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Old 26-12-2013, 01:35 AM
Avadar Avadar is offline
Join Date: Jun 2011
Location: Virginia
Posts: 403
Good & Evil Are Not Relative But Absolute!

Is there good and is there evil?


It is a matter of choice and we are all held accountable after we leave the flesh and return to Spirit.

Near Death Experience (NDE) research confirms this. Here are some key (directly quoted) points:

From our earthly perspective, it seems like we are living behind a "curtain of secrecy" where we can do things without anyone knowing about it. But in reality, we are "on display" for the Other Side throughout our entire lives. All of our actions which are done "in secret" are known on the Other Side. At death, this illusionary "curtain" is lifted and "the floodlights" shine on us.

The choices we make in life matters deeply.

Life is a golden opportunity to live a spiritual life in a world of darkness.

Life is very important because how we have lived our life largely determines how far we can go into The Light.

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Old 28-01-2014, 05:48 AM
Amilius777 Amilius777 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
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There is Evil.

Everyday choices come to us even when we are not aware of them.

These are cosmic vibrations rippling in the ether from God and disturbing forces.

You know when it is for God and when it is from evil forces (the devil).

Evil or the devil is the result of free will entities throughout creation misusing their will for selfish purposes. These vibes and patterns ripple and influence the Collective on many levels.

The story of Lucifer is how it began.
In the timeless realm before the Big Bang before any other realm existed, souls dwelled in the Pure consciousness of The Father and every spirit and soul was part of God.

When God and pristine souls or angels created all the various levels and realms, there was a prodigious and extremely powerful archangel with cosmic influences which archangels have who actually openly rebelled to create his own thought-pattern or consciousness without God. This separated consciousness over time consumed this entity and the story goes that he gathered other pristine spirits to his side and rippled this Rebellious selfish spirit throughout creation.

So all mistakes , sins , errors, crimes are of the devil or Lucifer on collective levels , individual levels, and personal levels because he initiated and vibrated that consciousness and mind set into all creation.

But this dualism is integrated in the Oneness of God, this
Thing called evil was necessary for creation and for all entities
And children of God to know thyself and to grow in wisdom.
Even the holiest person has had incarnations less savory to the human mind
Faith is the Substance of things Hoped For!
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Old 12-02-2014, 09:59 AM
Augustinus Augustinus is offline
Join Date: Oct 2013
Posts: 25
There is good and evil but it is not what most humans consider it to be.
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Old 16-02-2014, 11:36 PM
Posts: n/a
From the ultimate transcendental standpoint both are equally illusory.
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Old 23-03-2014, 10:58 PM
Morpheus Morpheus is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: The Matrix
Posts: 5,975
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Jesus had stated, with regard to the perspective of taking one day at a time...
"Take no thought for tomorrow... for sufficient for the day is the evil thereof."

When we think about nature, and wildlife, we don't think about the savagery therein as being evil. Do we?

It is "Nature", and it's "natural".
But what about when we read and hear of savagery in humanity? - Then it's evil?
Let's get it straight... THIS IS A FALLEN WORLD, and we are evolved in time and space, (time and space being part of the fall), and evolved from the beast.

But, how many people in the fallen world think of it as, "evil"?
And, why not?
Because they are among the "inured", the "habituated", and with the "Wool" pulled over their eyes.
This is also the illustration which the Wachowski's brought to light in their cinematic illustration. About the nature of, "The World".

Neither do you actually belong to the world, your origins rooted apart from, and with regard to Spirit.

So then, you are decieved with regard to your, "Humanity".

What of St. Paul, also, the major contributor to the Epistles in the new testament? What did he have to say about the "day"... in "the world"?

"...the days thereof are evil."
"...making the best use of the time, because the days are evil. ...

Again... what do you see, witness, and hear in the daily News?
Meanwhile also, in the daily world, (which is evil), there is yet good news to be seen, and heard.

