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Old 28-06-2016, 11:48 AM
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Manifesting - Transcript

This question was asked to Archangel Raziel.

Question: I want to know how you tap into the unlimited energies, frequencies of abundance, wealth, prosperity, money and manifest what you want in a short period of time. Sometimes there is a lot of negativity in our lives and its hard to be free, happy or mindfulness. I have heard that some archangels, seraphim, watchers, angels, genies from the light can be very helpful in creating a life full of happiness but I donít know how you can work with them.


This is a question that we are always happy to answer. It is always on the humansí minds, this question of abundance of money, of prosperity, wealth, happiness. The human perspective makes this a hard chore to reach to Ė abundance, prosperity, wealth - it is a vibrational currency that you are wanting to tap into, to bring this and create this in your life. You create with your thoughts and your thoughts are things and that is how anything is created in this human 3D world. You cannot create without it. So if youíre creating a life that is not full of abundance or wealth or prosperity, then simply put, you need to start thinking those thoughts.

Easier said than done.

So in the course of your life, when you go about your life and you see something that is pleasing to you, that you would like to have in your life or to do in your life, start a journal and write that thing down. Pay attention to what things you are wanting to put into your life. Money is only an energetic concept and it is not about the money, it is about your preferences. What do you want to explore, what do you want to have? So if were talking about material things, which in this instance I believe that it is what we are talking about, then put yourself in the vibration of having that thing that you want.

So pick one thing. And this is the good place to start. It starts the momentum of abundance, but pick a small thing. Pick a big thing, just pick one thing. So if you were to be driving along the highway and you look over and see this really cool car, when you get home, write it down.

The next step would be to look it up on the internet, what features does it have? Get yourself into the vibration of what in that car you like.

The next thought might be putting yourself into the car, closing your eyes and visualizing you driving that car. Is it a stick shift, is it a manual transmission? How fast does it go? How fast do you want to go? What do you want to see in the car? Where do you want to journey in the car, where do you want the car to take you? Do you want to be on a racetrack? Do you want to be in the woods exploring a little town? What is it you want the car to help you with? What do you want the car to do? How do you want to feel in the car? What does the car feel like? Practice driving the car in your mind, set aside 5 minutes a day and practice driving that car.

So whatever it is that you pick, get to the feeling place of that thing. And this is how your thoughts create things.

Once youíve pretty much gotten that one done, pick another thing. Find something else that you like. If you want to go on a vacation, say you want to take a trip somewhere, where do you want to go? Learn about that city. What do you want to do in that city when you get there? What airline do you want to take to get there? What hotel do you want to stay in? What places do you want to visit? Do you want to see family? Do you want to go on the top of a mountain? Do you want to hike? Do you want to boat? Do you want to fish? What interests you about that place? What are you drawn to? And then learn about it on Google, do your research and then put yourself in that place, feel being on vacation, go on vacation in your mind to that place.

So as your going about your day, write these thoughts down that you want. If itís a particular item that you want to purchase, do the same thing with that. Just start with little things, start with purchases, something that you wouldnít normally purchase for yourself but that you really want.

The more that you can get into the vibration of your preferences, the more the energy will flow in that direction. Your just wanting to get the momentum started towards what you want. Youíre going to point your momentum towards what you want and thatís how you do it. The money is not something you have to worry about. The universe will bring that to you Ė itís all about deciding what you want and creating it in your head exactly the way that you want it, put in little details.

Now once youíve gotten good at that, what your doing is: your getting specific about your asking. What is it that youíre asking from the universe? Your asking the universe for this item or for this vacation or for this thing. And so, when youíre in that vibration you want to sift through it and get the details that you want, decide what you donít want, and decide from that what you do want. You want your preferences. Write it down, read it to yourself a few minutes every day, about having that thing, not the ďI am going to have itĒ but having that thing, being in the vibration of having that thing.

The second part to manifesting anything in your life is you have to let it go. Once youíve asked the universe specifically what you want, you have gotten very specific about these things, you have to let it go. And that is the allowing phase. Tell yourself, I allow the universe to bring this to me. I have allowed it, thank you very much. Be appreciative, and then get out of the way of it. So the second part, this allowing part, is really a two step process. You allow that you can have this thing, you allow that it is coming to you, and you let it go.

How you let it go is you donít think about it again. Whenever you catch yourself thinking about it, because you will because youíve been in that vibration of having it, do something else for a bit, just switch your thoughts, just say its coming, I donít have to worry about it, and move on with your day. Any time you think about it, ďitís coming, itís gonna be right here, I donít have to think about it, thatís not my job. My job is just to get happy.Ē

The third part is get happy. In your life, whatever it is that youíre doing, whatever is your reality, come to terms with appreciation. Appreciating your life, appreciating whatever it is that you have thatís in front of you. The vibration of appreciating what you have brings you what you want. You canít stay in a place of asking and get anything. Because your on the wrong vibration and theyíre two different vibrations so its hard for the human to realize this, that the reason that these things maybe havenít come to you is you are still in the asking mode, youíre still in the preferences mode, still sorting through the ideas of having that thing and what your preferences would be about that thing, so if you take something small, it comes easier because to you its easier to have something small. Really you can have anything you want right now if you were to line up with them and get out of the way of them and allow us to bring them to you.

