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Old 24-08-2012, 04:06 PM
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Thanks Xan. Yes that's the link I wanted to post.
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Old 25-08-2012, 08:14 AM
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Thanks meditator, I just watched the youtube interview....it was wonderful......many blessings....
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Old 29-08-2012, 12:28 AM
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Rita A - NDE - excerpts

After my NDE is, to me, the most intriguing part...that night as I lay in ICU, I heard what I thought were monks coming from a door in my room. They were praying and chanting, only in a kind of melodious fashion, maybe more vibrational..hard to describe.

There were families there and they were crying and saying it wasn't time for them to go, and there were "people" there who wanted to enter the light and when they did it was SO peaceful. I felt the sadness of the families and I felt the pure bliss of going up through the light.

That day, again in my bed in ICU, I began hearing the most beautiful, unimaginable music, again vibrational maybe but with beautiful melody, too. It is so hard to explain and I wanted to remember it for ever and tell everyone. I even tried to sit up in my bed to make sure I was really hearing this wonderful sound! The music was love. Later, when a nurse came in, I asked her if anyone had a radio or TV on and she said, "no, it's been all quiet here, no TVs or radios on". ...

That's my story. I always took it as fact and never really questioned it. I heard and felt these things. I also felt a wonderful warm glowing light coming through my hospital window. I told my kids it was like there is just a very thin line between realms and somehow I was able to hear and feel things from the other side for awhile. It was like I was able to tiptoe on the line.


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Old 29-08-2012, 12:36 AM
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Pam P - Probable NDE from near drowning - excerpt

[At 8 years old I had] turned away from God as I saw him as angry, mean and vengeful. I was going to go to hell and suffer fire and brimstone according to the Baptist minister. I tried not to think about that too much.

To feel the love I did and the contentment and the comforting, I'd never felt on earth before. It was a shock and a surprise. I didn't think God had those qualities.

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Old 29-08-2012, 12:47 AM
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John K - NDE - excerpts

I started to rise, above my body and my wife, flowing upwards. No tunnel, just rising very high. I looked back and I could see my body and my wife far below. However, I was in no fear of falling, just peace, being lifted very gently higher and higher.

Then I seemed to jump, in some way, above all Creation in the Presence of God. The Light was so bright and infusing that I thought that it was power. Then I realized that it was Love. There was no judgment of any kind, only unbelievable Love.

I looked at my body for imperfections, but I was perfect. I had 360 vision and could see forever... All of Creation. All of the Universes, all of Life. Then I realized that all Creation is full of life and that Love is behind it all. I never wanted to leave there, ever.

My wife had been reading, thinking I was asleep. Finally, she got up to get a bottle of water. As she passed by my body she tapped my knee and said, "Now don't you leave me!"

At that point it felt like I was hit by a large truck or train. An extremely loud crash happened. I was back to my body but I wasn't entirely in it. I could still see all the beautiful lights and beams of color coming out of everything alive. The colors were not of this earth. I also was filled with unconditional Love.

(Please note: Out of Body experiences and death are two different things. I had had many Out of Body experiences and death was much different, much more freeing - ecstatic!)

During my NDE I was Pure Spirit/Mind. In total Love.... I wasn't spoken to but I had knowings.

I have learned that some of the most beautiful and most Spiritual acts are simple things. Like opening a door for someone. Smiling at those who need it. Helping someone in need. Sharing your Love. Easy things that everybody can easily do.

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Old 03-11-2012, 02:00 AM
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Donna G - NDE - excerpts

I took off like a bird, as if flying was a natural thing to do. For a while I just flew around in circles over my lifeless form and the bent heads of the steadfast surgical team.

Slowly, I went higher and higher until I was caught up in a brilliant white light. It was whiter and brighter than the rays of the sun, but not at all glaring or hard on the eyes. I could have stayed there forever, basking in the warmth and comfort of its mysterious glow.

The sound of a masculine and utterly magnificent voice captured my attention. Veiled from sight, he addressed me as if I had just awakened from a coma. He told me who I was, where I had been and where I was from. He answered every question that had ever crossed my mind, as if my smallest concern was of utmost importance. I felt respected and loved. It was a solemn moment....

