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Old Yesterday, 04:44 PM
Fatimasque Fatimasque is offline
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Originally Posted by the_demi
I follow this thread with great interest.
As I see, nearly everyone agrees that "natural" problems, that result from:
- genetics;
- trauma;
- sickness of other organs;
are either incurable completely or are in need of standard pharmaceuticals. As such, we can more talk about "control of symptoms" rather than cures...

In your opinion(s) are there mental health issues (not related to the 3 categories above) that can be cured by the things we discuss/practice?
Are multiple personalities occupations by multiple lost souls? Schizophrenia is a self-induced or externally-induced division? Is depression an energy parasite? And related to the prior: is manic-depressive a in/out (visiting) energy parasite?


I think I understand your question, and its a hard one to answer.
There's a gap between my knowledge, for sure, and then my opinion from experience and intuition. because knowledge is never for sure, science is always still learning, and the same with experience...

there is not a single formula for psychosis, nor an absolute correct distinction between psychosis and spiritual explosion. (ish)
I recently thought I was going schizophrenic because I'm experiencing a mass awakening. but knowing this and identifying it meant that I wasn't, right.

every person comes with their own cocktail of it. however I believe that in all cases, work on the psyche/ spirit/soul is being missed by psychiatric medicine. we are more than a body and its chemicals. and medicine is not acknowledging yet the energy body and the soul as part of the human make up, to look at when we diagnose.

in cases of psychological conditions, I believe the schools need to start coming together. I don't agree that 'disturbed' individuals need be only medicated. I believe that proper therapy and care and regimented spiritual wellness is vital for the recovery of patients.
in most cases of schizophrenia, patients who have love and family and support, manage the condition better, relapse less, and and are less likely to end up homeless. isn't that proof that 'love energy' has its role in relieving these ailment attested to genetics and drug abuse and chemical imbalance only?

Nor am I of the belief that we should go about preaching energy healing only, or spiritual practice. we are physical bodies as much as we are emotional and mental and spiritual ones.
and all these bodies of ours are connected as one, which means every layer affects the other and is the other at once.

In my own journey, I have resorted to anti-depressants. But I took them as my last resort. I did everything else first, negotiated with my therapist. I quit smoking and drinking and exercised and journaled and and and and...
most cases that worked for me. but there was a time when it didn't, and I still saw the world teary eyed. so I took the pills to help jump me up from that rock bottom, and then just inches enough above, I continued with no pills and upped my spiritual regiment.

we can with some cases heal with the divine tools we have here, and we should aim to work with them as much as possible simply because I believe they have a more long term efficacy. But I shouldn't fool myself to think that it will fix all problems. specially that energy healing works slow, and hugely requires the will of the patient to work most effectively. which will be hard to get when they're in the midst of thinking they are the devil's accomplice or God's new prophet.

if my arm is broken, I will do healing all the way to the hospital, I will get a cast, some nice pain killers, and then I will continue doing energy healing too until the cast is off, not removing the cast any sooner just because I did energy healing.
if its swollen or twisted, I'll apply rub and do energy healing.
if it has a scratch, I'll put lotion and no need the healing..

I hope this was constructive enough. lol

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Old Today, 12:20 AM
davidsun davidsun is offline
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Originally Posted by Greenslade
(1) My mother has advanced dementia and (2) my wife had a brain-bleed that destroyed a part of her brain. What Spiritual solution do you suggest?
What follows is speculation that is based on the theory that we all, individually and collectively, literally 'create' the 'reality' that we experience. This means that 'outer/'wordly' 'manifest'ations figuratively reflect 'inner' (soul-based) beliefs (including 'dilemma'tic ones) and expectations (includind 'mixed' ones). As 'crazy' as what follows may sound to you and as delusional as it may actually be, I offer this for whatever 'mileage' yu may get by putting this in your 'gas tank', GS - it is the kind of thing I 'do' to 'make sense' of and 'guide my decisions' in relation to such kinds of 'hellish' situations:

In the case of (1), I theorize that your mother's soul chose to 'jump ship', i.e. it 'gave up' and 'quit' in face of the 'task' of continuing to function response-ably (relationally) speaking in the context of her 'earth' (including you) siutation, No pejorative 'judgment' here - many (most?) souls are not fully 'up to the task' of 'handling' being 'in body' in this complex, and in many ways frustrating, 'world'. Here soul simply 'exited' being 'present' without her body actually 'dying'. Why didn't she just 'completely' 'die' 'at once' (chorus: "there must be 50 ways to leave your lover"!)? Who knows? Maybe because she 'feared' 'death'? Maybe a part of her wanted to not leave you? Maybe she 'felt' that you did not want her to 'leave'? Maybe it was a combination of these and maybe other 'reasons'? In a sense, it doesn't matter because there is no way for one to know this for sure. The main 'point' is that you have been left with the dilemma of having to choose how best to cope with said situation. Maybe your soul 'contracted' to 'have to face' this pre'dreaded' predicament? Maybe you 'created' this 'reality' as a 'challenge' to 'have to deal with' yourself?

The same set of speculations may pertain to (2). The fact that you had two such similar 'fate'-predicaments supports the theory that such 'predicament' of being left with and having to deal with not fully functional associates (co-dependents), these besides all the high-complexity (nightmarish?) 'problematic' situations you have encountered as part of you 'mental health system' related experiences you have had in this lifetime,
was/is a 'challenging' learning-experience that was/is 'tailored' to what your soul most needed to 'learn' and, as a result, 'grow' from next (i.e now).

