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Old 08-03-2018, 03:25 PM
SkyGodWarrior SkyGodWarrior is offline
Join Date: Sep 2016
Posts: 587
Farewell Old Friend

Last night, I was in a dream. In this dream i saw people from my past that i havent spoken to in a long time. Then I saw someone i talk to and love. Then i was in another dream. In this dream it was cold and dark with little light in there. I felt this feeling come over me. It was an out side negative or service to self energy trying to instill fear within my heart. Without even thinking I spranged up and began......

I have these negative beings in my life and because of who i was i would attract some too. I have always been a warrior of the light and this has always been a ward of the dark for fear what i might do.... So these beings adapted and would never reveal themselves but would tey to affect me through other means. As i grew more wise i stumbled upon the law of 1 where i learned to refine what i All ready knew to be true. "There is no greater magic then honest love." As i learned from the book it says to send these beings love and to bid them farewell....

Its a lot easier to say than to do becuase it involves courage. I started to do this and started to realize the ability to just be myself and i eas finally freento think and feel how i wanted to think and feel without any outside influences. Around the same time i became aware of the telepathic influences of not only the dark but the light. I guess through this understanding it gave my conciousness a reason to subconsciously develope this sense. When negative thoughts would come i would reject the influnence and when i was sleeping and this would happen i would be able to physically tell when something was in my space. I woke up one time as a being crept in.... Shocked i heard a hiss as it quickly left. Evnthough I knew how to now dispel these types of beings, they would subtly come back into my life.

Eventhough they would be back they are nowhere near as effective as they were then. When you know the truth about the univerese it becomes obvious what is natural and what isnt. For example these beings would get me to be annoyed at small things like co workers and self doubt.

Last night was different though. It was more serious and more focused and possibly this being had been there for a whilw slowly building up the energy it needed and finally had its chance to strike. Even in the dream i was able to do as i have learned.

I spranged up out on top of my blankets in this false awakening and i began praying. I first called upon Arch Angel Michael to enter my space and i began clearing this space. It was different this time instead of attack my instinct was to do this. I was very serious and into this as i had my hand up making motions to help me cast this clearing energy. This false awekening was immediately aborted.... I woke up and was now laying on my side.....

I felt normal but i knew if i didnt do what i needed to do this being would be back possibly even the same night to try its luck again. Besides praying for these beings is a great service. I called upon arch angel Michael again my guardians and for some reason jesus. I had not spoke to him in months. I said the prayers this time and asked my guardians to connect me telepathically to this being as it has a etheric cord still tethered to my being.

When i did this i felt the room go cold and fear come across my heart. I was still laying down as i spoke to this being. It lasted 10 mins and i said good bye. I still felt the fear in my heart. I was confused but i heard an innervoice say do it again. I was really afraid now that i hadnt been able to dispell this being. I sat up and consulted my pendulum. I asked it if i had dispelled this being and it said no. I asked again and it said no. Horrified i knew what had to do. I put on the power band and wielded the power rod to help me focus. Before i began i called upon Ra as my witness to the love and light that had enabled me to be able know how to do this. I began to talk to this being again. As I did the fear upon me grew larger and it grew colder. I began to shiver as i started to hear this turbulence from the right side of the room. I pushed through the fear and began to speak of this beings higher self and how it has always been there. I started to cry ad i felt the sadness amd happiness of this being pierce my heart. I told this being that if it only knew how much it was loved and how much the universe loves them and even after all that has happened That there is still the same love for it. I started to channel this beings higher self and it daid.... I have always loved you. For eons now i have been there at your side guiding you and even now i am still here in love. Go into the light and be free of your pain and your suffering. Be free" i was still crying at this point. I told this being that i look forward to meeting it in thw future as a being of light and love. I told this being now a friend that i bid him farewell and i closed with prayer to God for this being to feel and know the love that has never left its heart and for it to be finally free.

The fear was no gone from my heart. I was happy to be of service. :)

Thanks for reading.
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Old 08-03-2018, 11:16 PM
oookiritokunooo oookiritokunooo is offline
Join Date: Dec 2017
Posts: 161
  oookiritokunooo's Avatar
As Archangels, we tend to practice this with all beings but mostly beings that we know if we do fight our lives can cease to exist. This tactic is one of the best there ever is and ever will be. Universal love and genuine care will change anyone from a cold heartless muderer into a pastor or a "fallen" angel back to what they once were. Demons into creatures of care. That is a rare occasion but it does happen more/less with Succubi and Incubi. But, this was a good read and def was worth the 5 minutes I spent lol.

I hope you have a wonderful life

Id rather suffer for the world then watch the world suffer.
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Old 08-03-2018, 11:52 PM
SkyGodWarrior SkyGodWarrior is offline
Join Date: Sep 2016
Posts: 587
:) thanks i appreciate you.
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Old 14-03-2018, 12:05 PM
JOHN44 JOHN44 is offline
Join Date: Jul 2017
Posts: 135
Don't be afraid of those dreams there are teachable moment that you are unbiased 2 will you see her name was being given to prior events to your moments of understanding this person who give us your day truth you should be aware the darkness there's a grand show the chalice of light the whole Chalice is Grand givens unto you the shadow gives the wisdom to seek the wisdom of the flight that bears no shadow
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Old 18-03-2018, 05:25 AM
SkyGodWarrior SkyGodWarrior is offline
Join Date: Sep 2016
Posts: 587
Things like this or more than dreams as I am sensing psychically these beings. On different vibrations I am able to see them. I telepathically hear them too at certain times. This is a intersting circumstance because I dont think interaction like this occurss that often.... or at least not in this fashion... I wont say its like walking into a house filled with demons and duking it out with them but these beings are pretty dark and powerful... but if your able to go into their vibrations... and cuase them physical harm...... you tend to be notorious within the astral realm.... Its not my fault its just who I am and have always dealt with these things in the past. Now I am aware of the love within and I want to give them a chance... I want these beings know that I love them and there for them. I really want to help these beings as they are the product of being victimized, bent and twisted into the vibration that they are now. Letting them know the love from within still exists is how I want to help them.

The light that bears no shadow... I think just like the ying and yang the light and the dark operate together pushing and pulling... attracting and repelling.... but one mans tragedy is another mans opportunity to inspire.... I would not be here or know or do the things I do today if it wasn't for the dark's unyielding service to self and yearning to teach me a lesson.... lol in humans terms.. if they did not want to and try to kill me lol I would not have had to learn and grow in order to exceed and expand my light.
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