So the third part is something that is easy but not everyone does it. You have to get out of the way of it and you have to get happy with your life, appreciate your life, appreciate what you have, appreciate the sky, appreciate anything, everything. Be in the state of appreciation. Raise your vibration. If youíre not in appreciation, which is pretty much the highest vibration, then you have to get there and that is your journey.

So itís not really about what you want at that point, we already know what you want, its already in there, weíll bring it to you as soon as you can get happy and stay happy and so that really is the journey. Raising your vibration each day, by telling yourself, ďIím gonna feel better today. Today I feel better about my lifeĒ and thatís really all it is. Itís each day feeling a little bit better about whatís in front of you, what you have, appreciating what you have and learning about other things.

What interests you, what did you always want to learn about? Google it, go find these things that interest you and just move your thoughts in the direction of: what do I want to play with? Be a kid again. What did you like to do when you were a kid? What did you like to play? Start doing those playful things that we as adults donít always allow ourselves and it is a simple, easy way to get what you want. But realize thereís a timing issue. Probably if youíve been asking for this for quite a while thereís a lot of resistance built up that says, ďI canít have it. I must be doing something wrong.Ē Itís just getting out of your own way.
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Old 03-07-2016, 01:57 PM
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Question for the Universe and God: For a person who has had a lifetime of traumatic experiences, I am wondering what a person can do to fill the void left in the aftermath. For 26 years I have faced nothing but trauma that has left a huge void and I am asking for help from the Universe in guidance on how best to move forward.

Answer: from God

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing this answer. This is the first time we have verbally channeled each other, so I thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet with you today.

You have come a long way in your channeling journey and we want to say to you specifically that practice makes perfect and the more that you practice the more that you will find this is very easy, it flows nicely, the words magically appear in a faster fashion. It will just flow nicely.

So in answer to the questionerís question, we want to take this opportunity to allow that some inner communication is going on as well on this tape, some healing, some light, peaceful energy, that the questioner may or may not allow, him or herself to feel, but it is being offered.

So before you were all physical in the nonphysical realm before you come down here, you make choices. What body will I put on? What characters will I play? What life themes will I tackle? What am I interested in pursuing? What theme am I working on currently? What type of city do I want to live in? Do I want to live in a city? Do I want to live in the suburbs, in a rural area, what part of the world do I want to live in?

All of these things are taken into consideration prior to your journey here.

You all get choices, you all have unlimited powers, unlimited choices, unlimited everything. So when you chose this life prior to entering the physical, with it you chose certain challenges. Challenges that you are learning to overcome. The main purpose of being human on this planet is to make your way to Joy. That is the journey. You are free creatures and when you realize that youíre only goal is to learn how to live in Joy, it kind of frees something up in your energy.

It is not always helpful for the human to realize that life circumstances, they chose, because it goes against everything that you are taught to believe, that things happen to you, randomly, out of the blue, or nobody would have ever chosen that particular thing that happened, but that would not necessarily be true, for life on this planet is something that the human doesnít understand exactly what is going on, but the Universe is so appreciative of the humans that come down here and play in this 3d world, so while we are playing on this 3d world, we are up in the sky, we are everywhere, we are all around and a part of you is nonphysical still, so only a part of you came down into the physical realm and that part of you really wanted to experience what youíve experienced.

So if you are familiar with spiritual terms, contrast comes to play here. For without the contrast there would be no learning. If you did not want contrast, you would still be nonphysical, you wouldnít be in the physical realm. Everyone in their life has contrast Ė to what degree is certainly a personal choice. Of course you did not want to experience any trauma. But some people Ė you kind of have to realize that there are no victims. It does seem that way and this is a hard concept to accept, but everything is for your growth, your spiritual growth, so if you start from that standpoint and look back on your life, it puts it in a little different perspective, that your job, if you have one, your intentions before coming into the physical, were to grow through Joy. Sometimes when the human gets here on this physical earth, the challenges that they have wanted to encounter donít always go as planned.

And that is part of the human experience, that is part of being on the earth. So while I am not telling you, you created all of what happened to you, there was some part of you that was a co-creator. And that happens with every person on the planet. You are all co-creating with each other. So you are vibrational beings and sometimes we pick up vibrations from our parents even in the womb. If you have a parent that is fearful, sometimes a child will pick up on that fear and vibrate from that fear place. So you are attracting whatever you are vibrating from. If you are in worry mode, you will attract more worry. If you are happy, you will attract more happy. It is a vibratory law of the universe Ė wherever you are vibrating is what you are attracting to you. Sometimes this is not helpful to hear but it might be in the future.

