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Old 20-12-2019, 01:58 AM
LibraTaurusEnergy23 LibraTaurusEnergy23 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2019
Posts: 36
ThAnk you😀

Originally Posted by ann299

I read your post and it resonated with me because I have suddenly been drawn to a very similar twin story. I will share my story in hope to bring you comfort.

I was in university years ago (21 years ago to be exact) in a 4 year program with a guy who was a twin. I did not really know his twin but we knew of each other and I knew that they were close. This man and I had our moments of closeness, but we never dated and we had a falling out in 1996 and I told him I would never speak to him again which of course I now regret deeply.

We never spoke again ever even while we continued to see each other every day for the next 2 years of our program. I always felt a special connection with him and I always felt his energy across the room.

In September of this year, I had a dream that was super real in which he told me that he was not crazy, just not well emotionally which made no sense to me because he was a very happy person and did not act crazy in any way when I knew him. I had dreams about him in the last 3 years but did not pay attention to them. That dream felt so real that I googled him hoping to contact him, only to find out that he died 5 years ago by taking his own life. I was in total shock.

I also had other dreams after that where he showed me things or tells me things. I contacted his twin brother to offer my condolences and with hesitations shared my dreams with him. His brother validated some of the information and apparently what he said in the big dream was what he had been saying in the days leading to his passing. His twin is still grieving his brother's death after 5 years but hearing my stories has brought some amount of comfort to him. Your brother's ex is most likely telling you the truth and please pay attention to what she is telling you, because I am now in her shoes and it is not that easy at the soul level and there is always the fear of not being believed. In my case I did not even know the person had passed, but he always seems to be in a good place when I dream about him. I asked his twin if he really believed me and why. Only after I felt certain that I would not be dismissed or ridiculed did I start feeling comfortable sharing any new info that comes along. The better the communication is with his twin, the more I receive info. It seems to be a circle of harmony.

I went to a medium who told me that he is contacting me because I am the only person in his circle who can pick up his energy ( I have had dreams all my life ie premonitions, informations and messages from departed people) and because he always thought about me.

I hope this helps you and pay close attention to what his ex is telling you. I would be happy to answer questions if you have any.

Hi Ann. Iím so sorry for your loss and I appreciate you taking time to reach out to me. This community has been great comfort for me and I sporadically come here to learn and be open. Has his twin experienced him? My brother has still not contacted me. And I still donít know what always means 😭 Iím still yearning for a connection again. Nothing more from his ex. But Iím going to ask her again if she has seen or heard from him at all. I donít ever remember my dreams. I sleep with crystals in hopes to bring him closer. Your story gives me hopes he will come to me eventually but maybe I canít feel his energy. It confuses me bc I think I should! Right? Thatís my twin brother😭
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Old 20-12-2019, 02:09 AM
LibraTaurusEnergy23 LibraTaurusEnergy23 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2019
Posts: 36
Hi scorpius Rex!

Originally Posted by scorpius_rex
Hey LibraTaurusEnergy, do you live in the Southwest part of the US? I met a ride share driver who had a twin son that passed because of the same circumstance and made me think of you ...

I hope youíre continuing to stay committed to your healing path.

Hi friend! Iím in Florida. I appreciate you thinking of me and reaching out to ask on my well being. I love this community and find great comfort here with all
Of you.

I have been healing ok I would say. My belief system is still in shambles and Iím trying to have an understanding but itís so hard someone recommended The Astral City - A Spiritual JourneyĒ I watched it on YouTube. Iím trying to find what resonates with me. It was very interesting. Joseph has yet to connect with me in any way or form. But maybe he has and I just donít know it. I recently visited New York and everywhere I went I saw his name Joe. Joe in Chinatown Joe in little Italy...joe in Manhattan...seeing his name everywhere finally broke me down into tears but maybe he has just being with me on my journey. Itís nice to think that but then I think itís just a coincidence and joe is a common name. I guess Iím still yearning for a true convincing connection. I miss him so much. Iím still mourning him I donít think I have yet to really resonate with my father being gone too. It all happened so fast and I really just feel lost in life. Iím trying tho. Thank you again for reaching out to me it really means a lot to me.
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Old 20-12-2019, 02:51 AM
ann299 ann299 is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Dec 2019
Posts: 21

To answer your question, no his twin has had nothing since he passed away 5.5 years ago. I was told that one cousin had one dream.

