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Old 26-05-2018, 02:59 PM
Unknownparadox Unknownparadox is offline
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You wouldn't believe it unless you saw It.

I just might believe it.

What you describe in your original post, happens to me regularly. I have been searching for a explanation for the better part of 30 years. Here is the way I look at these events, and the reason I think they are not random.

What are the odds your lanyard would get caught in the car, in a peculiar or almost impossible way. Slim, but still possible. But then what are the odds that another slim to impossible event such as, your cloths being caught on a recessed pin in the door occur in such a short time span. The odds become very slim that those two things would happen in such a short time span. The lid rolling under the refrigerator was the icing on the cake.

I don't know about you. But I have never been able to relate this to anyone and have them understand. They are of the opinion, well odd stuff happens. While that is true. Odd things do not occur regularly. Otherwise they would not be odd.

After having strange, bizarre and how is it even possible that occurred, events happened to me regularly for my entire life. I have come up with a few possible explanations.

1. This reality is not random. Life can not be random when the highly unlikely and and almost impossible become regular events.

2. Curses are real. And you and I are cursed.

3. Some thing beyond our perceptual acuity is messing with us.

I don't have any advice on what can be done to stop this or even help cope with it. I have tried numerous ways of looking at it. But it doesn't help. I would like to hear more about the strange things that happen to you. I would be happy to share some of mine. But you probably wouldn't believe them even if you saw them. I have trouble believing it and I have seen it, and lived it.
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Old 01-06-2018, 05:47 PM
paperw1ngs paperw1ngs is offline
Join Date: Dec 2015
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Originally Posted by Shivani Devi
You wouldn't believe it unless you saw It.

I wear a lanyard around my neck with my house key on it and my car key is on a separate key chain.

Today when I got into the car, my lanyard got caught on my seat belt...but it was the way in which it was caught... which could have only happened if the clasp at the end of the lanyard was undone, half the fabric of the seatbelt pushed through it and then the clasp done up again ON the fabric of the seat belt itself...and this all occurred in a split second.

I went to get my clothes off the line and left my sliding screen door open to do so. Now there's a recessed pin, tiny it is, inside the frame of the screen door... where it latches to close and it's not jutting out whatsoever and it is hardly noticeable.

As I walked through the door carrying an armfull of clothes off the line, a top got caught on this pin, but it was the way in which it was caught...One of those tiny pieces of ribbon inside the top, which are used to hang it on a coat hanger got caught around this pin...but the width of the ribbon was about three times wider than the length of the shaft of the recessed pin...and so it remained precariously dangling from it...A slight breeze could have dislodged it, but apparently not me walking by with an armfull of clothes.

I just took the top of a small jar of chili flakes to use in a stir fry and it was as if the lid flew out of my hand when I opened it, found the floor and then proceeded to roll far underneath the refrigerator...On the opposite side of the kitchen.

When stuff like this happens a few times a day, all I can do is sit down and cry, because it's so bloody ridiculous, it goes way beyond belief, I have no control over it and cannot stop it from happening and thus it stresses me out to the max, because I know that something is screwing with my mind and making my life very difficult and miserable for me and I want it stopped...I want it gone.

You have more power than you know; don't let anyone or anything convince you otherwise (even your own human ego.) To some extent when spirits mess with us it is us messing with ourselves and our own energy; did you leave the door open to whoever may wish to enter? Do you infuse love and light into your connection with divine or spirit realm? Call upon beings of light, GOD, messengers of god, benevolent beings of protection who seek your highest good. Ask for help guidence and protection. When I do this and things arn't going right it soothes my soul and mind and I feel such strength in my guies and angels that I am clearer minded to take on tasks in the "real world." I don't know what you have been reading or watching but you have alot of fear in your mind and that attracts predators...I don't even watch horror movies anymore because I realized it was making me paranoid and subconciously influencing my visions and dreams. Seek the light and the light will find you. Focus on uplifting music, movies, tv, and books for now until it blows over and realize spirits only have the power you give to them. At this point I look at the spirits who mess with people for power as a bit sad and feel a bit sorry for them because no strong force needs to do things like that for their benefit; strength is inside and nothing can ever take that away for good; just rekindle that fire of strength by owning your power in that situation. Sage blessings, protection with your angels/guides and god, seeing low vibration spirits for what they are; weak...no contempt for them, it's just rather clear anything that has to pick on the vulnerable is a weak hearted being at the time that deserves our sympathy not tears etc.
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