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Old 06-04-2018, 02:43 PM
Ladymoth Ladymoth is offline
Newbie ;)
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Originally Posted by LibraIndigo
these are not guides. Guides would never try to interfere with your free will. They guide, and give advice and sometimes help....that is all.

I would use the lords prayer with chakra focus (Google it) and I have this pre sleep hypnosis I usually listen to which usually causes me to have a lucid dream with advice from my higher self.

yout higher self is the only one who can be trusted 100%.
pm me if u want and I can try to send you the mp3.

: )


I could not agree more! Guides are not malevalent in nature, and don't interfere with our free will and are only here to help. Look at it this way- you are a part of your guides' ascention journey and path as well, hurting you would only hurt themselves! Also, your guides are appointed by God, who would never see you treated in a negative manner. When you say you "know" these entities are your guides, (and I refer to them thus purposely) how did you discern that as the truth? Also, absolutely take council with your higher self, perhaps in doing that you'll be able to receive the divine guidance you seek and are in need of- my best guess is that these energies you perceive to be your guides are either low level entities that you need protection from (crystal grids! Black tourmaline!!) or, are symptomatic of a psychological imbalance within yourself that could quite possibly stem from past life (or current life) trauma.
I wish you much healing and freedom from the negativity you're facing!
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Old 11-04-2018, 12:41 AM
innerlight innerlight is offline
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OK... From reading your original post. You are not dealing with your spirit guides. The fact that you called them "terrorist" is all you need to know about your own "guides." If you feel any entity is a terrorist. Send it away from you. Do not continue to interact with it.

If you feel uncomfortable, unloved, negative in anyway when dealing with "guides." You know right away those are not your guides. Wish them love, and send them off from you. Bring in Archangel Michael, and his warrior angels to clear out that energy. You do not need it in your life.

Spirit guides are here to do just that. Guide you. They will not sabotage you. They will not bring you down. They will not destroy your life trying to tell you what to do. You have free will. And you have control. You are always in control. The fact that you said they laughed at your idea of taking your life, goes to show what kind of entities you are dealing with. Your actual spirit guides would have love and compassion for you. They would never mock you. Nor ever encourage such an idea. It is your life to live the way you choose. Now if you choose ascension. That is on you. That is your decision. To reach it the way you choose to. They will not make you suffer to get there. They will not tell you to break up with anyone. That is always your decision. They will not meddle in your life. They will not try to break you down to get you weak.

They will not have you on a diet that has you at 50% power. They want you happy, and 100% at all times.

It's time you clear this energy out. Bring in light. Bring in love. Bring in positivity. And work to take back your life. This is your life. Not theirs.

Much love,


One last thing to add. No spirit, not even your familial ancestors in spirit can tell you what to do. They cannot violate your free will in any way. They can offer you guidance on decisions you make and tell you to really think about something before you just jump into it. But they will not make your decision for you or EVER tell you what to do.
Life never goes the way we expect it to, but always takes us where we need to be.
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Old 11-04-2018, 01:39 AM
Trinitydown Trinitydown is offline
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Location: North Dakota
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@LadyMoth and LibraIndigo: Thank you for your support, but I have tried pretty much every method in the book. I cannot block their attempts to influence me. I can only control my reactions. Even a mass healing by a bunch of people wouldn't be able to get rid of these guys. It has to happen on a soul level, and I've never been one with my soul--it's almost as if we're two very different beings with different ways of doing things and goals we want to achieve.

@innerlight: I wish I could believe you, innerlight. You and many others who have said the same thing. But hell still happens with them around. My soul allows this to happen--and whatever she says is law--to hell with my Ego in THEIR eyes.

Yes, technically I have free will. But it's the SOUL that has free will, not me. My guides view me as nothing more but an empty vessel for the soul, my thoughts and feelings mean NOTHING to them. And that's apparently what my soul wanted in this lifetime.

She hates herself so damn much due to all her past failed lifetimes, that she is willing to allow her guides to hurt her incarnation (me) sabotage it, and make it PAY for any steps out of line, because she's convinced that HER way is the ONLY way.

