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Old 09-08-2015, 09:41 PM
HMyBodhisattva HMyBodhisattva is offline
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Fairies, shadows, apparitions: I saw it all! Enchanted Forest

This is going to be a long one, but I'm really interested to see if anyone has had a similar experience. This post could actually fall into several categories, but since I saw 100's of creatures I figured this would be the best place. I was also not asleep, not dreaming.

Just a brief background. My TF committed suicide on 3/7 of this year. I've been a wreck to say the least. July 9th I visited a psychic in Woodstock NY which helped tremendously. I've had a string of experiences since his death (and even before) that have been amazing, and I know he's around and still with me. Our communication and relationship is very different now obviously, but in many ways stronger. I know he's gone through a lot of trouble to reach me. Gratitude. This is the story of my daughter and I, we camped for two nights at this campground. The first night is documented below, the second night was normal, normal sounds, birds, insects.

I'm interested in studying any ley lines in the area as well. I can only simply describe it as an multidimensional experience. It was simply amazing and I'm still trying to process it all. I slept for one hour, from 4:30 to 5:30, and then got up and typed the following into my phone (yeah that was fun! but I knew I had to get it down right then):

July 9th, 2015 Enchanted Forest

B and I got spooked by a bear or two last night (Which the next day we believe were wolf, especially after talking to S [the psychic]). We saw their eye reflections from the bathroom light shining from behind us, across the fire and into a wooded area behind our firepit. We were sitting facing the firepit when I first noticed one set of eyes. We shined our flashlights from our phone towards the glowing eyes and saw them. They glowed green. We were sitting around. Small fire is built really late just before going to bed. I was tired and almost hallucinating so instead of acting calmly. I panicked about the empty root beer can and we rushed to the car with the can to take it to the recycling center not far from our campsite. Both scared s***less. Back at the campsite B said she was sleeping in the car and I did too. After reflecting on that however, I realized that was ludicrous. We were in his house. And they didn't seem aggressive. It was just startling to us and to be honest even all my years in Alaska I had not been that close two one.. Let alone two. Finally I concluded that the car was too hot and I was going to the tent. B wasn't happy but I couldn't sleep. And I couldn't see well enough through the fogged windows to "guard" camp. I went to the tent opened both windows screens only and listened. I pointed out to B earlier that this was the quietest campground (after 10pm quiet time) and quietest forest period. No wind. No birds no insects. No rustling leaves from squirrels etc. it was dead. B agreed. I think another thing that startled us both about the bear is the size of their eyes, and how large they seemed to appear, yet they managed to move across the forest floor making no sound. The only noises were small crackles from the fire and our occasional super low whisper. This forest was literally like a noise deprivation chamber.

I didn't see them (the bear/or wolves) again on guard duty. I did however see 100's of different creatures I can only describe as mythical and mystical. Some I have no names for. Others would be sprites, spirits reptiles different cat breeds. Fox ghouls just to name a few. I saw skulls and monsters, serpents, giant stuffed bear (like a childs toy stuffed bear but HUGE), ghouls, gnomes, trolls, fairies, shadow people. Because it was so dark, it was hard to see any details of color, they were mostly shadowy figures in the form of all of those creatures. On some of the cat species I could make out spots. I was very scared at first even though nothing seemed to be hostile or aggressive. It was more of a curious vibe I got from them. And there were no sounds. After about 30 minutes of me trying to make sense of it all, including flashing lights when I closed my eyes, a wispy apparition sauntered by as if it were H. I could see a clear energy field where his legs would be, and at the front of this field of energy was a wispy smoky fog (where his shins would be). I couldn't believe my eyes so as I looked again. He circled the tent, walked past the window again and then came through the tent wall right in front of me and into my body. He did not "take over" my body, but became a part of it, and I felt that same magnetic/energy feeling from my throat chakra down to my root of being magnetically connected to him. This feeling is so overwhelming that it gives you a sensation of almost wanting to convulse (I never do, but that's the only way I can describe it). Well not really convulse, it’s not an “ill” feeling. It’s the feeling you get when you’re in a car, and go over a hill really quick, and you get that funny feeling in your stomach for a few seconds as your stomach is “left behind”. That’s the feeling I get from the middle of my body, only it lasts as long as we’re connected instead of only a few seconds. I felt this with Henry many times before his death and a few after, especially when we would be lying face to face for hours. I will say through all of the "sprite" experiences my third eye was completely activated and has been most of the time as we approached Woodstock.