In my (theory-based!) view, only a very 'advanced soul would have 'lined up' such soul-taxing-n-stressing situation(s) to encounter as a learning (coming to conclusions and decisions relating to the moral and practical limits of interpersonal dependency and responsibility) curriculum.

'We' can't 'cure' our way (i.e. we can't personally or systemically 'fix') our way 'out of' such 'problems', IOW. We are here to learn from them, as well as to develop greater faith and trust that the Life-Force ('in' your mother, your wife, and all those 'psychiatric' cases - in your case) has the capacity (ultimately at least) to 'take care' of Itself.

I share the 'agonies' which I project you must have experienced and may still be experiencing - I also confess that I am 'glad' that my personal life-challenges haven't been as excruciatingly 'drastic' - might have completely 'burned me out'!
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Old Today, 01:49 PM
Greenslade Greenslade is offline
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Originally Posted by Karak
It wasnt that he was a danger to himself or others, he had never been medicated(Or he lied about it, most likely not) and I didnt try to cure him from some mental illness, the main reason for the reiki session was to let go off old emotions/stagnant energy, which he also did but an uncontrolled rate/speed. Lessons learned.

The reason I asked the question about what you think would be a suitable approach for a treatment of people who are considered to be mentally ill is because you obviously have another perspective on this and other experiences and I thought it would be interesting to get to know more about what you think its optimal as treatment, speculative/hypothetical ofcourse.
Also I thought by refering to schitzophrenia and psychosis in my posts that it was clear thats what I was asking about, obviously it was not and I will try my best to be more specific/precise in the future.

That there are no viable alternatives to modern medication without doing harm in the examples you provided(the last two) is not something I will ever allow myself to believe and I truly hope that fear will not stop people from trying different things. Having only the option of drugs or no drugs+withdrawal from drugs is most likely a culprit of these horror stories that seem to seep into every nook and cranny of the internet(I believe you ofcourse, thats not my point)

For anti-psychotic drugs there is a side effect that reduces the gray matter in the brain starting about 2 years or so of medicating with a high enough dosage. Was a couple of years ago I read about that specific side effect so dont quote me on it but im certain its something like that, I talked with a guy who sell those drugs and he said the gray matter is not something you need anyway.
Might aswell remove all of it at once then to get some more headspace, and then the spleen also perhaps.

This is a Major(emphasis on the Major) drug industry and if I where to find a solution which always worked and everyone could stop medicating then both the solution aswell as myself would most likely dissapear.
"Permanent paranoid illusion label imminent"

Not having the knowledge about what kind of medication to put someone on who displays certain behaviors is not something I consider a requirement to be able to discuss this topic.
I know enough to see that further knowledge in that direction is not something Im interested in actively pursuing, I do enjoy reading a post about it or having a quick back and forth at most, hence why I asked you questions.

Also, I will not take any responsibility for other peoples triggers(especially those im not aware off) but I will say that I meant no harm in anything I wrote, at all. Well wishes:)
One of the problems of dealing with this kind of thing is that unless you spend a lot of time getting to the root of the issue and what caused it, you really don't know what's hidden in the darkness. And that's what will bite you on the backside if you're not very careful. Often mental health issues operate at a very primal level and sometimes to the stage of being animalistic, so if you trigger someone you could well trigger deeply-rooted animal instincts that the person has no control over. I've also talked to people who were nothing more than 'internal observers' while their instincts took full control of their actions. If people have old emotions then the chances are that if they haven't let go of them, then they're very deeply rooted and most likely caused by a response to trauma. Trauma can be caused by cognitive dysfunction and that 'operates' at a deeper level than any energy healing can reach, and in many cases it can go back to early childhood. Mental health issues caused by cognitive dysfunction aren't something that can be healed by Reiki or anything else, the cognitive framework needs to be 'dismantled' detail by detail.

People can 'own' their deep-rooted emotions top the point of those emotions being as much a part of them as a limb. Your Reiki can be causing them damage as far as the primal instincts are concerned, even though they've given full, conscious consent, and sometimes the survival instincts can kick in in very unpredictable and violent ways. As for you not taking responsibility for other people's triggers that you're not aware of, very often people are not aware they have any themselves. What I would say is that if you don't take into account that there is a real possibility that they could have very deep-rooted issues that may be triggered then that is your ethical responsibility. The more deep-rooted or stagnant their emotions, the more likely they are to be triggered.

Every drug has its side effects but what needs balanced is the nature of their particular issues, and sometimes the side effects of drugs is a small price to pay when the option is being trapped in your body and having no control as the mind and body goes full psycho on your family. These things happen. For someone who is being plagued by internal demons - and the demons are very real to them - then withdrawal fro drugs or side effects can be a small price to pay.

With respect, you really need to understand what you're dealing with first at the level it's actually happening at, otherwise all you're going to do is cause more damage than you can handle. If you're going to work with people's deep emotions and the like then you need to be looking at cognitive behaviour therapy because that tackles the root problem and changes perceptions. As far as this is concerned, Reiki only deals with the surface layers. I do understand what you're doing and frankly I have respect for people who are actively seeking to help others. It's in that vein that I will say you really do have much to learn yourself as far as this is concerned, and sometimes a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.
"Take your legacy and understand what has gone before. Make a new tomorrow in Love, Light and Faith."
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