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Old 28-01-2017, 04:01 AM
keokutah keokutah is offline
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Questions About The LOA

I just read the Essential Law of Attraction Collection by Ester and Jerry Hicks, and everyone here probably knows I love the law of attraction and have been using it quite successfully.
If you don't know, Ester channeled a group of beings called "Abraham" to write the information in that book.
I didn't resonate with some of that channeled info, so naturally, I had some questions for my spirit guides and wanted clarification. Some of my questions are repetitive because I'm just trying to make sure I understand what they are saying. Like anything else that is channeled use your powers of discernment. For the record, the being I'm channeling is a well known ET ascended master from Sirius who is known around our world by many names in legend.

I do believe in the LOA but there is no way I could ever believe that we are always in control of others. What is the truth?

Every person has their own free will, you cannot be in complete control of them or else you would be breaking the law of free will. You can intervene and manipulate but what you have to know is your actions could result in some karmic resolution.
The LOA works even more to give you back what you give to others, so make sure you do not try to harm them.

If I intentionally harm someone, what do the laws do?

There is a magnet effect, you'll attract more hurt than what your victim has endured.
If you unintentionally harm someone, this will not happen.

Why doesn't it happen when you accidentally hurt someone?

Because the LOA responds to your intention, which is part of thought and emotion, not the action itself.

So, then wouldn't psychopaths attract goodness after harming someone?
Not necessarily, because even if a person truly has no empathy, the act of INTENTIONALLY harming another living creature still traumatizes the persons inner essence, even if they do not show it, the damage is still done.

So what happens when good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people?
We're talking about a karmic law right now, not exactly the LOA. The LOA does not punish anyone. And there is karma that comes over from past lives, and sometimes that can seep through into this life. Bad people aren't being rewarded. It could be that the person you are judging to be bad, isn't truly bad, they may not have intentionally meant to commit a crime. You can be sure that if good things are continuously happening to someone in their life, they are not intentionally harming others.

And if bad things continue to happen to good people? Good people that attract bad luck and who seem to be really positive all the time? Like Hue?

In Hues case it's a system of overload based on previous lifetimes of karmic residue and his resistance towards giving into burden and remaining positive comes from many lifetimes of hardship and mastery.

So do I really attract mean people into my life?

Yes and no. Sometimes you can invite these people into your life to teach you a lesson, but your lesson isn't learned through the LOA, that is more of an agreement in fate. There may be many reasons why someone is mean, not necessarily an attraction and you have no control over others, they can choose to act the way they do. But you do have control over the way you perceive it. To utilize the LOA, do not let these people bring you down.

Will I ever escape mean people?

Yes, eventually the world is going to raise its frequency. In the meantime, you can base your life on your authentic self and refuse to hang around those who lower your vibration. YOU can take responsibility for your reality. You have the choice to let those people bother you. They can't bother you if you don't give them the power to.

Why are they saying that you attract experiences with people?

You do not attract everyone's reactions. Their reactions are their own. They have their own creations - their own lives.

How Do I find out What I really Want?

By paying attention to your heart knowing. Deep inside you know what lays ahead for you - you know your true calling, your life purpose. You can access it through visualization, by focusing on what your heart wants.
With the LOA you can attract success and fortune based on your ultimate dreams and ultimate reality.
You can attract things you don't necessarily want, but if you resonate with a higher purpose, you can attract the life you deserve.

How do you pay attention to your heart knowing?

Your emotions and desires, interests and things you love all give you cues.

Is that the same as being true to myself?

Being your authentic self also aligns you with your greater purpose. It requires cutting out all things in your life that no longer serves you and cutting ties with people that no longer treat you right. That doesn't necessary relate to the LOA though. The LOA is simply a law that lets you attract what is similar to you.
Your current vibration attracts things of your current vibration.

So that should mean that I would only attract negative people when I'm feeling negative?

It may be significantly harder for you to speak to or understand a being of higher vibration when you are existing at a very low vibration, but that doesn't mean you can't attract higher vibrational beings when you are in a poor mood, in fact, they will often gather around you to offer support when you are feeling down.
All beings have a choice. There is always free will.
Our vibrational energies do not influence what people we gravitate to by nature, if that's the case then no one on earth would be able to exist amongst each other, because they are all at different vibrations.

Your energy feild isn't permeable towards other's volotile energies unless you allow it to be. You can only be effected by their violence if you open yourself to it.
So in a way, sometimes you do attract violence, by letting it in. Sometimes people subconsiously project their anger onto you because they can sense you're an easy target, sensitive and or they want to drain your energy and latch onto you like a leech.
So you just have to remember to keep your energy centers guarded, and always cut energy attatchment cords in social interactions.
But it's not all or nothing, there are many reasons why people come into your life, and many lessons you can teach each other.

IS it true that thought comes first? Doesn't it make sense that positive action is better than positive thought?

Yes in the way that positive action can influence positive reactions, but what you're not thinking of is the benefit of positive intention, which is a thought. Positive intention is a thought, and that is more important than action.

So what about mirroring?

People mirror their own faults in others. Their perception of you is sometimes clouded or blocked by what they see in themselves.

