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Old 20-09-2017, 11:56 AM
Amethyst Amethyst is offline
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Questions about Pendulum Dowsing

Dear fellow spirits,

I have a question regarding the above.

I have been practising this for some time. I apply some meditations beforehand and relax. Then I ask questions to check whether the pendulum is giving me the right answers; those can be non-emotional one- what colour shirt am I wearing for instance. These are becoming more than less 100% accurate. For others the questions are correct as well. However I do have some questions that make me wonder.

1. When I apply the p to myself regarding more emotional matter I wonder whether they are always correct? They seem less correct. How can I improve this?
2. The p also tends to more to directions that are unfamiliar to me. For instance, my p moves clock-wise to a yes, and no, other way. No answer would horizontally, and I don't know vertically. But sometimes it shifts to the angle between left and upper corner, or the right upper corner with right. In other words: 90 degrees clockwise and sometimes 90 degrees counter clockwise?

Could someone explain this to me so I could understand better? I have researched but no good results until now.

Warm wishes,
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Old 07-10-2017, 08:25 AM
Urfus Urfus is offline
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Dear Amethyst,

working with pendulum looks simple, but it is definitely not easy and requires years of practice. In order to achieve the best results, please be aware of the following 4 main factors having influence on your outcome with pendulum:
a) how your muscles and brain are trained to mutually cooperate
b) how your muscles are currently configured to respond (muscle response to water and acid)
c) how much of your ego interferes and steps into your work (ability to remain neutral)
d) how good is your question (question appropriateness and perceived meaning of used words)

I will share some details below to all of the mentioned points.

Many people tend to believe that there is a special power/entity/spirit that is behind the fact your pendulum reacts to your questions. No, it is not. It is you who moves your pendulum. Pendulum is just a tool which amplifies the micromovements created by your muscles.

There are 2 ways to move the pendulum. Either you move the pendulum:
1) consciously by your will - you ask pendulum to follow certain direction and it does or
2) subconsciously - you ask pendulum a question or you visualise something and the answer comes without you being actively involved in the process of finding answer

At the time you are doing pendulum training, 1) can be pretty useful to practice as it helps you get used to the different movements of the pendulum. Using your will you should be able to force pendulum to follow any direction. I recommend to practice at least these 5 movements:
- horizontal movement (moving from left to the right and back)
- vertical movement (moving forwards and backwards)
- clockwise movement (moving in a circle from right to the left)
- anticlockwise movement (moving in a circle from left to the right)
- stop (you move your pendulum and give it a command to stop moving)

It might happen that one direction is not working for you. This is normal and it is a sign that in your past/childhood you didn't perform certain movements with your hands and not all of your muscles are "well-trained". The other reason might be the fact that the part of the brain which is responsible for movement has a block (this happens 1 in 100 persons).

If the horizontal movement doesn't work for you, practice it until it does. If it doesn't work either, take a pen and paper and start drawing horizontal lines from left to the right and then backwards. And then try again. If it doesn't help, consider replacing your pendulum (once I had a weird pendulum in my hand which I couldn't move into certain direction, very rare, but possible)

Before starting using your pendulum subconsciously, you should master the described movements using your will. Later on there is no need to use your will and pendulum.

Muscles have built-in 2 main states in which they can get into (as I am not a native speaker of English, I apologize for perhaps not using exact/proper technical terms). They can go into the released state (for example if you have your hand just lying on the table you can imagine what I mean), or they can go into the tight state (for example when you clench your fist). Muscles naturally react to your questions/visualisations by going into these 2 states. Put simply - when the muscles are in released state, they mean something is good for you. When they are tight, something is bad.

However, it can happen these reactions are reversed and your muscles go into the tight state when in fact they should be in released state and vice versa. That's why it is always recommended to perform muscle test to calibrate muscles to give you correct responses because I believe you don't want to get reversed answers from the pendulum.

