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Old 05-06-2019, 09:17 PM
Altair Altair is offline
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The thing with astrology is that it's always hard to know whether I'm doing a cold reading on myself, and selectively picking stuff to fit in a narrative, or whether it's genuinely describing me as I am, as a body-mind being in this world. I used to not believe in it at all, just like skeptics. However I've become aware of the Moon energies through meditation and lucid dreaming. We are definitely influenced by the planet's energies but to what extent that determines our ''personality'' is harder to grasp..

Years ago I also had dreams about specific planets, like Uranus and Neptune, and it was about things I had no knowledge of, and then later on it proved to be correct. It could just be that the planets all have a replica planet in the other realm, where there IS life and civilization and everything. I did see life when I dreamed I was on some of these other planets. What we observe through science is just the physical anyway..

So for all we know there is life and civilizations on the Sun, Moon, etc. but just not from our current, physical perspective and observation..

What do you think about this..? Has anyone else had similar experiences..?

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Old 09-06-2019, 01:01 AM
Sapphirez Sapphirez is offline
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hi Gemini thanks so much for your response, I love what you've written. It makes me extra happy that you are the kind of person who's open-minded enough to consider something like EFT and that you took the time to swiftly research a new topic like the interceptions when you learned of them.
I think you gained a good grasp on them and your post gave me some insight into my own Taurus Scorpio dichotomy (I am not sure if that word is fitting at all lol but I can't think of another to replace it with, anyway I have my North & South Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio, with a stellium in Scorpio also) which makes me think that interceptions could impact us similarly to the Nodes which are great learning and transformation points.

I believe I have Libra and Aries intercepted as well as my 3rd and 9th houses. I did find an old book about interceptions a while back so there's some information in there but it's a pretty short book. from 1978. If you feel drawn to the idea of it I can look at what it says about your intercepted placements and share anything that seems important. it seems she is still active today and has authored more material since, but I digress. Anything you would like to comment about my interceptions is welcome if you're up to it.

Thank you for the discussion on Chiron and the lore related to it. Where is your Chiron? Mine is in Gemini, as is my fiance's though 6 degrees apart as we were born a year minus 3 days apart. I have not considered the Sun & Moon midpoint before so thanks for that too. Do you think it is worth investigating your own midpoint and how it impacts you or is it mostly just useful to understand in regards to relationships?

turns out my midpoint is at 17 degrees Libra which is the same as my fiance's Midheaven lol.. His midpoint is 20 degrees Leo which doesn't aspect anything of mine except my Mars at 24 degrees Sagittarius, unless you go to an orb of more than 7.. well I will include my chart so you can look at it if you please and see what I've got going on with it so I'm not tempted to tell you all about it lol, but I have a lot of planets near my Midheaven. which the 9th house is intercepted with 3 planets in it then and my Sun is intercepted in Libra which is part of a stellium in the 7th house but the rest of the planets there are in Scorpio, which also has a stellium. I know I am writing a lot but if you want to just stick to interceptions and/or the midpoints or whatever for now, you can reply back with as little or much as you want to share about any of the topics.

I would like to know your thoughts further on the vertex eventually though.

all right well I am going to include my chart but I won't ask any more questions about it right now because I don't want to overwhelm you

Thanks again for the information and insight you shared as well as your personal stories

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Old 13-06-2019, 06:47 PM
Sarian Sarian is offline
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Hi Gemini46, sorry it took me so long to get back to you .I seldom come to SF anymore.

What great insight, however! I enjoyed reading it a lot. Moon in Pisces drives me nuts but you know, I'd rather be who I am than anyone else. Too many people seem cold, aloof, don't care about others and so I'm not that way but I often feel sad there are not more caring people in the world, so I'd rather be one of them than not...but it can be almost like a curse...the hurt goes deep. I feel sorrow and grief for things most people seem not to care about, for example, I saw a turtle who only had maybe a half foot and it'd be off the road. I'm known to stop and get them across. So being so close to be off the road and there wasn't much traffic..I let it be, but the following day I drove that road and saw someone did run it over and they have had to done it on purpose like many people seem to get their kicks from killing things either by running them over or stomping on insects. I'm just not made that way...but I grieved for that turtle. I was so upset. I wish I knew where venus was in my chart.

As far as Capricorn and being patient, I have patience but limited and but I wish I had it when driving. I don't...I absolutely do withdrawn into myself and put up a protective shell, I can vow to never open up again or even want to talk to anyone again and then there I am, an open book to someone.

I do believe I pick up on people's hidden sides. I can't recall any time I've been wrong. I'm well aware of all my hidden sides as well, good and bad and I'm always trying to work on the negative aspects of myself but I realize I'm more of a solitary person and feel happiest and safest alone...outside of my children and grandson. I can't be around people, crowds or even small gatherings for an extended amount of time and I mean like more than a couple hours or so or I feel drained and need to get away and alone or out on a trail with no others around.

Yep, I can be logical and emotional, tough and sensitive, sensible and irrational. what a pain in the butt all that is.

Currently I'm going through a situation and surprising, I've found the patience to endure even though I do not know the outcome, wish I did. I'm just relying heavily on intuition to hold steady and keep the faith but it's hard.

Yes, I absorb energies of others and situations too easily, even movies or news.

Yes, about the Gemini Rising. I'm typically a very quiet person but at my job(s) people would find it hard to believe I am quiet. I am very chatty and outgoing even, but like I said, I can only take things like that in small doses and then I withdraw or need to withdraw. I was invited to have drinks at a campfire with some guests recently and I sort of wanted to and more so didn't..but they encouraged me to do so and it was fine, for...a...little...bit..but I quickly became drained and just wanted to leave. I grew increasingly quiet. I was so glad to get home!

Thank you about the tarot card info. And thanks so much for all the info, I've printed it out. :-)
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