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Old 07-09-2019, 07:16 PM
Moonglow Moonglow is offline
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Originally Posted by r6r6r
Obviously if you as 100 differrent people how the evaluate teh Universe/God, you will get at least 50 differrent answers. No surprise there when it comes to humans.

Spatial finite does not infer an ending in time. Universe/God is eternally existent occupied space. Simple not difficult to grasp.

If we someone told you that are our finite occupied space Universe/God is going to end, then you either will need to get more specific information from them or, on aligther funny note....run away from hem as fast as you can...

Worrying about Universe/God is waster of time and effort.

Space is infinite. Occupied space is finite. I'm not sure your clear on the differrence, just yet. Ive explained it on this forum and many others over the years in differerrent formats.

I saw a youtube the other night at work, and it has nice graphics that show a finite,occupied space Universe/God and 'nothing' outside of it.

Pretty simple to grasp but so many have such difficulty grasping this simple concept and Ive been seeing this happen for nearly 20 years now.

We only see parts of Universe/God not the whole of it and over time we continually new knowledge about it. We my someday gain all there is to know about it, however, they may be some aspects we cannot ever know,

Ex can gravityand dark energy be quantised or quantified. I doubt we will ever be able answer those two four questions. I dunno.

Hi r6,

Can agree God/Universe is eternal. It occupies with in the space of consciousness/what one is aware of and in its unfolding with in formation of life.
Also appears to occupy its own space, as far as I can tell.

The part where we may see different view points is the unoccupied space. Which to me is just empty space and that which I may not be aware of ( not occupying my thoughts) Is this what you have been pointing at in a way?

Yes, agree only see parts of it and do not know all of it. For me this makes life interesting.

Thank you
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Old 07-09-2019, 07:34 PM
Moonglow Moonglow is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: New York, USA
Posts: 3,252
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Originally Posted by meetjazz
Probably ''the universe'' metaphor is used about the nature as such, our existence here, if is friendly or unfriendly. We certainly don't live in ''heavenly environment,'' I mean we can romanticize our natural environment, but in fact it contains both, a lot of beauty but also dead, misery, violence, destruction ...we can't just overlook this part of nature...even though this part of nature...was often used in the past and it's often used today, to justify or for passivity to all kind of misery, suffering, violence...in our society. For example, Buddhist mythology about existence, well in their view there gives six realms of existence; heavenly, demi-god, human, animal, ghosts, and hellish realms. We humans for them exist ''in the middle,'' in an environment where we are pulled in both directions, down and up...and in their view, we have a huge opportunity to go up into a more balanced, more peaceful,..environment, existence...or we can also go down the road. In fact, such view of existence is very common between different religions and spiritual beliefs, theosophy have a very similar view, even Christianity on the end have this ''human middle'' notion of existence, where we are between heaven and hell. Many different mythologies, for example old celtic religion or belief was ''the Middle Earth'', no this isn't from Lord of the rings, but the author from Lord of The Rings, J. R. R. Tolkien,..was very strongly inspired from Celitc mythology, who believed in middle earth,... Norse mythology is full of ''heaven and hell,'' well there is heaven call Valhalla..gnostics have a bit darker view about our existence here, in their view is our place a big mess..which we need to transcend but they also have this ''middle view'' we can go up or down...even if we go back to Plato..we have our Earthly existence painted as a place between shadow and light, well for Plato we are more in the dark and we need again to transcend into the light, but even by old Greek there gives this underworld, where we can come across Hades and he is the last guy you want to come across to, contra to Mount Olympus...we constantly come in our mythologies, regardless of the continent on the belief that we are in between...

Hi meetjazz,

Interesting what you present.

It seems there is a natural flow (so to speak) with in nature.

Perhaps how life is viewed may be affected by where one places his/her values.
What's the intent or reasons for the stories being told?
What forms the images of heaven and hell or none at all?
Looking at the stories being told and passed down, to me, gives clues to ourselves.

There is balance that can be had if willing to live with nature and each other, I believe.

Yes, it appears that way to me as well that we (in general) seem in between while here on Earth. Can go in the direction chosen and/or felt "guided" to go.

Gives another view for me to consider and look at.

Thank you.
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