His twin also wonders why not him. Him and I never dated and actually had a falling out in 1996 and never spoke again which makes it even more puzzling but truth be told, I never disliked him, I had feelings for him and I was just waiting for an apology. In the dreams, he always shows as happy, smiling and sometimes playful. What he says in the dreams are very coherent, intelligent and loving things towards me and towards his twin.

I make sure I tell his twin every little info that comes through, all the dreams are all very different. I had a tiny dream yesterday and I will tell his twin the next time we speak. I read somewhere that they go to people whom they know will share the dreams.

The best dream I had was the night right before I was about to meet his twin for the first time in 21 years and we really did not know each other. Now we do. His twin is actually really nice to me and is in touch many times per week. He is married so it is not about dating or anything like this, but it is like a circle if that makes sense. I know that his twin was important because while in school he would mention him often. I know that if he could get through to his twin, he would.

I really wish I could take my dreams and pass them to his twin. I do the best I can because I think that getting messages from the other side in a dream is a privilege.

Did you try going to a good medium? I also received great validated info via a great medium, info that I did not get from my dreams.

I hope you eventually get a dream from him. If only we knew how to make this happen.
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Old 31-12-2019, 08:48 AM
soulforce soulforce is offline
Join Date: Jun 2018
Posts: 321
  soulforce's Avatar
Fast forward: My dear brother has passed away. 8/31/2019. My father passed shortly after him on 9/25/2019. My heart is completely shattered.

I'm really sorry for your loss, please accept my condolences.

Has anyone had experience with a spirit after death? My twin brother just passed. 10/3/1985-08/31/2019.

Yes, but my experience isn't like yours in that I didn't know the person in life.

I’m lost for words. Is he still here?


Why is he still here. Why hasn’t he reached out to me?

He will always be near you, because you need him. He is learning to reach out to you, but grief inhibits the spirit from getting really close. In time you will learn how to elevate your spirit so that you two can meet. It might take awhile, but no worries he is going to meet you sometime soon.

Does this mean he isn’t where he needs to be? I’m so scared for him and I also want to try and talk to him is it bc I’m not intuitive enough?
He is exactly where he needs to be and I think you know what I mean by that. If he is able to reach to other people he is with the light. You don't need to worry about him, he's okay.

How do I become more intuitive? Please please help I’m desperate for answers and insight. I miss my brother dearly.

Firstly, grieve. You need to heal and the only way to heal is through grieving. Allow yourself some time to put yourself together, and when you do, he will be waiting for you. I promise.

This life has nothing for me now I need something from my brother so I can move on I’m not sure what I need but I’m obsessed in my mind thinking he is still here not in physical form but in spirit and he is upset about a man cheating on his ex girlfriend?! I know she is intuitively inclined so I believe her but she said for the most part he won’t talk to her and she hasn’t seen him since my dad passed away which was 9/25/2019]

Your brother is with your father. And they are both very near you. If you would like to connect with them. All you need to do is think about them.

Look for signs and songs. Spirit connects with what your soul is attracted to most. Then you will see, as he sees.

Ann I want you to try something that might help your healing. Make sure you find a quiet place to try this.

While standing bring your feet apart, approximately shoulder width.

Spread your arms apart by reaching to the sides as far as your arms can go.

Then turn your palms toward the sky.

Raise your hands about head height while keeping your arms apart. Make sure your hands are palm up all the time. Your fingers can be loose. Imagine that you are lifting up a giant mountain above your head.

Close your eyes and imagine a white light surrounding you from above, and below. When the light touches your core think about anything that you love. Hold this posture for about 3 to 5 minutes focusing on the white light.

After that slowly cross your arms and rest your palms on your chest. Hold that position until you feel the warmth from your hands enter your body. Do this before you go to bed as many times as you need.

"For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul".
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