H told me to close my eyes. I told him I wanted to see him and he told me to use my third eye. That's how I would see him now. Which of course I knew. I've been frustrated of late because I want to "see" him exactly as I knew him. And there are times when I do. For example last week when I looked into his eyes just a few minutes before I woke up, clear as day those beautiful eyes. They were the eyes of alive H I knew in this life. I closed my human eyes and began looking at him with my third eye as instructed. His face kept morphing into people I don't remember ever meeting. But his eyes, although different from what I've known were always his when I looked. This was difficult due to the speed he was morphing. He said this is how I would see him now. The old form is gone. I can accept that. However he also gave me a beautiful gift. Sometimes when I'm talking to him, eyes closed trying to visualize him, I'll see a small augmenting golden "angel" shape in the middle of my field of view. These golden shapes are one of my favorite things he shows me sometimes. I always ask for them. They are golden threads that are in continual motion. He explained that even though he isn't in "his" old form anymore, that with this golden moving blob, I can conjure the old shape of him up, I just have to learn how to visualize and do this. Challenge accepted. It's not that I don't love him in his new forms, I do. His essence is pure beauty. And I will always love that essence, no matter the form. I was able manifest his face. Once the golden blob is molded, it changes from golden strands, to H's real face.

Suddenly after connecting with him and feeling his love. The scary confusion of what I was seeing in the forest was transformed to beauty and whimsy and I was no longer afraid. The forest I believed to be "dead" was alive and churning in a way I could not have imagined. But H could. A lot of these creatures have flashed before me as 2D creatures in what I can only describe as a picture show to me. After H died, when I closed my eyes to go to sleep many nights, I would start seeing a rapid slideshow of different imagery. Sometimes just lots of random faces, or places, sometimes happy beautiful things, hearts and flowers, or beautiful geometric patterns, and sometimes dark things, skulls, demons, monsters, trolls and the like. I'm assuming from H. Nothing like this happened before his death. And the only other instance I had of this quick flash of sometimes several hundred images of things is when I had my Akashic record and binary code dream (if you're interested in this dream, it's currently in the TF forum with the title binary code). Now all the creatures H had shown me in slideshows were moving through the forest around my tent in 3D and I knew they wouldn't hurt me. I felt ashamed about reacting so quickly to the bear/wolf visit earlier. Now I'm not even sure they were real.

Around the time I was able to change H from gold to real H in my minds eye. B woke up from a nightmare and wanted me to come to the car. I told her it was too hot, and that I'd been up keeping watch and there was nothing to be afraid of. I knew that if the bear/wolf had been interested in any of our things, they were long gone by now and far away from here. We were super careful and had nothing around food wise anyway. She reluctantly came into the tent and laid down in a huff complaining she wouldn't be able sleep. Since I had been keeping watch, I hadn't laid out my mat and sleeping bag. I laid them out, laid down and hoped for the best. After a minute or so H's wisp floated back in and connected with me, we were essentially just hanging out. I was still processing what he told me, and wanted to remember it because it made so much sense at the time, then I heard B's faint snore. I thought to H, "that was fast". He thought/spoke back "the fairies sprinkled her with some fairy dust". I replied "they should sprinkle me with some too! I need to get some sleep tonight." So they did.

I only slept for an hour or so and the light crept up to a decent level to walk to the bathroom. It was 5:30am. As I walked back up the hill from the bathroom, I glanced up at our campsite. Sitting in a red camping chair facing an extinguished fire with his back to me was H's figure. As I reached camp it disappeared. I knew I needed to get this all down. I was not f***ed up in any way. I was not sleeping. Slight sleep deprivation coupled with a high adrenaline rush from the "bear" we're the only "things" I was on. My consciousness was altered, but not drastically or in any way that diminished my capacity, I think it was just altered enough to “see” or accept what was happening in front of me.

The next day I visited the psychic. Interestingly enough when she was talking about B she said she saw her as a fairy girl, which I thought was an extremely interesting description considering she had been sprinkled with fairy dust earlier. After the reading I let B listen to the recording, and also read the enchanted forest story, which honestly I decided when I wrote it I wasn't going to share for fear of a straight jacket! B said to me "Mom, don't you remember what my nightmare was about last night?"

I didn't remember that she'd told me, but when she got into the tent, she said she couldn't sleep in the car alone, that she'd had a nightmare that there were things crawling all over the car. At the time, I couldn't tell her that there HAD been things crawling all over the car, but everything was fine. Having B experience the same sort of thing in her dream was all the verification I needed to realize I wasn't completely crazy. And the psychic told me that he may have visited me in preparation for my visit with her. Things sort of "ramped up" over the couple of weeks before I saw her. Anyway it was amazing! I would love comments.

