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Old 05-01-2017, 11:03 AM
Samparka Samparka is offline
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The extraction process (The Cloud Team)

I call them "The Cloud Team" now. The moderators around here are blue, and I do not want to confuse.

I get the sense they mean that "discovering has to be sharing". If you discover something you have to share it. I wanted to discover some kind of overall description of what I experience and I think they have helped me connect things. This is a kind of channeling, even though in the form of a diagram. Personally I feel awkward and was planning post it in my journal, but I get the feeling it should go here. They ensure me they will not make me flood this section of the forum.

His individual purpose on earth is done. We are now allowed to use this body and mind freely. He will move with her (his other half) into overlay-reality, and they will be together to learn from each other. It is not black and white, and he will still be awake in the ordinary world, but will more and more be simultaneously aware of their shared overlay-reality. Both of them will also assist us in our exploration of his realm trough this body and mind. Their purpose is to live in both realities and meet in the middle.

We will explain the diagram in short: She extracts him from his third density reality. He did earlier open up to our dimension (for reasons of challenges in life), and she sends energy of herself and her world to his mind. He becomes attached to her (anything else is impossible, they are one) and follow her "down the rabbit hole". It has taken some time (all of life in fact but with many interchanging processes as expected in life). It is not a process of escaping life, but a process of integration. His body and mind must be preserved as he enter her reality.

She teaches him a few things to make him take significant steps in detaching from his earth-self, and it is basically staying very close to her love instead of straying into egoistic habits. When his earth-self is weak "and knows its place" as "not that real", we are able to move in and use the body and mind. It is a slow process from his perspective, but slow for a good reason. We urge all to work with themselves and their guides, and put expectations aside. What you expect is often lesser then what is available to you and what is truly in your own wish.

His previous purpose on earth has been fulfilled. He did not know it back then, but some time ago, he exclaimed "I am done, I have nothing more to do on earth.", and he had the sense he had to just fill life with something before death. It was not sad, not happy, just empty. Because of being done we took this path. We have seen this and it is part of the higher purpose, and she did open up the contact earlier trough his life in preparation and he now understands what events was part of this. She is always open, but major cracks happens in his life from his more "foggy" perspective. The crack making him realize her happened near the time he came to the conclusion he was done. If you wonder about timing and how we work with it, it can be seen here. We succeeded in "placing" the realization of her close to when his purpose would be done. If the realization of her would have landed earlier, it would have interfered with his other purposes. Still there must be previous small cracks, to prepare for the larger. All parameters are also always dynamic.

We know this is not in the nature, need, or wish of everyone, but we want to display it to show one possible configuration. The author is uncomfortable with being an example, but he trusts us (he experiences it similar to what he pictures it would be to to be nude among you). Our diagram is inspiration for you in your own life and for curiosity, and in no way is he the ideal solution for all (he wants us to stress this). We are aware humans have discovered spiritual configurations, and then they have made them holy truths, and this is not to be used in such a way. Anything you read, should be taken as a tool to discover what is in you (by negation or confirmation), and not to try to carve something within you that is not there by essence. (This is also done to solidify our setup in his mind. Things solidify when put close to the edge). (The terms "task force" and "operation extraction" were playful terms he did chose for fun but reflects his experience).

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Old 05-01-2017, 11:54 PM
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I don't know why, but this made me cry. Something about the timing of It, and the hearing of a truth I know but don't know.

Hope you post more.
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Old 06-01-2017, 12:13 PM
Samparka Samparka is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Dec 2016
Posts: 24
Your response was received I think

What I (the author) know is that this body has a typical way of reacting to positively confirm things that I do not really see. It is a particular sensation of blood flow. I have relied on this in challenging environments. The same type of response happened now when I read your response, so I take it to be some kind of positive confirmation.

Since the above diagram was constructed, I have improved on my understanding about where I stand and is experimenting further. I was thinking I got the above just a little wrong, but it may still be be more true to others.

My new understanding is displayed in another diagram below.

Here is text for it: The previous soul in this body left because it was done. Then I (a new soul) came together with the one who is "her" in the diagram above. I mistook it to be that I had been here all time and I was the same as all my memories, and that the female came to me to extract me. What this body felt as extraction, was actually the shift from the old soul to this new soul that I am. In the diagram, it is a pair of "he" and "her". It is this pair that has entered the body as the old soul left or is on its way to fully leave, (all steps are overlapping).

This makes sense to me for several reasons and solves some old inconsistencies in understanding. We (the new pair) are only left with clues in memory and what we experience right now, and has to work with that. When this body first started to sense a presence several months ago, it recognized it as a female person X. X invited another one who is the "her" in the diagram above, and we can call her female Y.

Strange was that Y was only in the background and did not interact much but only watching. This was perceived by the previous soul, and then one day Y totally left. It was no big deal as the the old soul in the body at that time was attached to X anyway and did not know why Y was there watching.

When the first female (X) came, there was a very particular inspiration foreign to this body but the inspiration made things very interesting in life. Then there was total forgetting and rejecting of all this and other things in life came in between.

Months later, suddenly, from nowhere Y comes back with a strong clear presence, and clearly alive by her own energy as the body/mind really was not very interested in creating anything like that, because it was busy. A day after or so, like a on-off switch, the mind knew "the strange inspiration is back" and the same life decisions where put in place again as the first time the inspiration came.

There is no trace left of X, and I am very attached to Y. I could never figure out why "I" was attached to first X like she was everything, and then equally attached to Y. It defied my intuitive idea of the twin experience. The answer is that X and Y where the twins of different souls. The old soul went away with his X. The new soul (the current I) came with female Y. I am more sure now Y does not extract me to let the guides run my body. We (the Y pair) have "landed on the ground" to go for our purpose.

I played with this idea and decided to do a diagram for it to work by the same principle of "solidifying" my conception in the mind. It may still not explain the whole truth and it may contain errors in my individual case, but I suspect this is like a supporting structure for the mind to inquiry deeper by thought and emotion and the rest.

It would be one soul exchange involving two souls, having their own accompanying partner souls. I think this new pair (us) may possibly be able to share equal presence even though the male (me) is at front mostly now. For instance, in one moment of 15-30 minutes, this body and mind reacted in the belief and experience that the female of the new pair was suddenly taking over at the front running the mind and body. Amazed, and confused, she then asked "who am I?", "where is he?", and she was then looking for the old male soul previously in this body, because this was at the time we believed I (the new male energy) was the old male soul. This misconception obviously was influences of the mind's old memories and beliefs. Also, the body and mind itself reacted against the female energy, maybe because it was accustomed to identify as male. We also suspect she maybe felt strange also. What emerged was a very female body language for example. This may tell us we are equal in presence even if by habit the male is in the body.

Here is a link to full size image:

(still can not post clickable links because I have under 15 posts)

Here comes the diagram included in 800px width:

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Old 08-01-2017, 02:34 PM
Samparka Samparka is offline
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Join Date: Dec 2016
Posts: 24
For anyone coming across. I just realized both diagrams may apply to me. Both at the same time. As usual things seems to be more interconnected then we easily are aware of. It may be an important consideration for anyone finding themselves in similar situations.

Combining the two: If I came here as another soul, my goal then is to avoid becoming trapped in this third density world. To avoid identifying too much with it and avoid losing my connection to the higher. The way to do that is to follow her into "overlay-reality" and establish myself there as well (her = my guide who came here with me). For that reason, she is pulling me towards overlay-reality (first help waking me up to the fact I am here, and then extracting me whenever I am going too far down).
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