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Old 02-01-2013, 05:12 AM
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So that can vary as well as the length of time they remain on earth. Mindset is so important because before you crossover your stuck with your fear, pain, regrets etc. So its good to make peace with yourself and work out issues as they arise so no neg
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Old 02-01-2013, 05:15 AM
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Stays with you. Hold yourself accountable so your at peace with having a life review with God.
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Old 03-01-2013, 10:57 PM
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Here is a belief from Greek Mythology:
KHARON (or Charon) was the ferryman of the dead, an underworld daimon (spirit) in the service of King Haides. He received the shades of the dead from Hermes, who gathered them from the upper world and guided them to the shores of the Akherousian mere. From there Kharon transported them in his skiff to a final resting place in Hades, the land of the dead, on the other side. The fee for his service was a single obolos coin which was placed in the mouth of a corpse at burial. Those who had not received due burial and were unable to pay his fee, would be left to wander the earthly side of the Akheron, haunting the upper world as ghosts.
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Old 04-01-2013, 12:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Toolite
The Lost souls I interact with are ones who fear judgement and those who dont believe in God but are not against God. My non believers I help to cross in groups and the ones who fear judgement come one at a time. There is so many reasons one maynot cross

Quite so... many reasons.... fears, habits, beliefs, motivations, inertia
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Old 04-01-2013, 10:59 PM
c-estca c-estca is offline
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You're question is already answering itself, simply extemely lost souls become lost.

It is as simple as it gets.
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Old 04-01-2013, 11:48 PM
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The odd thing is .
many many souls "in" the afterlife still don't know/acknowledge they're "dead"
from some accounts....those who've visited there..... so this business is far from simple.
Of course it's not necessary one know-remember-acknowledge they're no longer on earth, just as most of us no longer remember past incarnations.....just cause one "dies" doesn't make them more aware..smarter..

The life review evidently always happens with NDE individuals, yet I'm not convinced all souls in the afterlife have been through this. Or it may occure at different "times" depending what suits one.
I have no information at this point about this but am curious..... Ramond Moody reported occasionally a family member had "traveled" along with the departing soul,,, and have experienced the tunnel but couldn't go further while the departing soul continued.

By lost I refer to those believed to be stuck between earth and the astral dimension they're headed to. Usually fearful, confused souls as a result of a traumatic-accidental-sudden death, like in a war, group tragedy like terrorist bombing, or plane crash.

This could be far more complicated than we can understand from our temporal-spatial earth perspective.

It could be that their astral body is in the astral , but their understanding-perception-conception hasn't made the transition yet. dunno.
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Old 05-01-2013, 12:30 AM
Tobi Tobi is offline
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I really don't know for certain, but I wonder if it's possible some could literally get "stuck" in the Real Time Zone (closest non-physical dimension to the physical world) -and there enter a sort of dream-like state where they do not question any anomalies they might encounter.

Another thing is that many objects have their astral counterparts. For instance I had a feather once on a desk in my room, and while out of body in the Real-Time Zone did actually manage to pick it up! At the moment I did that I became briefly aware of two feathers and it made me slightly dizzy but I ended up being able to feel the feather I held perfectly, see its features perfectly, and carry it away. This might explain why a Soul might "hang around" in the astral counterpart of their house for example.
We might wonder why they don't sense something is up when they can't pick up a newspaper, or put their shoes on, etc. But if they encounter the objects' astral counterparts they may be able to go on for some time in their fantasy, until something comes along which changes everything for them...?

I don't know this is what happens for sure, it's just a theory.
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Old 05-01-2013, 01:05 AM
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Similar to my questions (regarding logic of the deceased entity)

There IS an astral counterpart for sure that contains all the physical elements-furniture,etc, ... most astral travellers report this..
so perhaps "ghosts" interface with this reality and only occasionally see the 3D physical counterpart..
Those anyway who know things have changed, but are attached to their old "home" life. and don't wanna move on.

.the most likely explanation.... and we all create a mental reality,and often ignore things that conflict with that construct
(just a guess)

yet the "lost" phenomena is a bit different, and those who died in the war, a trauma, accident ....most certainly aren't emotionally attached to that scenario.
They seem (I assume) simply confused...emotionally distraught, but don't understand , (or fear) moving on...as they likely think they're trapped in that physical realm, with no obvious means to escape.
I recall a German submarine crew from WW2 that we helped move on... the ship had sunk with all onboard... I know nothing more than that. however about their mental state... and also recall some infantry from the civil war as well.

