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Old 14-05-2019, 09:56 PM
Colorado Colorado is offline
Join Date: Nov 2015
Posts: 666
Deceased family member

Awhile back, in 2016...I posted about a young relative of mine who died in Vietnam at 20 years old. It's been awhile...so I'm going to repost the story. I would like your feedback on what you think or know spiritually on the subject.

About 10 years or so, ago...I had a young man, that I had never met, or heard of...enter into my dream. Actually, he had shown up in my dreams many times ...but I either didn't focus or pay attention to him, or because he didn't talk.

These would be random, jumbled, senseless dreams..
But he would be standing to the far left, silent.

There would be many pointless dreams...where I would walk right passed him in the dream, but not stop or talk to him.

Most of what I remember, is of him being in a hazy grey form, almost a smokey, hazy form.

The last time I can remember dreaming of him...he was standing, silent ly to the left as usual...
But the dream, this is weird...went from being an unconscious, jumbled up, meaningless dream....to being almost lucid. I consciously, in the second...took notice, and focused on him...because he became a reoccurring figure in the meaningless dreams.

I said...as I looked at him, "who are you?"

There was this energy(or telepathic communication of energy, I think I read this off of him because I have some psychic abilities) that clearly said "20 year old male"

I could see hazily, his grey smokey like figure...and his stature, age and sex.
But he did not speak, he just held up a neon yellow blinking sign, the kind you see at bars or hotels years ago....that read "1968"

That's all I had. The year, "1968"

I woke up right after.

After that, I would find pennies all over the place with the same year.

I wasn't born until 1978. I did not know who this person was, but their energy did feel familiar...like I had felt them before, especially as a small child.

I talked to my dad...I asked if anybody had died in 1968, and he said no. I asked him if we had any young males die in our family...he said no.

Now, I did not know if 1968 was the year this young man died, I was basically guessing that's why he showed me that year in my dream, call it instincts...but it could have referred to anything really.

I didn't even know if this guy existed, or if this was just a dream...all I knew was that I was at least going to ask, and see.

Dad didn't know nothing.

A few weeks later, I was talking to my mom....now, my mom has not been in my life since I was 5 years old really....her and my dad divorced when I was a toddler, and she moved away.

But as I got older, I kept in touch with her, here and there.

So I asked her the same thing...by chance, just to see...and she said, yes...my great grandmother on her dad's side, died that year. I told her no....specifically, a young male, about 20 years old. She said no...I went on to tell her about the dreams, and this young man...hoping to jog her memory, but no...there was no such person.

So clearly, this was just a dream.

It was awhile later, when my great grandfather died...maybe a year or 2...I don't remember exactly.

I went to his funeral ( I was close to him when I was small, and I also got a visitation from him the night he died) His body was brought to our state for burial.

By this time, I had dropped the subject on the young male in the dreams...figuring it was just dreams.

But, I was basically surfing the internet one day...and decided to look up my great grandpas obituary. It was posted online.

I was reading the top of his obituary, where it gives his name, birthplace and other personal details. And at the end of the first paragraph, it said he was preceded or proceeded in death, by his wife, two sons, and a grandson.

I zeroed in on the two sons, curious as to who they were...as it gave their names..

Particularly, one son...because it said my grandfather was a WW2 veteran, and he proceeded his son in death..
Who died in Quang Nam, Vietnam in 1968.

When I looked up the name of his son..
Everything matched the boy in the dreams...He was born 11-16-1947, and died 9-19-1968. A 20 year old male, and 1968...and he was a marine, and his whole battalion was killed by enemy fire.

Shocked, of course ...that this was real, he did exist, and that my in mother did not remember him, as he was her uncle.

I don't know...looking back...it always bothered me, that he was in a smokey, grey hazy form.

I have seen spirits and deceased people before...but never in grey hazy form. They have always been illuminated in color, bright, and or energetic looking, I could clearly see they were light/energy.

But this young boy, who died at a very young age, a casualty of war, in a far off foreign land away from his family....was a violent death, and was in a dark hazy smokey grey form.

I don't know if he needed help, or if he still needs help...I'm not sure what his form meant....was he in depression, was he lost, I still don't know what to make of this...

I do pray for him, I do get signs here and there...1968, tags with Vietnam on personal items, and things like that...

But why was his appearance different than the others I have seen....when they were illuminated in energy and light....while his was smokey and grey?

What could that mean...

Also looking back, I think he's tried to get my attention before...one night while sleeping on the couch, I clearly heard boots walking on the laminated floor clear as day...and then, as I ignored it, they picked up a kitchen chair, and slammed it on the floor, moderately...not being mean, but wanting attention. This woke up my son too...who was sleeping in a lazy boy chair across from me.

There's other stuff like that, that was going on for years. I have some psychic abilities, different kinds...so I didn't put it all together...because different things happen, so I thought it could be anyones energy I was picking up on.
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Old 19-05-2019, 08:14 AM
Colorado Colorado is offline
Join Date: Nov 2015
Posts: 666
Does nobody have an idea of what his hazy grey form was? This to me is not normal for a soul in peace...as I have seen them in light and colorful energy. This to me, is a young soul, in darkness...most likely from his death in war as a kid.

Please, if you have any information, or instincts of what this could be... the thought of a young relative coming to me, and not being able to help.. especially, since now I have a teenager ( 18 years old) going to boot camp in South Carolina on Monday, May 20th...who resembles my late uncle. I dont know what to do...I'm very confused, this is so close to home, and he's my own...I have prayed...but I have not seen him again. Could he have crossed over now...
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Old 20-05-2019, 07:14 PM
desert rat desert rat is offline
Join Date: Aug 2013
Location: Phoenix AZ USA
Posts: 3,542
Hear are some guesses. Some dreams are just dreams and dont mean much . Some dreams are from wakeing reality The 20 y o could be from some you know or met and forgot . A few dreams are from going out of body during deep sleep but only remember as a dream . As the 20 y o did not give you a name he could be the guy that died in Nam , some one alive or dead . We also meet up with living people while out of body .
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Old 22-05-2019, 07:13 PM
Colorado Colorado is offline
Join Date: Nov 2015
Posts: 666
Originally Posted by desert rat
Hear are some guesses. Some dreams are just dreams and dont mean much . Some dreams are from wakeing reality The 20 y o could be from some you know or met and forgot . A few dreams are from going out of body during deep sleep but only remember as a dream . As the 20 y o did not give you a name he could be the guy that died in Nam , some one alive or dead . We also meet up with living people while out of body .

No, it was more than that.
I knew instinct ively he was a relative, and the flashing neon sign, 1968...20 years old male...I knew he was a relative, that's why I asked my family first.

I've had dreams and visitations from people in the past, and I knew the ones who were and we're not relatives. It's the energy, one can feel it. You just know when it's your own....it's that familiar energy, that makes a group a soul family, it's felt on an etheric or spiritual level.

He was definitely real. I've had random dreams, dreams with random people...this was like none of those.

My gifts, and I believee we all have them...in different ways, and different levels of development, I have always been visitation s and gotten information through dreams. It doesn't happen every day, but when it does...there's a very distinct feeling and knowing, and even imagery..
that let's one know it's not like any other dream...it's a message.

Often when I have visitations through dreams, there is verifiable information given, that is found out later.

I want to thank you for responding...it does give a level of comfort, but at the same time...this was one of "those" dreams, that I can not write off as imagination..
But, I might have it wrong...misinterpreting the message, or visitation...I have tendency to dissect, and over think things... especially now that I have a young one in the military.
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