It was blissful in the spiritual realm, floating in an ocean of white light. I was content, until one of the nurses screamed, “We’re losing her!” and the sound of distress hit my spirit like a cannonball shot to the belly. Emotional energy feels stronger to a free spirit than to a spirit wearing a bodysuit made of flesh and bones....

I plunged headfirst into the navel and it was like diving into wet concrete. My body had become stiff and I had to twist and turn to make my spirit fit.

When I returned to the body, I was like an actor or a baseball player. I was back in the game called Life on Earth and I had to play by the rules, which meant that I couldn't remember the answers to life's Big Questions. Regarding [those] I remember thinking: It's not that complicated!

SWEDENBORG'S DAUGHTER: Memoirs of a Mystic

- more of this interesting NDE involving escort cherub angels at: http://www.nderf.org/NDERF/NDE_Experiences/donna_g_nde.htm
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Old 05-11-2012, 02:16 AM
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Jean K - NDE - excerpts

I started to pass out, and I became aware of my body, as if I were looking at it from the outside. But I wasn't seeing it with my eyes, I was just aware there was a body there, that was struggling for air, and it was getting weaker and weaker. Then the body became very quiet.
I knew the body was mine, but I didn't seem to care very much about it.

Suddenly I found myself in a tunnel. The tunnel was made of some transparent kind of bricks or blocks. Light shone into the tunnel through the bricks. It was a beautiful golden light, and it felt warm and comforting. I wanted to get to the light. I stepped into the tunnel, and as I did, the tunnel began to slowly rotate. I told myself to be careful of my footing so I would not fall as the tunnel rotated. I walked a step or two before I saw a door at the end of the tunnel. It was a heavy, ornate, blue door.

I had no sooner determined that I wanted to go up to the door, when suddenly, there I was. I tried to open it, but I couldn't. Then information just flowed into me. I was told that once the door was opened, I would be confronted with a choice. It was going to be a very difficult choice, so I should think carefully before making it.

I stood quietly before the door, pondering the information, when suddenly it opened. I looked out on a great expanse of darkness immediately below and in front of me. Beyond the darkness, in the distance, was an endless galaxy. A bright Light, brighter than all the stars in the galaxy, shone from the center. This Light felt as if it were pulling me toward it.

Below me, in the expanse of darkness, I could hear human beings in distress. I could tell they were suffering. It sounded something like a busy emergency room, but the suffering was palpable. Somehow I knew if they would just turn to that Light, their suffering would end, but they were stubborn and would not turn to the Light.

As I looked out at this most beautiful sight of stars, planets, and the great radiant and loving Light, I saw tiny trails of blue, pink and green lights traveling across the expanse of darkness toward the Great Light. I wondered what they were, and instantly I had the information that they were prayers from people seeking the Light. They were very beautiful, and once they reached the Light, they were absorbed into it.

Then larger trails of white light traveled from the Great Light outward. I knew that these were answers to prayers. I just wanted to watch the traveling of the lights, be warmed by the Light and enjoy the beautiful view. The Light turned a magnificent blue and rolled toward me like an ocean wave. It was not really close to me, but nevertheless I could see the image of Jesus within the blue wave. Love poured out upon me, like warm water.

Jesus looked just like he did on the poster in my Sunday School class. I had the thought that if I had been a Buddhist, perhaps he would look like Buddha, and I was told, "That is right. God appears in a familiar form."

As soon as I knew that I could not abandon [my children], I felt as if I had been dropped from 30 feet in the air onto a concrete slab. I slammed into my body with the most crushing pain imaginable. I could feel the fluttering of a preliminary heartbeat. I heard my body try to inhale.... I coaxed it, telling it when to breathe in and when to breathe out. I felt its heart gain a rhythm, and then I was completely within the body, struggling for a good breath.


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Old 26-01-2019, 02:36 PM
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If I say Light a Living Light?
People may say, I've never seen a light like that.

If I say LOVE a endless timeless LOVE.
People know Love. Sure various degrees and some fear it and some need it and more of it, but I believe we all know it. We are made of it, from it and to it we desire to return.

Thanks for the thread Xan.
Just because I believe it today, doesn't mean I will believe it tomorrow.
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