My main guide is fricking militant about me doing things HER WAY--he and his brethren are like hired drill seargants trying to whip me into submission so that I do what my soul wants to do. They user fear and coercion, because my soul allows it. That's the key here and why I truly have no say in matters. My SOUL allows it to happen. I have no control over what they do to me. I can only control my reaction. I'm starting to become more resistant to them, especially since I've found something I REALLY want to do and enjoy doing. But they're still trying to make my life as uncomfortable for me as possible. They're even starting to drag in my lover, and my family.

It's bloody horrible. I honestly used to think these were some sort of negative entities attracted to my fear and doubt, but no negative entities could cause the damage these guys do. These are some high level beings capable of manipulating matter, teleportation, and other various abilities. I called on Archangel Michael before--he did nothing. Soul's wish to be treated like this probably the reason why.

There's only one guide I trust..as she never takes part in the sabotaging, and is for the most part, very honest with me. She would still rather see me on my soul's path, but she's more open to my other endeavors and seems generally interested in my development overall, not just trying to force me on a path I obviously do not want to do. She's more of the "Ok, so you don't want to do your soul's path. Show me what you WANT to do."

I wish my main guides were more like her. It's mostly because of her I am able to press on--sometimes she can be downright encouraging. o_o It's balm against my wouded spirit.

Thanks for taking time to respond, innerlight. I hope your journey has been going a lot better than mine.
Give me Liberty, or Give me Death! - Patrick Henry
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Old 11-04-2018, 03:09 AM
innerlight innerlight is offline
Join Date: Mar 2007
Posts: 7,844
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Originally Posted by Trinitydown
She hates herself so damn much due to all her past failed lifetimes, that she is willing to allow her guides to hurt her incarnation (me) sabotage it, and make it PAY for any steps out of line, because she's convinced that HER way is the ONLY way.

Then this is where you need to address and work.. If your soul feels this way, than your soul needs healing. This all needs to be let go. The past, is the past. It happened. It's over. It's done with. Now is the time for you, now is the time for your growth. If your soul feels this way, it's not going to ascend anywhere. Ascension is about a purifying of yourself so to speak.

Your guides mock, belittle and drive you bonkers.. You take your life, for instance. Then you get no where, and you start over.

Your higher self has plans and things that it would like to achieve. But not all of them get achieved as you can't be force to do anything. You can lead a horse to water but you can't force him to drink.

Even a mass healing by a bunch of people wouldn't be able to get rid of these guys.

That's not how it works.. They can not rid you, they can not really do anything for you other than holding space. The same as Michael. The same as God. They can bring in the light... But it's up to you to work with it. It's up to you to let it go. It's up to you to release them. They have no hold over you. They have no control over you. Only what you give them. They will of course tell you otherwise. They need you to believe that. They need you to believe how broken and weak you are. And how you are nothing with out them. That's how they feed off of you and keep you going.

There are no guides doing anything their way. Again, that's not how it works. Guides are guides. The end of it. They can't force, or manipulate, or torment you into submission.