Time for them doesn't exist....

Jurgen Ziewe reported his mother after death being in a "dreary-gloomy place", due to her depression...and remained there- she still looked ill, elderly"
For "6 yrs" he was unable to really get through to her,as she was enveloped in a self generated cloud.

Then a year later he visited , and she was completely changed, much younger and smiling.
Apparently something caused her to question her reality-mood and she opened to the possibilities of a better existance in the afterfife.
It could have entirely her awakening and/or prayer-angelic influence that changed her attitude.

He remarked she was a good woman, but circumstances & depression surrounded her, and for some reason stayed with her for a certain period.

(What was 7 yrs to him, may have seemed moments to her.. who can say)

his book is a real eye opener for me, on how attitude-belief-perception affects our life, afterlife especially, as things change quickly...as soon as we change our attitude-perspective-mindset... and desires
I can't recommend the book more highly .... for anyone curious about afterlife , or simply higher dimensions
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Old 05-01-2013, 01:29 AM
Tobi Tobi is offline
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Yes I remember reading that about Jurgen Ziewe's mother. It seemed she was unable to change the mind-set with which she passed on, until something must have got through to her. It must have been quite sad for him to experience and not being able to do anything about it (or maybe his encounters with her, plus his love DID help her??)

Those -like the submarine crew- could possibly have been tied-up in an emotional vortex of some kind, going round-and-round in the same pattern....It really is mysterious to me, how some NDE'ers experience an immediate "welcome" into the spiritual world -even if they have been lively people before with no plans for "death"....and some of those who pass on seem to get stuck between levels, so to speak. I wish I knew.

I don't have very much experience contacting human souls who have passed on to the next world, so far. But my most recent experience has been with my dog who went from this world 7 months ago. I encountered her in quite a few ways since her "death", and now it seems quite clear that she remained in the Real Time Zone for a good 2 months after her passing. I encountered her there while out of body twice, and she was perfectly content, obviously not the slightest bit dismayed by anything she was encountering there - (Yes I know it must be very different for a dog than for a human, but it still brought questions up for me....such as why didn't she get upset that certain things must have felt extremely disrupted for example.....) But my theory is that she simply couldn't imagine going off anywhere away from me and her home. Eventually something must have inspired her as she has now moved on (but still visits me!)
But -like you say -that time-frame to the ones on the other side could feel very different to the way time seems to pass for us.
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Old 05-01-2013, 06:22 PM
Papa Bear Papa Bear is offline
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Hi Henri,
Originally Posted by Henri77
It could be that their astral body is in the astral, but their understanding-perception-conception hasn't made the transition yet. dunno.
This is closer to the mechanics of the processes which `seem` to result in the concept of `ghosts` or `lost` souls. In my understanding it is a question of natures, human nature, astral/Spiritual nature, and the ethereal nature which abridges them.

Human nature tends to associate in human terms of understanding, which often `materializes` the understanding or reasoning, when its reality is less material than first thought. As Astral/Spiritual nature derives a common flow of misguided humanized concepts, of a nature which could not be any more removed from such.

As form/formlessness, or the nature of human mind as opposed to astral mind/sentience require association in comparison, to assess to understand. With an obvious recognition that the underestimation of the significance of the nature of how the ethereal nature of interconnectivity, connects them all, the mechanics for `how` as well as why becomes a question of understanding the `natures` involved.

General and specific referencing to placement creates an illusion of priority, as a soul/Spirit evolves at its own pace, both here and there. As `where` they may be conceived to be, is less important than `where` their awareness may be. As a human being can `dream` far away from where their body is, in nature they must return to its nature.

In heart/mind we are by nature attached to the most prominent experiences, so it is no less in effect, when our `last` feeling/thought of material life is traumatic. Especially when where we then exist, `is` a state of mind/sentience, where what we feel may manifest as our reality, indefinitely. While to be in ignorance of an experience of `transition`, would mean that there would be no opportunity to adapt or prepare, for that transition.

In essence no soul/Spirit is ever `here` as their nature is `not` material. What is perceived to be `here` is an ethereal projection of their association, in expressed mind/sentience, from `where` they naturally emanate. And any association to connection with their reflections is a shared `ethereal` connectivity. Trauma and denial are the two most common restrictions to those, `stalled` in their Spiritual evolution, both here and there. So like here, support and compassion often help self- healing to occur, that those self-hindrances may be released from there hold. Hope it helps.
Peace be with you
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