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Old 11-01-2018, 12:45 PM
grailknight grailknight is offline
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I Think I may have been a Knight. A Very famous one.

Hi, I am new here. This is mainly what I joined this forum for help with.

Now, this will probably sound "crazy", (Yes, even for a forum ABOUT this kind of thing!), but I believe I may have, at a point, or perhaps always, been Sir Galahad of the Round Table. Achiever of the Sangraal.

I know Arthurian things are generally regarded as being mostly Myth, especially the Holy Grail story, and especially Galahad, since he wasn't added into it since the 13th~ century or so, but hear me out here, I'll start from the beginning;

I've experienced pretty large coincidence around Galahad & Arthurian Legends in general since I was a small child. I understand that a lot of this could just be genuinely the fact that Arthurian Legend is so prevalent in everything, especially since I live in Australia, which was, at a point, British, to say the least, anyhow.

Since I was a child, my Dad has claimed to have had a dream of me before I was born, where I was allegedly 'walking down stepping stones on a river in heaven.'

My Dad is Christian. He believes in God, and I am the only member of my immediate family to have not allegedly seen or talked to or got a message from God or Jesus Christ.

Anyhow, I've always experienced large amounts of coincidence around Arthurian things. I live near more than a couple shops entitled "Camelot ____", I've always had an extreme interest in Knights, especially Knights Templar, particularly because of their outer tunic design.

When I was about 6 to 12 years old, I used to obsessively watch the cartoons "King Arthur's Disasters" and "Gawayn". I didn't like them barely at all. I didn't find them funny, and if anything, they just gave me a headache! (I wasn't a fun kid lol.) But I outright would feel like I'd die if I didn't watch them.

I had to read St. George & The Dragon in school when I was 8, and since then have had the aforementioned interested in Knights, and have done my best to live by/uphold the Code of Chivalry.

Anyhow, the Inkling I may have been Galahad came to me a while ago. My Mother is a practicing Witch (and not in a good way, either. ), she studied Germanic Shamanism in her Teenage years, is the full-on "This is my left side, this is my right side" type deal. The story she tells is the story many people who claim to be possessed by ancient witches tell. It's freaky stuff.

I was talking with my Mother, as I'd recently started re-reading King Arthur, I mentioned this to her. She went on about how she'd never read any of that kind of thing in her life (she's more interested in Norse mythology), but only a few breaths later went on a massive tangent about Morgana Le Fay & Merlin, and The Holy Grail, and how she is a follower of Morgana.

Cut forward 10 minutes, and she's talking about Past Lives. I mentioned some of the coincidences I'd experienced as soon as I started re-reading Arthur (Eg. I turn on the TV, they're at a port called "Avalon", I turn on the radio, "Sweet Sir Galahad" by Joan Baez started playing).

She mentioned the "past lives" deal to me many times, never giving specifics, she just seemed more "hush hush, could be , past lives."Like she shouldn't be telling me this.

She's also into Tarot and all that deal, so from that has a minor knowledge/interest of the Holy Grail (very minor), anyways.

Since then I've looked into it quite a bit and began putting several threads together.

I have since then had many dreams of being Galahad, specifically a large bout of them the last few nights. I can also connect dreams I had as a child to this.

I can explain more if need be, but I'm not wording myself very well right now.

Can anyone help me with this? Is there anything I can do to find out more? Does anyone have any idea if this could be true?

Thank you for reading this.
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Old 11-01-2018, 03:23 PM
SeekerOfKnowledge SeekerOfKnowledge is offline
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First, I would be careful to make my first or second post about having been a famous person in a past life.

Fame is just a human concept if you ask me, and famous people do reincarnate, too, of course.

Just that even people who believe in reincarnation will find it harder to believe you when you claim to have been a famous person. (Even though that is not fair, if you remember to have been a cobbler the name of Jack, no one who believes in reincarnation will question it.)

People will ask you if you have memories. People might ask for some "proof" or validation.

I would recommend a forum, but it is currently locked.

I will be honest: I am not sure if I should believe you. Not because you think you have been a famous person (I have met others with memories of a famous past life). As I already said: fame is just a human concept. The soul itself does not care for fame. It is just that, as you said yourself, Arthur's Round Table is known as a myth. And then, you should explain further why you think you were Sir Galahad. What, exactly, makes you so sure?

There are different methods to retrieve memories, from guided meditation using audio files to meditation (takes practice and will take awhile before anything happens, but it is the method I, personally, think is best) to writing techniques or other stuff. You could also see a regression therapist, of course, but not everyone has the means to do so.

I can send you a link via PM to some articles if you are interested.

But before you continue on your journey and try to remember, ask yourself: What do you really want?
You want the truth, not to deceive yourself.
To avoid misunderstandings: I do not say that it is impossible. I only say that you should be careful.

There was a time when I believed that I once was a somewhat infamous man. Maybe I was, maybe not. What memories I have is not enough to know without doubt if I was him or not. I could have been somebody else with similar experiences. It is not important anyway. What is important is that I have learned something from the experience (I hope so, at least).

With my best wishes, love and peace.
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