True guides are not going to teat you or view you as an empty vessel that is meaningless. To guides they see you yourself as beautiful. They see your value and worth. And they will never have anything less than love for you.
Life never goes the way we expect it to, but always takes us where we need to be.
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Old 25-04-2018, 09:33 PM
DRODOLL333 DRODOLL333 is offline
Join Date: Dec 2017
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Hello. This may sound cliche, BUT, JESUS WILL FORCE them away. PLEASE read Psalms. That invokes many many angels at capacities you can not fathom. It will get scared and weakened, the enemy gets destroyed or flashed with an extreme white light and forced to go away, and also gets trapped in a jail until it is judged. Say aloud, I rebuke you and your powers against me in the MIGHTY name of Jesus Christ. No matter what they are or where they came from, if it is evil and disturbing your peace, you have the authority to cast them out. Start flashing it with white lights, imagine like paparazzi flashes, and giant white lights directly on it, keep them on and bright. The angels already know your struggle, and they are here to fight these battles, for it is God's not ours. It sounds exactly like demonic behavior. They love to twist words around, all they do is lie and deceive. They can not even utter the name Jesus, it truly makes them tremble. Meditate on the Spirit of Jesus. Salvation. The King of ALL Kings, \ YAHWEH! He absolutely will come and deliver you. I'm a warrior, I deal with entities like this daily. Don't let them annoy you, you'd be handing them your own butt. Instead, smile! Love them in fact, they get punished by their authority for accepting love and they hate it, it's like a melting force, it's what annoys them. But we don't have to be petty, we just have to ask Jesus to step in because He will stomp them away and protect you. Flash bright lights made of pure love at it, pray for salvation and deliverance (Which is a strength, It says in scripture when you feel weaker, God is your strength, and He will be stronger) and HE WILL COME. This has worked for me for years. Go on youtube, look up the invocation of the protective archangels. The one with Hebrew letters on it. It sounds a little scary, but they will surround you and your demons, these are not guides, absolutely not. They just know you'll listen to them, which is a satanic stonghold they have on you. You have to destroy that yourself by completely not believing anything they say. They are liars. I am praying for you and your family. Btw my moms tubes were tied and she sill had my brother. Stay strong and absolutely do not fear them, God is much stronger and He has been waiting for you to pray about it, and seek Him. Anytime they speak or you even sense them, say, JESUS. JESUS CHRIST, and they are forced to tremble, and leave.
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Old 25-04-2018, 10:43 PM
Gracey Gracey is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: USA
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If you want help, you need to change your paradigm. No true loving guides will manipulate you in this way. It's sounds like malevolent spirits and the best way to overcome their interference is to shield your own soul with love. Seeing as how no other entity you call on for help is working, you need to empower your self. Meditate, focus on a seed word. Say that word over and over and allow yourself to naturally feel it as the feelings come. i would suggest starting out with a word like strength. Then after some time, move onto other words like love.
Love yourself...
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Old 26-04-2018, 12:35 AM
Trinitydown Trinitydown is offline
Join Date: Oct 2014
Location: North Dakota
Posts: 1,959
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You know, just...I'm done. I'm really done.

To be honest, I can't say I expected much when I posted this--it was more of a cry of frustration if anything--mostly because everyone I have met has had the same dang reaction: "oh, true guides would never manipulate you or torment you or threaten you."

I wish I could make people understand..but I guess I am just in a very, very unique situation. There is no one out there for me who is in my predicament. That the cetacean-type beings my soul chose as her spirit guides are manipulative, fearmongering, and purveyors of unease. I don't know if they are rogues that have split off from the main species, or what, but I KNOW they are not negative entities. They strike me more as beings that normal, loving spiritual dolphin-types would consider "from the wrong side of the tracks" If they were truly negative entities, my cats would have been very scared to be around me, maybe even attack me out of fear. But the cat is super chill.

The main one is called Trayvon, who is an orca-type being. Sometimes he shows himself to me as one. Other times he shows me himself as some kind of anthro...half orca, half human hybrid. Most of the time, he shows me his human image. Human image is very tall, with dark hair and dresses kind of...gothic I guess? Lots of black. If anyone wants to talk to him, you have my blessing. I'll laugh if he tries to blame stuff on my thought-forms tho. Or my soul...she doesn't do anything but give them permission to do stuff to me. They are the ones who actually DO stuff to me. The thought-forms are not the problem at all, they are just self-created negative tulpas that are stuck to my aura and mess with my thoughts from time to time. I have been deciphering the difference between them and my guides for FRICKING FOUR YEARS NOW. So I know what the hell I'm talking about and what is fact from fiction.

