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Old 16-05-2019, 08:06 AM
Colorado Colorado is offline
Join Date: Nov 2015
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Absolutely 👍

How many spirits/souls need help...and can't communicate, so they move objects, mess with stuff, and make a ruckus to be heard...and are called demonic.
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Old 16-05-2019, 08:38 AM
NoOne NoOne is offline
Join Date: Jan 2019
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Most supposed demons are actually pagan gods or nature spirits that have been "demonised" by the church. They made them look hideous and created scary stories around them to put people off from contacting or worshipping them. And a fine job they have done of it too, judging on the largely unjustified fear and prejudice people have when it comes to the subject.
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Old 30-05-2019, 04:12 PM
ketzer ketzer is offline
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Originally Posted by Lynn

While I support that the TV and Media has made it more open to discuss and understand or try to understand being around Ghosts and Spirits too they are doing a lot of harm at times as well I personally feel.

They toss the word around "Demon" and "Demonic" like they are something that is everywhere we walk, and that every contact seems to be dark or malevolent in nature.

I have worked cases where the forces in a home or around a property are very dark and very negative in the pressence they give off. Now this is not what I go to call "Demonic" in nature as I honestly feel if such a force was there would I live through the experience ? I have been pinned to walls, scratched, tossed down stairs, ext but never had injury that is life threatening.

Watching some of the shows that are out there now make me question ethics at times in how we deal with those passed over. So my family at times wonder why I watch them, simple many times mediums like me are called to help where others might have been asked and not helped, or maybe not understood they could help.

Yet most of those shows do not want "real stories" from a Medium if your not willing to play it up.....make it darker than it truly is.

We seek to understand but too we seek to spread fear at times that is not reality based.

Prove me wrong maybe one day a dark force will show to me that I am not prepared for....but for now sorry Demons are a thing of the imagination.

The brain pushes our buttons at times. Fear it seems is new new best reality TV offering.


Demons and angles, sex and violence, conspiracy theories, reality TV that is...well, not real. Do real housewives really do nothing but get together, drink wine and ***** about each other? If they do, why would I care? The more we see, the more we become habituated, and the more outrageous it needs to become to keep us watching. Why? What is it about our lives that has us tuning in? If our own lives were full of such things, would we be sitting down in front of the TV at night to see more of it?
“It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong.”
― Voltaire, The Age of Louis XIV
"Yeah right, tell me about it." Jesus
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Old 09-06-2019, 07:53 PM
Found Goat Found Goat is offline
Join Date: Mar 2019
Posts: 97
‘Tis what is called the demonization of the paranormal. There are those who see demons under every bed, including the four-posters of fairies, poltergeists, ufonauts, certain Elementals, Mothman, Shadow People, and even Bigfoot. Much of the blather is disinformation, sensationalism, or paranoia. In this sense, I’m in agreement.

That is not to say I don’t believe in the existence of a demonic realm, but according to experts in this field diabolic possession is extremely rare. The purpose of these devils and their sinister underlings, it is said, is to weaken the energumen’s free will. It’s quite possible these nefarious entities have the means to destroy a human but are restricted from doing so as per God’s divine law.

I’ve experienced my own share of ghostly encounters and do not regard these to have been in any way related to fallen angels.

That being said, I’ve studied the material of several psychic researchers into the matter of demonic activity and some of them have professed to witnessing demonic possession first hand. The victims are sometimes slapped, pushed, bit, punched, spew ungodly profanities and, during their possession, are said to fear the cross (staurophobia) or the name of Jesus Christ. These same researchers note how many of today’s sky pilots curiously scoff at the idea of God-opposing evil forces and how the majority of ghost hunters likewise dismiss the idea of the existence of such malevolent spirit creatures (as if demons would care whether one believes in them or not).

I know of one person who, years ago, practiced trying to communicate with a dead loved one and later spent years of harrowing psychic attack. One day, amidst the thick of it, he heard an unseen voice call out to him in a whispery holler, all about him, similar to surround-sound stereo, the name of Satan. Up to that point, this person disbelieved in the Devil and still does, regarding this to have been the work of prankish spirit tricksters and the effect of his having gotten involved with this particular form of divination. This followed with the voice exclaiming, “I exist!” I relate this account for no other reason than to point out that occasionally instances of High Strangeness do reveal a theological aspect to them for some experiencers, regardless of how these ones choose to interpret it. On a relevant note, this person, during his years of diabolic harassment, also saw humanlike spectors, witnessed apports and the displacement of objects, and felt cold spots, all of which – incidentally or coincidentally – are known to be associated with ghosts and hauntings as well. Thre appears to be an overlap of sorts.

