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Old 23-12-2017, 01:07 PM
MARDAV70 MARDAV70 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2013
Posts: 383
Originally Posted by Busby
It would be a terrible state of affairs if any 'God' looked down upon the misery upon this planet and thought to him/her/itself 'that little diseased, helpless, hungry, suffering child brought this on himself - because he has to learn the errors of his/her ways'. What a lovely philosophy.
He/She/it (god) would also obviously be aware that the pain and hurt the parent(s) of this child are suffering is of their own making.

That's disgusting. Revolting. Sickening. That's not love.

If this is the way that some god wants us to be taught then it must be OK to drop bombs on people, to burn them to death, to coat them in Napalm, to tear their insides out. Let's get on with it, the quicker it's done the better off we'll all be. (Not us mind you - it's 'the others' who need it - they don't understand)

Come on, get a grip. It can't be like that otherwise we are doomed, doomed in the sense that if there is such a god we are already being used as playthings, like a child pulling the wings of flies. We dÓdn't teach our own children by beating them or letting them go hungry but by having respect for them and trying to show how love works.

Calling any suffering 'a human experience' loses sight of any understanding of the ways of the universe and assumes that cause and effect is there to punish, so involving hell and eternal fire. Just as religious fanatics like it to be.

Our experiences in this world are all that we have and basically depend upon our free will, don't get us more confused.

Those claims are what religions with their dogmas bring about...they all claim to "know what God wants". In my NDE I didn't experience seeing any God, gods or deities. For me that doesn't mean there is no God. Yet, I don't like the term "God" because of all the baggage that comes with it. I still don't know if there is a "deity" or not. I (personally and unable to prove) do know that consciousness not only survive death, it's eternal. Determining where our consciousness came from is a daunting challenge. Was it created...or did it develop as the big bang happened...and who is able to know?
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Old 24-12-2017, 04:27 AM
AnotherBob AnotherBob is offline
Join Date: Oct 2014
Posts: 75
I talk about it sometimes with Him, all the suffering in the world.

"Dear God," I have prayed, "how is it possible all the horrors I have seen, all the atrocities you allow man to commit when you – God -- are ever standing so near and could help us? Could we not hear your voice say 'No' with such love and power never again would we harm?"

And my Lord replied, "Who would understand if I said that I cannot bear to confine a wing, and not let it learn from the course it chooses."

But what of a man walking lost in a forest weeping and calling your name for help, and unknown to him he is heading for a covered pit with sharp spears in it that will maim his flesh when he crashes through the trap?

"Yes, why don't I remove every object from this world that could cause someone to weep? Yes, why don't I speak in a way that could save a life?”

I opened up my mouth and the Infinite ran to the edges of space -- and all possibilities are contained therein, all possibilities, even sorrow.

”In the end, nothing that ever caused one pain will exist, No one will begrudge Me. The Absolute Innocence of all within my Creation takes a while to understand."

~ Catherine of Sienna
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Old 30-12-2017, 10:35 AM
little~wings little~wings is offline
Newbie ;)
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Originally Posted by AnotherBob
Spiritual Reflection from NDEr Hiroumi Sunagawa:

"If there is one thing I've learned from my death experience, is that How one receives the messages embedded within, is crucial to a full understanding. There are many souls from many worlds, from an infinite number of backgrounds. We (our souls) are infinite entities, created before the creation of this universe.

Unfortunately, there are too many religious doctrines and beliefs that attempt to nullify the amazing diversity of souls who reside within humans on earth. They attempt to limit all souls as humans desiring a spiritual experience, when in truth we are souls having a human experience. Far too much emphasis is placed on doctrines and dogma, from Karma to Punishment to Reincarnation to Judgment.

What I've learned from my death experience is that God cannot be defined by human comprehension, and that God has more compassion than any religious dogma that preaches judgment and condemnation.

Secondly, that the complexity and incredible beauty of the various NDE stories exist to show others that there isn't merely a single category of souls; that there are an infinite number of "sources". And yes, that also means that there are souls here who have come from higher levels of the spiritual realm, that there are souls here who have traveled across numerous universes, that there are souls here who only desire a "one-off" experience and then depart, that there are souls here who have reincarnated countless times as part of an eternal mission of humanity.

Anyone who claims to know the truth fails to even comprehend the depth and complexity of what is truth. All of us know a portion of truth, a few of us know a portion of deeper truth, even fewer know the hidden (unseeable) aspects of hidden truth, and rarely does a soul arrive who can see the infinity of truth's depth.

For the souls who worry about current events, I beg you to not. For the souls who ignore the needs of the world's suffering, I beg you to not. Worry is evil. Ignorance is evil. And what is evil? It is ignoring compassion of every act of every moment of every day. Don't argue that "it's just business"; don't argue that "it's the requirement of law and order"; don't argue that "someone else will take care of it".

Nearly every single NDEr comes back with the same message: "Everything is about love". Aside from that, everything else (intellectual arguments) means nothing.

Jesus of Nazareth once stated, "Let the dead bury the dead." This may seem harsh to some, but he pointed out those who hold onto doctrines and dogma (Pharisees) are spiritually "dead".

I beg everyone to awaken to the Spirit of Compassion and Truth. Do not allow religion or government or society or man's laws to warp your concepts of "God". Remember, we are all sparks of God, and therefore we are all part of God -- in other words, we are the "force" of God, or the "Holy Spirit" of God. WE decide who to condemn, WE decide who receives mercy, WE decide the boundaries of Mercy, the boundaries of Truth, the boundaries of infinity. Avoid the brainwashing. Learn to know God without any boundaries."

I love that this message is so unconditional. It’s beautiful, and a welcome reminder that it’s in our differences that we are all equal. Equal to everything and nothing all at once. Infinite beings having a human experience, all sharing the ability to love, and an inability to understand things beyond our level of intelligence and control. :)
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Old 27-09-2018, 05:43 AM
Alice_1 Alice_1 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2016
Posts: 349
Truly a sincere post. Thank you for these deep thoughts. Praise our Lord!
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