Talk to Trayvon. Ask him yourself--they convinced my soul to have a mentally disabled baby with my love--a baby that my soul originally planned to be normal. That they have my soul's permission to force pregnancy on me should my love and I have sex, even with two types of protection. That my soul gave Trayvon permission to sabotage me at work. That my soul is allowing him to cut off my arm. Ask him about my destiny to neglect a child and a dog in pursuit of my so called spiritual path. Ask him. You will recognize his signature as benevolent. He's usually around my head, trying to keep a thought-form from devouring my direct connection to Spirit.

They've simply made it clear that they want my soul to accomplish everything on her soul path, or pay the price of refusing the path and accomplish nothing.

I've only got one last hope. My love's "other self", who is fully realized and aware, and capable of putting things straight, even if it comes to destroying my soul in the process. I need a new soul. I don't like mine--it was stupid and dumb for contracting these jerks before incarnating. How the hell my soul even thought this would be a good idea to hurt her incarnation like this is beyond me.

They're threatening now to cut off my arm. They are still trying to force pregnancy on me--threatening to sabotage the job I work at...once i finish off this lease, all seemingly with my soul's blessing, because she isn't reacting--at all.

I get it now. I am alone in this. I need a new soul. I want so badly to have a walk-in, anything, anything is better than this horrible alien THING that is supposed to be the best aspects of me allowing this bull pucky to continue.

I'm done. YOu will never hear me talk to anyone about this subject ever again.

Just done.
Give me Liberty, or Give me Death! - Patrick Henry

Last edited by Trinitydown : 26-04-2018 at 01:46 AM.
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Old 07-05-2018, 05:54 PM
Astro Astro is offline
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Red face

Originally Posted by Trinitydown
I do not understand this at all...so far this path has brought me nothing but anguish and suffering, with the exception of the first month of it or so after connection...having the ability to heal others was great!

What do you mean by catastrophic enemy? Fit to walk the Earth? I thought everyone was...?

I'm sorry for posting such a crazy post!!

I'm in a difficult spot too as I seem to have an evil spirit that will not go away & I can't find a solution to the problem. Sometimes it's as if I'm possessed; so I say or do crazy things. This evil spirit really know's how to cause me problems.

Sorry for passing this madness onto you, pay it no attention, it means nothing!
I hope I haven't caused you any problems!!
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Old 07-05-2018, 06:19 PM
Posts: n/a
Originally Posted by Trinitydown
Anyone who’s seen my posts or has read my MySpace topic, is probably aware that I am not fond of the tasks given to me in this current lifetime. Some might also be aware that I have very little respect for my guides, especially with their constant interference in my daily life.

My path is an incredibly hard one in this lifetime. It requires an immense amount of suffering, including cutting myself off from others, letting go of all my possessions, a move to a city I hate, and a diet that leaves me feeling at 50% power. All for the ‘chance’ to ascend and gain true happiness.

For a long time I fought it tooth and nail. Eventually I started to cave however as I realized my life was going nowhere otherwise, and was on the verge of actively following it, curious of the results.

But then shortly after making it clear I was going to finally give my soul’s path a go, my guides revealed to me an element of my path that turned my blood to ice. One of the final requirements is to have a baby with my lover, and then run off with it to the city I hate, depriving it of its father, to follow the path as normal, without bothering to take care of the child myself. I rebelled, outraged that something so heinous would be required on this ascension path, and my guides, in cahoots with my lover’s guides, in their ever ‘loving’ selves, convince and manipulate my soul and his soul into having a mentally disabled baby, instead of the normal healthy one we originally had planned, their goal being to try and sabotage the relationship between me and my lover since I refused to follow a soul path that involves the intentional neglect and suffering of a child.

They have told me outright they hope he and I split up, because they don’t think we are good for each other. I don’t see how since the relationship is loving and respectful. They’ve also threatened if I get my tubes tied after this baby, that they’ll heal them so I can conceive again. And have made it clear any other babies will be mentally disabled.

I feel so sick, my body doesn’t even feel like my own anymore, like whatever sovereignty I have over it, means nothing to them. They interfere in my life consistently, sending me nightmares and making my waking hours a living hell.

