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Old 27-04-2017, 01:20 PM
kisalipa kisalipa is offline
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God's Endless Compassion

God acts as the Father as well as the Teacher (Guru) of any soul. Since God created the soul, He is the Father. But at the same time, He is the teacher who trains every soul to come up in the spiritual path. Generally in the world, the father is different from the teacher. But here, in the case of any soul the real Father and the real Teacher is only one, and that is God. Therefore, God is always kind as the Father and strict and harsh as the Teacher. But the harshness of the Teacher is only apparent and in reality the harshness is kindness alone. Hence, basically God is always kind. God only appears harsh as the Teacher and kind as the Father. Since, the Teacher is basically kind, even in his harsh attitude, God is always kind in reality or in the basic sense. Souls have done continuous sins and continuous good deeds and if the results are to be given in the same sequence and span of time, there will be continuous punishments for a long time and continuous happiness for another span of long time. It will be like summer for one whole year and winter for one whole year. But the kindest God has re-arranged our results in such a manner that our human life is made up of alternate good and bad results. Hence we will have summer for two months and winter for two months so that the two years are made up of alternate couple of months of summer and winter. This way, neither summer nor winter gets boring due to continuity and the two one-year spans of summer and winter get exhausted.

The punishments are used to remove ignorance and happiness is given as an interval between punishments. The punishments are also selected in such a way that their intensity is suitable to the frequency of requirement for the transformation in the life again and again [God chooses the appropriate duration and intensity of punishment for a soul, repeatedly in his life, depending on the soulís degree of ignorance, so as to achieve maximum transformation in the soul]. This means that a particular soul requires a particular punishment of a specific intensity, suitable to the degree of ignorance of the soul. Based on the same, the duration of the punishment also varies from one soul to another. According to the requirement, a suitable portion from the sinful results is cut like a piece from a large cake. The size of the piece depends on the requirement based on the nature of the soul. The sizes of the pieces of the salty cake (bad result) and the sweet cake (good result) depend upon the duration and intensity of treatment required by the nature of the soul. The salt cake is a medicine for the soulís ignorance and the sweet cake is the food that ahs to be given during the treatment to the patient-soul. The leftover portions of both cakes are exhausted, by giving them to the soul in the external hell and heaven in the upper world. Whatever may be the place (hell, heaven or earth), the punishments are given for the treatment of ignorance alone. On earth, the punishments are used as medicines but in hell, the punishments are used as the final surgery for removing the ignorance. In any case, only the kindness of God is reflected. Thus, God can be seen as Father, Teacher or Doctor giving medicines or as a Surgeon doing an operation. In all angles His kindness alone is reflected.

He is working constantly to uplift every soul. God works as a Teacher, Doctor and Surgeon and at the same time God with an attitude of the Father, observes the possible limit upto which the soul can withstand the treatment. Once the limit is reached, God will regain the attitude of the Father, withdrawing Himself from the attitude of the Teacher, Doctor or Surgeon. As a Father, He starts giving the food of happiness for some time. Remember that He is using the bad and good results of the deeds of the soul alone, in every action to uplift the soul. The deeds are done by the soul in a free atmosphere and God has no trace of interference in it. At the same time all this treatment and food arranged alternately, makes the soulís life cycle quite interesting to the soul. There is no boredom since continuity [prolonged duration] of anything is absent. Otherwise the soul would have got bored and the Samskara (strong feeling) of boredom would have followed the soul. The soul would then have developed repulsion to this world as soon as it is born in this world. The results of sin not only serve the purpose of providing alternating intervals in the continuous happiness but also serve as the cane for guiding the soul on the proper spiritual path. Due to happiness, the soul becomes lazy and proud with ego and such continuous laziness and ego will ruin the soul. Therefore, the results of sin are required immediately to bring normalcy to the soul. After some time these punishments bring down the soul to the subnormal state and now good results are required to bring the soul up to the normal level. It is just like balancing a horse with double reins; controlling it from both sides. Or it is just like balancing the weakness in a patient caused by antibiotic medicines and strength caused by nutritious food alternately. The treatment is very critical and balanced, and is highly specific for each soul.

A learned soul will not ask for stopping misery because God has already cut the salt cake to the required size and it has to be finished. The dosage of misery selected by God is like the dosage of medicine selected by the doctor who analyzes the disease properly. You should not decide about the use of medicine or its dosage. You are an ignorant patient and you are not aware of your internal structure. The doctor has scanned your internal organs and knows the right dosage of the medicine. The doctor knows whether medicines are to be used or whether surgery is necessary in hell. Therefore, you should not pray to God even to avoid hell. How can the patient say that surgery should be avoided in his case? Even if the soul is thrown into hell for surgery, the soul should see the kindness of the Doctor-God. Therefore, the soul that has surrendered to God, will never ask for the removal of misery. It should ask only for the removal of the ignorance-illness. The method of treatment is selected by the Satguru-Doctor-God. Often, the patient cries due to the pain caused by the injection of medicine or the pain of surgery and prays to stop the injection or surgery like the ignorant child. The learned patient will not find fault with the doctor and the doctor will not bother about that pain. Kuchela (Sudama) was suffering from severe poverty and he did not pray to Krishna to remove his poverty because he was a scholar of the scriptures. The Lord also kept silent during his misery, since the patient is learned and tolerates the pain of the injection of medicine. If the injection here is denied, the patient certainly needs surgery in hell. The surgery is far more painful than the injection. Neither was the Lord unkind nor was Sudama ignorant. The Father and son were both learned doctors and therefore there was no need of the interference of any third party between them. Rukmini, the wife of the Lord, being the mother of the souls recommended the case of Sudama to the Lord. The wife of Sudama was also highly emotional because the Lord being the friend of her husband was keeping silent. She was emotional due to the motherly pain on seeing her starving children. Both the women could not understand the truth, which was known both to the Father (Lord) and the son (Sudama). Some scholars ask God to exhaust all the sins by continuous punishments so that they can have continuous bliss. It is just like asking the doctor to give a dozen injections on one day itself. This is also another type of ignorance since the patient wants to take the full dosage of medicines immediately so that illness should disappear on the spot. You must leave everything to the Divine Doctor and you should surrender to the Doctor who is the best judge of the medicine and its dosage. If all the sins are exhausted, the soul will be bored with continuous happiness and a new misery due to boredom is generated.

In the beginning (Kruta Yuga) there was continuous happiness because God created only pure souls. In course of time the continuous happiness bored them and misery was generated from the continuous happiness itself. Happiness is the mother of misery. The misery produced in the continuous happiness is special because it is generated without any sin. Therefore, God never created misery. Hence, both who like to stop misery and those who like to continue the miseries are not wise because in both cases, the patients are trying to act like doctors in their own cases. Even a doctor on becoming a patient, consults another doctor. In that case the patient, who is not really a doctor but is acting as a doctor in his own case, is really pitiable.

At The Lotus Feet of JagadGuru Dattaswami!!!
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Old 03-05-2017, 01:47 PM
Paige Ignited Paige Ignited is offline
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This is an excellent piece of writing. I really liked this.
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