So, we know there is both good and evil.
"I believe there are two sides to the phenomena known as death. This side where we live, and the other side, where we shall continue to live.
Eternity does not start with death.
We are in eternity now." - Norman Vincent Peale

"There is no place in this new kind of physics for both the field and matter, for the field is the only reality." - A. Einstein
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Old 23-03-2014, 11:57 PM
Arcturus Arcturus is offline
Join Date: Nov 2011
Location: The Matrix
Posts: 3,552
  Arcturus's Avatar
whole and not whole is how i see it. i do not believe its possible to have absolute evil that cannot be reasoned with or turned by compassion and understanding, not that i possess those attributes. ive never experienced negative spirits at all. i generally tend to think that negative energy is crystallised "living" human thought forms that can't even exist in the next dimension (astral). there's no emotion in the astral so anger is impossible. these ideas will likely change though.
Krishnamurti : With a Silent Mind http://youtu.be/YGJNqp7px3U

"There is no psychological evolution: there is only the ending of sorrow, of pain, anxiety, loneliness, despair and all that."
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Old 24-04-2014, 03:12 AM
Posts: n/a
Originally Posted by WhiteWarrior
...why not give you the scary examples? Afraid to see evil? ;)

Seriously? Yes, there is good and there is bad. The good help others in their need without making it a trade, while the bad use and abuse others for their own gain and pleasure. Most people be they spirit or living are in the middle, doing neither much good nor much harm and mainly focusing on themselves. Giving a few dollars to some humanitarian cause makes you no more Good than driving slightly over the speed limit on the road makes you Bad. As for evil.... that one is slightly trickier. Here is where I could make many examples, from the stuff that occurs so often that the newspapers don't bother with more than a paragraph to mention it, to the stories that go around the world. And in my opinion the 'small crimes' can be just as evil as the ones with enough originality to be remembered. It comes down to one thing. Is the crime done with the clear intention of causing harm and pain and fear? Then it is evil. Robbing a bank or even breaking into a house where the owners are on holiday, is not evil even though employees must be let go or irreplaceable heirlooms are gone forever. When the bank robbery includes 'making' someone give up the code to the vault or the house robbery includes having 'fun' with the people who are there that night, you have evil.

Why we have evil.... to make a a quote; Who Knows What Evil Lurks In The Heart Of Man? I can't see that evil is found more often in rich than in poor, leftists or rightists or by other scales. I have found that some cultures and countries seem to be very very very forgiving of crimes I call evil, as long as it only happens to women or foreigners or differently faithed or people without connections in the bureaucracy. If I made examples I would promptly be banned from this forum regardless of what public material I backed my claims up with, so I wont. I will merely say that the weaker the law, the weaker the public outrage, the more crime and evil you get. I think a vast number of the neutral and of course the bad people are capable of many crimes, if an opportunity for it comes their way and they can make the flimsiest excuse for if they are caught. Much fewer will find joy in giving others pain, and yet there seem to be millions and millions of such people in the world.

I have met a number of bad aka negative spirits, through sessions with channelers and others with some mediumistic talents. They were usually hanging around to take energy from the medium, some times effectively blocking away the guides. White energy from Above, used to banish all negative beings, dealt with most of them. I do not think I was the one who defined them as bad.

I do not know why there is evil in the world, but then I also do not understand why there is pain and fear and greed. Frankly if this world was a purchase I would ask for my money back.

For the most part I agree with this. Excellent post.
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Old 24-04-2014, 03:14 AM
Posts: n/a
Originally Posted by Augustinus
There is good and evil but it is not what most humans consider it to be.

Oh? Care to elaborate?

"Most humans" started out as children and children are keenly aware of the difference between evil and goodness. So, I contest your argument.
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Old 24-04-2014, 03:17 AM
Posts: n/a
Originally Posted by Keeya
From the ultimate transcendental standpoint both are equally illusory.

You are incorrect, as are the philosophies that preach it. The "ultimate transcendental standpoint" has yet to be attained by any human being. So you yourself cannot know the answer to this. Nor can anyone else in a physical body. The arrogance of humanity never ceases to irritate me.
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Old 24-04-2014, 09:59 AM
Avadar Avadar is offline
Join Date: Jun 2011
Location: Virginia
Posts: 403
Standards of Good & Evil Not Dictated By Corporeal Life

Long before there were any religious institutions in existence, people had a sense of what good and evil was from accounts of near-death experiences and from mediums who relayed messages from Spirit. The core understanding of good and evil is not to be found among institutions, philosophers and theologians. The core understanding of good and evil stems from and is dictated by a higher power on the Other Side that is often referred to as The Light, The Light of God, and The Breath of God. All the other philosophical musings about morality, good and evil, are all superfluous.

The Light is the cosmic principle that represents the only way that something from emerge from nothing in linear time. Without The Light there can be no planets, stars, souls, or an Original Creator to use it to orchestrate a Big Bang. Without The Light nothing can exist.

Quoted from near-death experience research conclusions:

The choices we make in life matters deeply.

Life is a golden opportunity to live a spiritual life in a world of darkness.

Life is very important because how we have lived our life largely determines how far we can go into the light.


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