How to do it:
- Put 2 glasses in front of you. In the first one put drinkable water, in the other one put acid (or vinegar or something not drinkable or toxic - gasoline/glue/etc).
- Point the pendulum over the glass with water and visualise that in a minute you are going to drink it. Then wait how the pendulum reacts. If it performs circular movement (it doesn't really depend if clock or anticlockwise), the muscle reaction is good. If it doesn't, practice until it does.
- Point the pendulum over the glass with acid (not drinkable substance) and visualise that you are going to drink it, pendulum now should either remain not moving or the movement might be unclear (little bit to the left, little bit to the right, as if the pendulum couldn't decide). If it is so, then the muscle reaction is fine.

Your muscles go into the described states throughout the day million of times. Any decision you are making (it doesn't depend if you are holding a pendulum at the same moment), muscles will react/move - even you don't realize as the movements are almost impossible to feel. If the muscles aren't calibrated the proper way, people tend to make bad decisions. Even animals have the same system. We can say that our 6th sense is in the muscles.

When working with pendulum, you have to ensure muscles react correctly. So I recommend doing this muscle test every day just before you ask the pendulum your questions you need answers for.

When the questions you are asking pendulum are related to you, your family, closed ones or any sensitive topic is involved, it often happens that your ego steps in and influences the answer. The reason might be: the fear of what will be the answer, your desire, expectations how the answer should be and also emotional imbalance (if you are angry, somebody told you bad news etc). This can be tricky and requires some practice to get rid of the ego and its influence.

Tips how to get into neutral state (try what works best for you)
1) 10 minute meditation (for example grounding)
2) going into alpha state of mind (if you practice Silva techniques of mind control)
3) praying (if you pray on daily/weekly basis, you can try this one)
4) taking a nap (short 10 minutes long sleep)
5) going for an hour long walk into the forest
6) saying in your head and firmly believing the following: for this moment, all of my goals, worries, things that bother me I put away for later
7) for some people it helps when they don't use the real name of the person they are finding answer for, but their nickname. I use it often when I want to find out answer about me, I imagine I am finding answer for Urfus.

And then there are situations when something puts you away from the neutral state:
1) during the dowsing, your phone rings
2) somebody knocks on the doors/wall
3) your dog barks
4) somebody interrupts you unexpectably
5) if you are in a time stress and hurry
6) if you need to go to WC
7) if you are hungry

This is my favourite topic. I often ask my students on my pendulum courses "Look at the photo I have got with me and use your pendulum to test if the person has a healthy heart". The usual outcome is that half of the group responds with YES answer and the other half of the group with NO answer. So does the person have a healthy heart or not? The answer is - everyone in the group is right! How it can be possible? It doesn't make any sense. It does have, let me explain it.

What does it mean for you to have a healthy heart?
Sample answer could be, ok, if the heart is working in a way that the person has normal blood pressure. The other person might think, for me, the heart is healthy when it has the right shape, no dead cells inside and it generates right bioelectric activity. The 3rd person might come up with even more precise definition - healthy heart is able to pump the blood in a way blood pressure is standard, there are no dead cells inside, there are no enemy viruses, bacterias present, there are no cancer or genetically other way mutated cells, there is no inflammation. You see what I mean.

The answer to this question is highly dependent on the way how you perceive the word HEALTHY. There are cca. 70 characteristics a healthy heart must fulfill in order we can definitely say it is healthy.

So it is crucial what words you use in your questions when you ask something your pendulum. Not everybody understands the words you do and even you maybe don't understand them correctly. Another good example is to check with pendulum whether your crown chakra is open. Anyway, what is a chakra? Is it a place inside your body or outside? How does it look like? Is it rotating energy or what it is? Internet is full of definitions and everybody talks about chakra but they mean different things..

I apologize for a longer post, initially I didn't want to go into such deep description, but I couldn't describe it in less words. Please don't be overwhelmed by the information in this post and don't stop using the pendulum because it may look like very advanced technique..

Feel free to use the pendulum on daily basis and you will master it after some time. Just don't forget about these 4 important things:
- set up correct muscle response before you start (water & acid test)
- learn to go into the neutral state of mind and practice it often (getting rid of ego)
- carefully form questions, choose your words wisely and be precise
- when working with others, ensure you and they share the same understanding about the questions and meaning of words you used in your questions
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