What you can realize at any point in your life is that you can disengage from your past. You no longer have to bring it forward into your now. Your now point is your point of power. It is where you are creating from. So if youíre constantly looking to the past and bringing it with you everyday, it isnít past, itís current, itís now. So there are a lot of ways of dealing with the past that are easier to bring the vibration up into more of a neutral place. And to take the trauma aspect out of it and to realize that we are all growing and learning and everybody in the Universe, everyone one of us, you are all part of each other, we are all One. One entity, with lots of fingers, you might say.

So to be more specific in answer to your question, probably the most helpful thing right now is to disengage from the past, there Ė you could go into the past and play around with it and get to it from that point and heal yourself from that point but I donít feel like in this instance that would be helpful to start there. I think what would be more helpful is to catch yourself thinking. Itís a good first step, so anytime that you are thinking about these happenings in your life, and you catch yourself thinking about them, tell yourself to stop. Just say stop. And mean it. And then go do something else, anything else, it doesnít matter what it is. And do that thing for 10 minutes, with focus and concentration. And then allow yourself to feel just a little bit better about whatever you were thinking about, just tell yourself, the next time I think about this, I am going to feel a little bit better but for right now, Iím not going to think about it.

So that is the journey, is to catch yourself reliving the past. Everyone has something in their past that is traumatic. There isnít a person on this earth that doesnít have these things in their past. Some maybe can be looked at as worse than others, certainly from all of your perspectives thatís what you all feel and Iím not trying to downgrade anybodyís trauma. That is not what I am saying. Allís I am saying is, leave the past in the past and start living your life from the now.

Once you have disconnected from the past in your mind and done that other thing, I want you to sit with yourself and just be present in the moment. Allow yourself to do this. Allow that you can do this. Tell yourself, I allow myself to be present in this moment. And touch your hands to your thighs, feel the relationship between your hands and your things. Feel the energy of your hands touching your thighs. Feel your energy as a human being. This grounds yourself into your body and is more out of the head, so to speak, and more into the body. And itís always a good way to find the present moment. If you have animals, go pet one, go play with one, go be with an animal for awhile. Animals raise your vibrations naturally, they are naturally in a good feeling place, usually most of the time, they are always willing to help, they are your little healers on this earth, so allow yourself to be in the energy of the animal. If you donít have an animal, donít go borrow somebodyís, but walk outside in nature, go hug a tree, go sit under a tree, go find a tree. Trees are very healing. But stay out of the past when you do this. Donít think about the past, just think about the now. If you need headphones, bring headphones with you and play a really nice song, something without words, something that calls to you that feels good. Thereís lot of songs on you tube that you could probably download somewhere. Songs for Reiki. Reiki songs are very healing. They have a binaural beat to them that helps your vibration.

So those are 2 things to try. Try just staying out of the past, try living in the now and being with yourself and allowing that you are a whole, complete person, that the whole of you, which is the physical and the nonphysical, are together inside this body. Your thought patterns are more from the head and your feelings are from the heart. You can do some chakra work on your chakras, thereís lots of information on the internet, you might start with the root chakra and do some work on the root chakra for awhile and then move up, slowly up the chakra system.

You donít have to stay in that place of trauma. Trauma is to show you what you donít want in life, what you have come to a preference for. So what do you prefer now, right now in this moment, what are your preferences, what would you prefer.

We are with you always, we are here around you always, you can connect to your inner being, who loves you unconditionally. Part of the reason that you feel negative emotion is because you are not allowing that your inner being, the nonphysical part of you, your soul, whatever you want to call it, is with you in every moment and youíre not seeing the situation from your souls point of view. Your soul will never go negative. So if you can learn how to connect to your inner being, your inner being can heal your heart, if you allow it.

How you can start to do this is with meditation. And it can be easy and quick and you only have to do it for 5 or 10 minutes a day, find a quiet space, clear your mind, put some nice music on, light a candle, do whatever makes you feel at ease, and allow yourself to breathe from your stomach, take deep breaths and let them out and each time on the out-breath, in your head say Release and on the in-breath in your head say light. This will allow the light of the Universe into your system and allow you to release the negative. Simply doing this for a minute will help clear your head, will help clear your thoughts, to be in the present moment with the meditation. So then sit for 5 or 10 minutes with this nice relaxing music playing and just be a part of the music. Feel the music in your body. Feel how it makes you feel. Pick some music that you really like. Whatever speaks to you in that moment.

What this does is reset your vibration. You are allowing yourself to feel good for 5 or 10 minutes a day and if you do this in the morning, you will begin to look forward to this time that you have allotted to yourself, for yourself and then as you move forward with this, you will find that you are wanting more time for yourself for other things, for other pursuits, what makes you happy, what do you want to do, what, in this life, what is it that you came here to explore.