Interesting night. I interesting place this enchanted forest. I told B it looked enchanted when we drove in. I was correct.

After re-reading this, I realized that the magnetism I felt with H being there is something I’ve experienced off and on before in my life before I ever met H. I believe we’ve connected on a different level several times throughout my life. I always interpreted those as dreams, but perhaps they were lucid or I wasn’t dreaming at all. What an amazing gift.

Also yesterday (7/8/2015) through some highway construction. 1234 made an interesting appearance. There was a sign saying that construction fines were doubled in a "special safety corridor" for the next 12 3/4 miles. This happened again as a part of a completely different corridor further down the highway with 2 3/4 miles. Nicely done. (1234 234 1111 are my numbers that show up everywhere)

We had a mouse run up to B and I last night when we were sitting on the bathroom floor of the campground reading and waiting for our phones to charge. He was a bold quick little fellow. B would get nervous when he got too close and speak. And he wound scurry off afraid. He got within a foot of us once. I told B he was just curious and wouldn't hurt us. Just like the bear and all the creatures I saw last night. This morning 7/9 there are a bunch of birds chirping. Oh lots of "shadow people" and creatures. Forms it was too dark to make out last night.
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Old 12-08-2015, 08:33 PM
Awakened Queen Awakened Queen is offline
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Were you the only one who was able to see them, or could your daughter see them as well?
"Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know." - Pema Chodron
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Old 13-08-2015, 07:03 PM
HMyBodhisattva HMyBodhisattva is offline
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She dreamed about them. Or as she put it, in her nightmare there were things crawling all over the car. So yes. She didn't experience them the same way. She did absolutely see the bear or wolf behind the camp fire, that's what initially spooked us and got our adrenaline going. She was terrified of sleeping in the tent, but then after her nightmare told me she couldn't sleep in the car alone, so she very reluctantly came to the tent.
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Old 19-08-2015, 04:44 PM
Posts: n/a
H has obviously been helping you with your spiritual connections! This has helped you to be at peace within, spiritually. Fairies, sprits, etc are very real beings, but you have to be in the area they've made their home, and be very much at peace within yourself , and "giving off a love vibe" (if you will) for them to show themselves. Animals will do this too under these conditions, but they are not quite as sensitive to being welcomed as the "people of the glen", as sprites, fairies, etc are traditionally called.

That is why the animals came around first. Later, after H had been there and you were even more at peace, then the people of the glen came around, both to see you (they can be quite curious if they feel safe) and to greet you. B was sensing them too, but is not as yet comfortable enough with "weird things" (she uses that term doesn't she) to accept them and be able to actually see them.

You should feel both blessed and honored that the people of the glen came out to greet you, and felt safe enough to do so. "'tis a rare gift lassie"

btw, the psychic picked up on a lil bit of this, but had she looked, or been able to look, at the next level within, she would have been able to explain more of this to you. but you may have been a bit on guard with her and not as open as you were that night.

I know these things from experience. I used to have a gnome that lived in my kitchen (gnomes have a fondness for kitchens if they feel safe enough). It used to bang around in the cupboards sometimes at night, and LOVED to mess with my cat, who would go to see what was making the noise, then come flying out of the kitchen with his tail all puffed up.

here's a poem I wrote about one of my experiences


help B to become more accepting and open, and she will be able to see them, not just sense them

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Old 19-08-2015, 09:38 PM
HMyBodhisattva HMyBodhisattva is offline
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Originally Posted by spiritwalker211
That is why the animals came around first. Later, after H had been there and you were even more at peace, then the people of the glen came around, both to see you (they can be quite curious if they feel safe) and to greet you. B was sensing them too, but is not as yet comfortable enough with "weird things" (she uses that term doesn't she) to accept them and be able to actually see them.

Thank you! Everything you said makes sense, especially the animals coming first. This was on the second time I had seen a psychic, so I'm sure I was a little nervous. The reading was amazing though. I have a lot of gratitude to H for essentially waking me up and bringing me back to life when I met him, and for still assisting me. Every time something happens I'm more in awe of the universe and the different realms of existence.

I'm going to check out your link. :)
"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe." John Muir

We are love.
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Old 23-10-2015, 12:26 PM
Shrek Shrek is offline
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What interesting experience Hmy
A beautiful visit and gift from H
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