Then there is the story of an elderly man I knew who in the 1950s said he attended a seance. His desire was to make contact with his dearly departed wife (who died prematurely), and ended up regretting ever doing so. He told me some things that happened to him following the seance that resembled the doings of demonic oppression. I never forgot what he once said to me as it had made me chuckle. In one of his less dispirited moments, perhaps as a means of introducing a bit of levity into the conversation, as was often his tendency to do, he remarked: “The vow we made was that we’d love each other ‘till death do us part.’ I guess for her that was the extent of it.”

It’s commonly known there are some psychic researchers who use the term demons loosely, to describe even low-level spirits, without necessarily believing them to be in any way associated with the Christian religion.

The person mentioned in the preceding first experience was so terrified at having heard that unseen voice identify itself as the Evil One that it just might have been some low-level entity who gets off scaring his victims for the sole purpose of feeding off their fear. Who knows.

I sense there are those who refuse to think of demons as real as this might then give validation to the doctrines of orthodox Christianity which they possibly find loathsome, but it’s my feeling that these evil spirits don’t necessarily have to be restricted or confined to the realm of Christian theology or even monotheistic dogma for that matter, in order for them to be real and of the supernatural realm.

In the end, ghosts and hauntings may be the least of our concerns. To this day, there are many sober, sane & intelligent non-religious humans who believe that analogous invisible and benighted minions to still be somewhat at work in human affairs, operating the strings to some extent, perhaps currently orchestrating and manoevering events within the field of A.I. research, for example, with the aim of seeing to an envisioned future in which the freedom of humans will be reduced to the level of automatons, slaves, or pets ... akin to the victims of demonic oppression. If so, therein lies the true chilling monstrosity of it all.
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Old 10-06-2019, 04:02 AM
Lynn Lynn is offline
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Location: Past Pluto in the vastness of space and time
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I do not put things in the "box" of any religion a Ghost, Spirit, Demon, Entity, ET, Mystical Creature ext are all the same in the realm of what we term the Paranormal World. They exist on some level of being I feel. What I struggle with is how now days its very hard to get a Priest out to Bless a House or Cleanse a House, trust me I have had many cases where the home owner has tried. This opens that door to those "Paranormal Investigators" that might or might not hold the needed training to help out but have the right intentions at times.

I know well there are some very dark forces out there, that I too feel that if let grow might well do real harm. I have been scratched like they show on the show's felt and seen things like the wind they show. The worst is something they seem to rarely touch on and that is the "smell" that death has. Maybe that is pushing the boundaries to what a viewer would accept to have your audience loosing their cookies everywhere.

I do feel there are dark things that we need to be aware of as the world seems to be in a phase of change and that pull is greater to the want to understand how death works. We too have a more open communication tool with the internet at our fingertips to spread things more in the stories we can share. We are more open to discuss where when I grew up it was a taboo and maybe a trip to the Rubber Room if discusses.

I was watching Paranormal 911 and I have to have an interest in this one some as I have had phone calls where the phone is not in existence. One was a call from a man that told me he was in trouble that he was going to be killed and needed help NOW. This was before call display numbers or cell phones, yet every night I got the same phone call come to me. Finally the phone company ran the number for me, and it was from a murder victim and his phone was out of service. Yet my phone noted an incoming call from his number. How who knows.

I have been to places in England that have such a dark past, let into areas of a church in once case where there are torture items from a past Priest in it. A dark attic room, in a church that is not noted on any tourist map. I was wondering the graveyard wondering why so many were buried outside the existing walls of the church. Noted by the Reverend that ran the church whom came outside to talk with me. She said that there was a bad flu epidemic that took a toll on the village that room had to be made.

The church had a "dark" feeling to it like it was heavy, and when I told her how I felt about it she invited me inside to see it . She went around opening all the doors and said take your time look where you want to. Take any pictures you want to. We found the room and went up into the space. I cleansed it some up there as it was heavy and dark. She said she never went up there, and it was not open often. If there is a darkness that was man made it was in that room.

I too have had experience of darkness that I not man nor beast but too understand that we are but a spec in a vast Universe that has to be full of many things we have yet to experience.

I do agree that we should not speak openly the names of things we call "demons" as that might well give more energy to the powers available. Too at times I know well prayer is not a blessing that will work, at times it takes more than one method to clear a space, and more than one simple visit. I have been called out with many different faiths, church and investigator and we all work as "one" for the over all good. We might well all call it something different but in the end stay on the same page we need to clear the space.

Where are we going hmmm some say to "H" and back. But I note that both up and down have an "H" in them.

I think that our real concern is how we are handling the oceans and air we need to survive life on Earth.

If the crow has chosen you as your spirit or totem animal, it supports you in developing the power of sight, transformation, and connection with life’s magic.
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