Now that you have your preferences, what is it that you prefer, what do you want to do, what makes you happy. It is hard to find happy thoughts from a negative place so in order to find the happy thought you have to raise your vibration, slowly, a little bit everyday. If you tell yourself in the morning, today Iím going to feel a little bit better than I did yesterday, and allow that you can do this and allow that itís going to work, ask for help, I will help you always. Your inner being is always available for your help. Ask for help and allow it.

An allowing is simply stating an intention. I allow this. Whatever it is. So then you have to step out of the way of it, get out of that vibration, for the asking is one vibration and the answering, getting the answer, is on another vibration so you have to step out of the asking vibration and get into the allowing vibration and then the answers will come.

So how you do that is, once you have asked for a certain thing and youíve allowed it, donít think about it again, just go about your day, and everyday, your intention is to feel a little bit better. If you set this intention, you do this meditation in a week or two your vibration will have raised to the point where you can go general. You can just feel better about your life. And start telling yourself statements that feel better to you.

General statements about life. Nothing specific. From that place, itís more of a neutral place, itís in-between negative and positive. Once you can get to the neutral place, then youíre well on your way to getting positive. So put yourself in a place, once you get to that place of the neutral, and find things that you like to listen to, finds things that are funny to watch, do things that make you happy, just move a little bit in the direction of that Ė you donít have to do a lot of work. Just think about what might make you happy. The thought of it will project the momentum and then the next day, youíll possibly have a thought about, today I think Iím going to do this, whether you do it or not isnít the point. The point is that youíre moving the thought momentum with the thought.

We love you. You are good. You are whole, you are complete, you are unconditionally loved. And we hope that you enjoyed your answer.
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Old 07-02-2017, 12:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Nameless
Question: I would like to know why I never got any real closure from the last person I truly ever loved which has therefore prevented me from fully moving on while they are in a happy relationship with someone new Ė thank you.

Answer: (from Seth)

Things of this nature take time. Time is a concept in the human realm that is not really understood. You have what I call psychological time. Time expands at your request, if you allow that it can. So, say you are getting ready to go to work in the morning, as this one does periodically and sheís rushing, rushing, rushing and sheís feeling like she is going to be late, she will remember sometimes to stop and pause and ask for psychological time, and tell herself that she will get to work on time.

It doesnít always mean that she gets to work exactly on the moment sheís supposed to. It means that when she gets there no one cares that sheís a few minutes late. So there is a difference between the time on your clock and psychological time.

When you are in the process of reclaiming something that you have given to someone else, you are collecting those parts of yourself that youíve given away freely, out of love or whatever, and calling your energy back to yourself. You can do this easily if you choose by simply stating the intention, getting quiet, and asking yourself, your inner being, to allow that those parts of yourself that you gave away unintentionally - you didnít mean to give your energy away just the emotion of the love - so you are asking your inner being to bring the energetic parts of yourself back into the whole of you.

Sit with this after you have given the intention Ė be quiet, breathe, relax, and just allow that these parts of you that you energetically gave away, the energyís coming back to you, it is your energy, it is returning to you. Doing this will free up something in your being that was stuck in this emotion.

This is a very pleasant exercise to do periodically. It actually allows you to feel whole within yourself, whole within your own energy pattern, and humans tend to give away their energy unknowing, unintentionally and it helps to bring it back to you. Sometimes you get back energy that you gave away many, many years ago.

So if you are looking at a loved one that you feel like youíve lost and they - you look at them and they look like they are doing quite well without you, part of it is the energy that you have given away. Another part of you is looking to fill your soul with your connection to your inner being. So this is another process to connection to your inner being, to allow your inner being to fill you, to realize that you have this connection to your soul. Your soul is inside you, only a part of you became physical, so when you connect to your inner being, and allow it to fill you, it loves you unconditionally and there is no greater love you could ever find. So if you are feeling a lack of love in your life, this will help with that.

How to connect to your inner being is something that is individual. It can be a process, it can be a journey, it can take 2 minutes, it could take 2 years, itís whatever time frame you allow that it will take. If you want it, you have to ask for it and then step out of the way of it and allow it and one day you will be sitting and you will feel like your bodyís tingling from head to toe, all the cells of your body will wake up. Its something, if youíve never felt it, it will Ė may Ė be very pleasant, it certainly feels loving, you can sit in it however long you like, you can bask in it, but that is the connection with your inner being.

When you connect to your inner being a lot of your -troubles you might say - seem not to be so important anymore. Your inner being knows what you want, it has all of your answers for you. So to deliberately connect to it, to that part of yourself, is something of great value.

This will help you to find that answer to your question.
Thanks for enlightening us.
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