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Old 26-01-2018, 03:30 AM
SkyGodWarrior SkyGodWarrior is offline
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Poaching Women?!

I had this dream yesterday night and I am still not quite sure what this dreams origin was or what it was suppose to mean or why some themes are reoccurring.

This is the first dream... if you read my 2nd one all ready lol.. Link at bottom.

SO back story.....
This event occurs in a house. I have been in this house possibly 4 or 5 times now over the span of 2 years With 2 or 3 being in 2017 and 2 just before 2017 and once yesterday.(Sorry for the bad math) lol.... Anyways each time I have been in this house it seems something different is going on. The first time I ever been to this house was when I was learning to astral project and was invoking lucid dreams. I think I wanted to visit someone and so I flew over some city and found this house the first time. 2nd Time I was in this house and it seemed like something magical lived there.... and there was a room in the middle of the hallway on the 2nd floor that was closed but I could sense this magic in there.... 3rd time I was a little white kid playing in a huge front yard with the animals at dusk while my parents ate dinner on the porch that was lit with white Christmas type lights. When I mean playing with animals I mean I was playing with the wild rabbits... the foxes... the snakes and the snails. It seemed that I communicate with them as if I was a animal or something. It would even seem as if I wasn't there as there seemed to be no response from my parents as they were eating happily. 4th I think I was either a teenager or an animal or something.....leaving the house through a small door that was in the basement. The house is built into a hill so the basement is technically the basement on one side and the first floor on another because of the hill. So the front part of this would be the hill side so you would have to walk up stairs in order to get to the front door. On the other hand the back side of the basement would be essentially ground level so you can just walk out the garage door.

The feeling of this house is interesting..... it almost feels scary but its not scary.... it feels kinda of suspenseful but not to much.... it almost fills warm like love but not quite there or maybe too much? So I am not quite sure what this feeling is but it is a feeling I believe the term magical would feel like. Kinda like watching a Disney movie and being seeing all Cinderella play with all these mice and other things that "Dont" exist...........Fairy's!?

Anyways...... I have navigated this house so many times it seems that i good grasp on it..... It would seem that each dream would take place in a different part of the house though but I am familiar with all its secret pass ways vs the living areas. It is a 2 story house that is very spacious and it seems like it is a fancy log cabin house with large glass windows that go all around.

LOl...... should this just be the dream story? Now for the dream story....

I was in this house and it seemed like I had just moved there and I was who I was n not someone else this time..... a car pulled up and it was my friend..... this is when my actual waking life memory answers the door..... My friend comes in and she is looking around and I tell her I just moved in and this isnt my stuff... In defense lol... Its a complicated story... but in short you could possibly say that I owe her a years worth of rent money and in the other hand you could say they owe me a years worth of management money... anyways lol.... she looked at me like what are you talking about.... and she pointed to a box with a video camera sticking out of it.... she told me that this lady was coming to get it and that she really needed it.

Sure enough a lady pulled up and I saw like 4 young girls dart out of the car.... I brought this lady her camera and it seemed that she lost everything and she was scared... she was still thinking she lived in that house or something like that..... I was confused but none the less I gave her what she needed and she drove off....

The girls hid themselves in the house... sorry forgot.. there were other people there.. and beings... I think some were not human but maybe fairy people or gnomes... dont know... they looked like elf people.... but these people helped hide the girls....

there was some radio playing at the time and there was music..... and there was a cut and a breaking news announcement...... "some guy is said to be poaching this women and her kids" I got the message..... why these girls were running and why this lady was running away..... Im not sure who I started to talk to rather it was the lady or one of her daughters but someone comes running past me and I go after her...... She was afraid and she did not know where to hide..... I started to talk to her.... I was telling her about how life was and how things that may seem difficult or scary were meant to make you into a greater person and that no trial was to much to accomplish. As we were talking the radio was playing and were were dancing... like slow music.... I knew that she liked to dance and that dancing would take her mind off of the fear....

I could see right into her light brown dilated eyes how afraid she was but even while the fear was there I could see a spark of determination and definitely strength... I made her promise me that she would live.... the door bell ringed.... the fear within her came back full force and she said "ohhh im going to die now" as she tried to pull away to hide..... I pulled her back.... and I looked her in her eyes and said.... "You just made me a promise and I expect you to keep it." I knew the perfect place she could hide.... there was a vent in the basement that was big enough for her to fit in and close to the ceiling. The vent kinda was like a tunnel that went throughout the house.... I lifted her into the vent...... the funny thing was that when I did this.. she was now a short haired black and white dog.... she got into the vent and ran... and I was like... dont forget to close the door...and she came back to close the door.

I ran to the entrance of the basement and I looked through the crack of the door... there was a man that looked like he was cia or something... he was maybe 5 foot 3..... shirt and tie, sports jacket and slacks with black shades... he was talking to one of my friends at the door... this man was convicted that these girls were hiding here and that he was here to inspect the house.... just then there was a draft that slowly moved the door I was looking through. The creaking had raised his attention.... he thought it was one of the girls and he proclaimed it as he went over to the door... as he moved towards the door I was like...... What do I do now... How can I act naturally?! Lol I cant just be sitting here doing nothing... that would look really suspicious.. So I grabbed a broom and proceed to sweep lol.... that basement hadn't been swept in a long time so I got a pile of dust and dirt really quickly...... I plotted in my head.... should I take him out or let him look?! lol probably the wrong type of thinking for the situation so I was awakened...

End of story....... *** is all I can say... it did spur me to imagine a romantic story of a slave and her master's pursuit... but other then that... I dont know....

Id say that this dream is a huge metaphoric statement of my present life situations!? Or I could of been helping another in need with my wisdom?!

Dont know... lol

2nd dream: http://www.spiritualforums.com/vb/sh...d.php?t=120250
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