability of energy application, to whatever the form puts its hand to (so to speak). The double '1' (Astrological interpretation, Mercury (1) twice delivered = creative Neptune. Reference material by Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Sacred Tarot.) After going the the complete cycle of energies of 1-9 reaches into 10th's and so on, increasing along side the 1 as a 'ying' force; (left side hemisphere is how we read for understanding in the United States-it is cultural-often religious in its applications to beginnings-how we read) Esoterically it could reference the accumulation of how we integrate other forms along side the left ying (feminine) side as increases appear.

To my understanding the left side is the Mother side or the Moon side of gestation-growth nurturing processes=wisdom; the ideal giving of making way to begin additional creations to ultimately achieve or accomplish balance and refinement for another expression of energy or form; for science has proven the 'cell' improves its quality as century's pass, we are constantly evolving.) The right side from which the delivery by addition of energy makes its appearance (yang-male) is considered energy increase which is utilized with Mercury (1) (on the ying side) for another occult or value experience-meaning. Of the layman's utilization it has reference to measure.

An occult interpretation..example 10 (Uranus) with 1 (Mercury) now becomes 11 (Neptune). (double Mercury is capable to demonstrate the best attributes of 'ying & yang' in the creation of the Spirit of learning & creation. The occult delineation is often personal but it could reflect the male & the female evolutionary stages to be in harmony as equality of social acceptance permits; the old & new standards synchronizing for best results of the energy Neptune intends to a new civilization effort-order.

It is how you might experience an ideal of mastery to the goal you wish to achieve, of creativity, thoughtfulness, learning..Mercury is the force behind the '11'-Astrologically-Numerically achieving Neptune.

How is your Mercury expressed in your birth chart? Where is your Neptune & how do these two forces interact, aspect one another?

Just a brief jot of my understanding of the value, am only a neophyte occultist, astrologer wanna be of some 45 years of undisciplined learned technique..scattered at best.

All the best

Readings or delineations are offered Gratis
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Old 06-07-2018, 05:47 PM
ch37119 ch37119 is offline
Join Date: Jul 2018
Posts: 5
My experience with repeating numbers across my life is with the number 3, which is my birth number. March 12 in particular has been a date where significant events take place. December 12 as well -- both are 3/3. It was a March 12 when I found out I was pregnant. Another March 12 I won a lottery (not a lot, but enough to change my life at the time). A third March 12 I met a man who was key to a huge life change. December 12, the following happened in different years: my mom was born 12/12, my divorce became final, I won a second lottery (only $1000 but still!), and when I was 19, it just happened to be a December 12 when my boyfriend and I ... for the first time (hey, that's a significant event for a woman!) :).

The point is, for you to be seeing 11:11 with an 11 as one of your birth numbers is significant. There are quite a few histories of people with a significant number popping up across their life. Composer Arnold Schoenberg was born on September 13, and was terrified of that number to the point it affected his work. And ... he died on July 13, a FRIDAY that particular year.
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