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Old 25-01-2007, 12:19 PM
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Smile Abductions: Real? Imagined? Spiritual?

Hi guy's... Ten years ago I saw something which changed my life irrevocably. I saw a ufo. By that I mean, I saw a craft with lights which stayed stationary above the ground with lights all around it and it made no sound whatsoever. It was only about 100 feet above us.

For around nine years I tried to put it out of my head but it would pop in there on a daily basis until one day I started to talk about it. It was a significant event which has drawn lots of attention (in a good way!.. No men in black or anything of that nature!!). I now write for a magazine and have spoken at a major conference recently.

For a long time I wondered if I had been abducted but as I had no recollection of an event like that, I could only wonder. Now this past year and a bit that I have been speaking and writing i have met other experiencers and have befriended them. They are a big part of my life now. Since I have become embroiled in the subject and have started spending time with these people I have been having experiences that I cannot explain. One in particular left me with physical scarring and bruising, but significantly, another person in the house had the same scarring and a recollection of strange happenings during the same night. A few days later I had another strange event which was not frightening at all when the previous experience was terrifying.

Since my first encounter (ten years ago) I have developed mediumistic and psychic abilities, these are not honed but I am working on/with them and I am developing as time go's by. Due to this I have some strange spiritual encounters ( I work as a paranormal investigator and psychic for a group) and have also had profound and vivid dreams which have messages within them or sometimes prophetic. Other dreams I have I am flying, talking with people, helping people cross over when they have died or sometimes saving people who are huddled in groups in a red hanger. Other abductees i know "dream" of this red hanger and often with me in it.

Each type of dream or experience has a different feel to it and some are more vivid than others. I feel that I can tell one from another, but then I could be wrong. Am I having real experiences, imagined or spiritual encounters.... or even all of the above? I just wondered what thoughts any of you might have on the matter.

I used to be a daily visitor of this site until it got hacked about a year ago. I lost hundreds of posts (only 91 show on my profile now!!!) and I lost heart too. I made a wonderful friend on here with whom I have regular contact and we have worked together on a book she is writing. I'm going through a very significant transformation right now and felt drawn back to the site. I hope to make friends with whom I can discuss these matters once again.

I look forward to replies.
Old 01-04-2007, 06:44 PM
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Real, very real

Abductions are real. ETs visit us in many ways. They come to the third dimension in a physical form but they also contact us through dreams.

One must be very careful, since not all visitors come in a peaceful mission. Sometimes they come the same way that we go to outter space, just to explore what's out there in scientific missions. Some worlds have developed advanced technologies but they don't live according to God, some others do.

Our civilization, for instance, doesn't live according to God, that's why we are destroying ourselves.

Old 04-04-2007, 12:55 PM
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Hi Sashwah,

In my understanding, abductions have been perpetrated in the recent past (up to a few years ago), but have now been disallowed by Mother Earth (info from the Spiritual School of Ascension). I believe there may still be ET groups operating on the planet, however.

It seems true that some ET peoples have "Service To Others" as a philosophy of life, and other ones, "Service To Self"; so as RalphGM says, it is prudent to feel out their orientation before engaging, if ever one comes across some. Much can be done by setting intentions if one does not want to experience contact with them; but of course that would be over-ridden if there were a pressing karmic need.

Aparently many abductions and experiments were actually done on the etheric level; but those who eventually recover memory of the events think it happened in the physical.

Both my wife and son have seen UFOs; but when they drew my attention to them, the UFOs immediately vanished - for some reason only known to themselves, I was never allowed to clap eyes on them. Perhaps it would have changed my life in a direction which did not serve... I believe they are present, but can never say I have actually seen one.

As far as I know, one's entanglement with these beings is a karmic one; I don't know of any cases where this connection has been researched and made public. You are probably aware that some of the ETs are acting as guardians to the awakening of the human race, and others are trying to recover their race's damaged genetics by interbreeding with Earth humans, as apparently humans the universe over are genetically similar enough to interbreed.

That more or less sums up my knowledge of them at the present time.

Old 04-04-2007, 02:28 PM
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This is my personal view of things.

I have an interest in Zen.............

There is the belief that nothing is real...

And what is real is only real because we THINK it is.

Spirits, UFOs etc materialise because we are thinking of them.

Doesn't mean they are not real - they are real for you.

But it might explain why you have trouble getting others to believe as you do, or see things as you do.

Doesn't mean you are wrong - just different.

I understand that, because we are all at different stages, levels of personal and spiritual growth, this may not make any sense to some of you.

I believe IT IS US DOING IT! I will even go as far as to say.... WE ARE OUR OWN GOD!

We are capable of so much more than we realise and we know so much more than we are aware of. We each have a hidden storehouse of knowledge within us, and we can learn to draw on it anytime anywhere.

But........... And there is always a But!

The only thing keeping us from it is the fact that most of us are unaware of its existence.

Someone wrote before about having to be careful not to overload the student with more information than they can handle at any one time.

Some of you will think this is rubbish, some of you will be curious, some of you might even have some questions, and some of you will understand.

Everybody is moving at their own pace, and depending on your predominant thoughts, you will bring about that which you think about the most.

It is called The law Of Attraction.
Old 09-04-2007, 08:39 PM
Ascended Master
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Originally Posted by Pounamu
In my understanding, abductions have been perpetrated in the recent past (up to a few years ago), but have now been disallowed by Mother Earth (info from the Spiritual School of Ascension). I believe there may still be ET groups operating on the planet, however.

I'd second that belief Pounamu.

While I'd also like to quote a belief that (if anything un-just is going on within these groups, then) a big white boot is going to come crashing into their rear end very very soon...

Love and light to them. In the form of a winged boot. Should it be required!

Old 09-04-2007, 08:42 PM
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We are all E.T's.

Abduction is as real as clairvoyance, or liquor, or hatred. All is possible.

We're making it all up as we go.
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