I am at my wits end, really getting desperate now and have more than once thought of ending my life just so I can escape this nightmare. God, every day I pray they are just demons or entities that are attached to me right now but the fact is, I know they are my actual guides, I saw them when I first awakened, and their appearances have not changed.

-sigh- I suppose I should get to the heart of this matter. I don’t think my guides are right for me. I want to void this contract between my soul and them. Ostensibly they mean well, but they are far too intrusive and severely hampering my progress, they’re very ‘all or nothing’.

Any ideas would help. I am in so much pain and stress right now.

It sounds like you are being demonically opressed. Guides, angels, your higher self and God want to you to live abundantly. Try an exorcism (really not as big of a deal as the movies make it out to be), or at least a home cleansing. Smoke everything out with sage and bind any spirits. I'm not sure how to cancel an assignment against you or legal right to opress you by a demon without Jesus, but if you are of a different faith, maybe that faith has a way.

The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.
John 10:10 NLT
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Old 20-05-2018, 06:21 AM
Kendaru Kendaru is offline
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I'm so, so sorry to hear you're still having trouble. May I suggest an approach from a different angle?

I've been reading up on manifesting with intention - how we can effectively control our own realities, depending on how we focus our intention. We can bring god* into our lives by focusing from happiness and joy, but we can also bring evil in as we focus on the negative. This happens with or without our conscious intervention.

(* This was a typo, I meant to write "good," not "God." However, I sensed hesitation in correcting it, so I've left it as is. Perhaps it's important.)

I mean this with all due respect, but I see this very clearly in your posts - the way you view this situation is intensely negative (and why wouldn't it be?) Specifically though, you keep insisting that your soul wants you to suffer. That it is your lot in life to be put through these harsh trials. It seems to be all you expect anymore.

This might be the hardest thing to hear and face, and I'm sorry if you'll hate me for saying so... but it seems to me as if YOU are the one manifesting these horrible things into your own life.

Hear me out, please. Spirit only has what power we give it. This goes hand-in-hand with the theory of manifesting with intention from a place of Love, or Fear. Right now, you are manifesting from a place of Fear, and THAT is what's giving your Spirit free reign to invite all this sadness into your life.

You have to forgive yourself. For what, only you know - surely, these events you mention are not your fault. However, you're directing so much negativity inward toward your own Soul center - your place of power - that negativity is all your Soul has to power itself with. We are essentially living magnets that attract to us what we focus upon. It's not 'terrorist guides' - it's You. It sucks, and it's probably very hard to accept, especially with the degree to which everything's gone south. But, I believe there is something within Your Self that you need to confront, that you need to forgive, before this all turns around.

From personal experience, I have had guides turn on me before. Nowhere near to the extent you're saying, so I wouldn't dare claim to be able to relate to your situation. But, most of those cases did end in redemption for that spirit - and, for some reason, it always started with identifying a problem with myself first. Our personal energies are sort of like the weather to them - our hearts, our feelings, our emotions, our aura are all things that affect our spirits on a deep level. Far moreso than people are, they are like reflections of ourselves. Our own problems are capable of corrupting them and turning them against us - and until we face ourselves, they're not going away.

If nothing else, do the thing they expect the least - if demanding they leave didn't work, and if responding with aggression didn't work... Do the unthinkable. Love them. Love them despite the pain they're causing. If for no other reason than because it's probably the one thing you haven't tried yet. You are their energy source, and the moment you change the energy you're feeding them, they will turn.

Look into manifesting with intention. It's a tricky thing, and not quite as easy to do as you would think. The biggest hurdle is getting past that place of Want - "I want to get better" implies you are not well, and therefore the root of that Want is in a place of lacking, so that's why manifesting like this doesn't work. You have to try and feel what it's like to be well, and tell yourself that you can be well and free from this because You have always had the power to live that way. It's tricky, but I suspect the results will be more immediate for you since it's manifesting through your Spirits, and they should respond very quickly to a shift in energy from Your Source.

Namaste, friend. I really, truly hope this advice helps you find your way through these dark times.
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