How do I change people's perceptions of me?

You can't control people, but you can change their perception of you, by changing your perception of yourself.
If you see yourself as confident, others will follow lead and they will start to see you as confident. But if someone chooses to see something else with their own free will, that is their choice.

So I can't control their perception of me all the time?

No, but your positive perception of yourself will encourage them to see you in that light as well.

If I'm obsessed about aging, will I start to attract people who are obsessed with aging?

You might just notice it more since that's what you're focused on, but you're not actively attracting other people to you, they have their own lives to live rather than flocking around you.

But you said to me once that people here all here to serve in my existence, and I'm the only one who matters.

Yes that's true, but that doesn't mean they don't have their own souls and lives.
To a certain point, everyone in your life comes into your life for a reason, and you also come into their lives for a reason, but you're not in control of them like they are pawns on a chessboard. You can however, learn from them and learn to see the synchronicity they bring to your life. They all bring you important messages and lessons to be learned.

There are no victims, there are only co-creators?
Is it true that victims of violence somehow choose to experience it?

No. Like I already said, people were given free will and with it that free will can be used to go against the plan that was originally decided upon for us all. It is unfortunate when someone's life is taken before they can finish the life they were destined to live, and that karmic residue can greatly harm both souls, because it is unnatural. The soul of the murder victim can remain injured in the afterlife, and can remain attatched to the soul of the person who harmed them.
You will realize that the only true negative outcomes in your world are ever created by people and their free will.
One day people will raise their vibration enough that they will choose to do good with their free will, but for now they have the freedom to do bad things to themselves and others, and this does have a negative impact on them and others and it does create a ripple effect in life.

Can you elaborate on this ripple effect?
The ripple effect can really damage the stream of consciousness, it can break apart or cause blocks and bumps along the road to someone's destiny.
Ultimately, if humans were not given free will, the road to happiness would be easier as there would be no alternate routes to stray down.

Then why is free will a good thing?
I didn't imply it was a good thing - it just is. In fact, it is the result of most, if not all, chaos in the world.
Then why do we have free will?
It's just a natural part of life, decided by forces much greater than you. It's not necessarily a bad thing either because you can do a lot of good things with your own free will, and when it's on par with your highest purpose, it works great.
That's what you have your inner compass for. If you don't want to be reckless with your free will, don't be. It's that simple.

What if I don't want free will and want to instead devote my life to just doing what I'm supposed to?
You will find going with the flow of life is much easier than trying to fight against it. You can easily relax and let the universe guide you, by paying attention to signs, synchronicities and road markers around you.

Why is the LOA important?
It's very good for raising your vibration and helping you attract fortune, abundance, and positive things into your life. You may not have much control over other people, but you do have firm control over the boundaries, objects and situations in your life, and you can control them to suit your needs.

What if I DID want to control another person?

You need to get a soul agreement from that person, you can only gain access to their higher self if they are open to it.
This is actually how psychic vampires, negative spirits and other negative beings manage to gain control of others to possess or influence someone else's actions - they trick you into trusting them and then you allow them to have control over you.
The truth is they have NO power over you unless you allow them to. Never give your power away to anyone unless you really trust them.
If you get into the art of using bad medicine or voo doo in order to possess or influence another person with negative intentions, what you give out will come back to you tenfold. When you hold the intention of harming someone, the universe sends that back to you even worse.
You use this technique when you heal others, so it's not necessarily that you can't "manipulate" others, it's that you shouldn't unless you are certain it will not cause harm.

What about the time I forced someone to leave?

It was wrong of that person to be there, but you still had no right to interfere with his life, especially since he was somewhere that could have helped him. Ultimately, the only reason you were able to influence this persons actions was because you had already developed a prior connection with him and he was also open to trying to establish a soul attachment.
You wouldn't be able to do that with strangers who have no connection to you, or people who are closed off to creating an energy attachment with you.

Is there anything else I should know about these things?

Well, that really depends on what you want to know. You are utilizing the law of attraction and following your destiny simultaneously, the only thing you need to be aware of is not allowing the challenges that show up along the way to bring you down. Challenges that show up are all there to point you in the right direction.

One last question... why did you once tell me that YOU were helping to orchestrate my future?

As your guides, we are actively involved in helping you get to the future we envision for you. We want to see you happy and living your life to its full potential. We only want the best for you. And most times we want MORE for you than what you even strive for. Most times you don't set your sights high enough. We do alot to help you out behind the scenes. We help you by using our creative powers and by influencing events in your life, to help get you there in the best way possible. So even when you are having a bad day and aren't able to manifest good things in your life, you can be sure that we are assisting you. We always send you signs and opportunities, it's up to you to see those signs and grab those opportunities. In all, we can only do so much, it's up to you to accept our guidance, and it's up to you to follow your intuition.
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Old 28-01-2017, 06:42 PM
William 辰 William 辰 is offline
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It was great to read.
Why follow trends when you've got style?
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Old 06-02-2017, 04:52 AM
shiningstars shiningstars is offline
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Thank you keokutah and Co.
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