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Old 27-07-2016, 01:27 AM
anonymous111 anonymous111 is offline
Join Date: Feb 2016
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Red face (LONG!) A letter I wrote to him

I wrote this letter to him and it felt really liberating, despite the fact that I don't plan on sending it. If you and your TF are separated and you're having trouble coming to peace with things, try it out. Really helped me out. Also, felt like sharing it on here because I think many people are going through the same thing and feelings. Anyways, here it is.

Dear TF (not putting his name in here aha),

Iím really sorry. I read our old conversations and it makes me so upset because things between us used to be good. I now realize that I constantly put the blame on you in my head and I should have taken responsibility for my actions too because the reason it didnít work out this time around wasnít only your fault. I regret being so rude to you the last time we talked and I think about it everyday. I think the reason why I lashed out like that was just because I was really hurtóI felt like I was being ignored, I felt like I was the second choice. It always felt like I was the person who you spoke to only when nobody else was up to speak to you or there to hang out, and I was sick of feeling like that. I miss you though, but maybe weíre not supposed to be together. I guess thatís alright. I still wish you the best though. What really got to me the most was that you said that you were making time the last time we discussed everything, but I never heard from you.

I get it. It was also my fault because I began pulling away. It just seemed like, from my perspective, you didnít want to talk anymoreÖ And thatís okay. But donít leave me with open wounds if you donít want to speak anymore. You could just flat out tell me that, Iíd understand.

And now, it seems like you want to ask about me to my friend and my sister. If you want to talk, you can reach out to me directlyÖ you know Iíll always be here for you. I didnít mean what I said whatsoever. When a person says one thing and their actions donít correlate, it just leaves the other person feeling so confused. You told me you had feelings for me, but you never acted that way. One of the things Iíve learned is that actions really do speak louder than words. I have feelings for you tooÖ I know I had a hard time showing it, thatís one of the things Iíve been working on lately. I think it all stems from my childhoodÖ You know, the basic issues. I never really had anybody there to show me how to express my feelings so I just kept everything inside, but you donít know that. Sometimes the things that may seem like subtle clues to you are actually big steps for me showing my feelings.

But Iím sorry if I left you feeling hurt at all, I didnít mean to. I have a tendency to do thatóI speak before I think about the consequences. Yeah, thatís another thing Iím working on. When I say those things, I know deep down that Iím going to regret them later, but I say it anyways. Iím quite selfish in that sense really. Iím sorry again. I know sorry doesnít do anything, but I really canít even put into words how much I regret it. But the second I said what I said, I regretted it. I think I was just being selfish and I said it for my own sake. You were unintentionally hurting me and you didnít realize I suppose, but I decided it was time to protect my own heart. I didnít want to be vulnerable anymore because I kept leaving myself in a position to get hurt over and over again by the same thing that weíd spoken about so many times before.

I think after the thing with her happened I started to have trouble trusting you, and thatís on me. Maybe itís the fact that my Mom constantly drilled into my head that men will always cheat because of her experience with my Dad. Yup, another thing I have to work on. I have a lot of work to do, and I see that now, but Iím slowly getting there.

My problem was I was still holding onto subconscious resentment towards you in the back of my head, which is why I was so hesitant. I was still angry deep down that you went ghost on me for months before instead of talking to me about what you were going through. You told me you went ghost on everyone, but I saw that you were still in touch with people, and that just made me think that I simply wasnít an important enough piece in your life for you to stay in touch even through rough times. Maybe thatís just my over analytical feminine side speaking. I now sort of understand that people cope in different ways, so I do truly forgive you for that. I canít hold onto the past. I wouldnít reach out first because of my egoóI was afraid you were going to ignore me and I was afraid you were just not going to want to speak. Those were just the vibes I was getting from you, but maybe I was just delusional and it was all in my head. I guess Iíll never know.

I have so much I still want to say, but I get it if you donít wanna hear any of it or even speak to me again. Good luckóin life and in general because I know you were going through some tough times this year, so I hope you find happiness. I really do wish you the best. And if things are going to end the way things happened the last time we spoke, then I really regret that. But I hope you can feel that I do love you. And I miss you. Maybe after we work on ourselves weíll meet again. I can already feel my own growth taking place. Iím not holding onto this anger any longer, for my own sake and for yoursóitís keeping me from moving on from the past, and thatís just something I have to do. I already feel more at peace even though I began crying halfway through writing this. I really wish you the best and after everything, I still love you and will always be here for you if you need me.
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Old 27-07-2016, 11:29 AM
taurusnsane taurusnsane is offline
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really good honest letter!
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Old 27-07-2016, 06:01 PM
anonymous111 anonymous111 is offline
Join Date: Feb 2016
Posts: 80
Originally Posted by taurusnsane
really good honest letter!

thank you, I really tried to pour my feelings out just to feel some sort of relief. I legitimately could not fall asleep for the life of me last night, and I think this helped me out :)
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Old 29-07-2016, 11:11 PM
Anonconkymous Anonconkymous is offline
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I have a letter too...!
I was the male runner and now I have surrendered.
Thank you for sharing.
It helps more than you know...

Dear _______,

I'm so sorry that I pushed you away. When things happened with her, she left me all alone too. The whole time I kept trying to keep in contact with you but I lost all hope after you never replied. I lost all my spirituality. I became a crazy atheist. I fought with all my family and friends because EVERYTHING I had believed was true, felt like a lie. ďSheĒ became a monster to me. My days were nightmares and I never slept again. I feel like I was awake for weeks at a time, because I was. My dad constantly tells me to this day I need to sleep and take care of myself because I am going to die of a heart attack. This was all after you told her "Tell ____ to stop trying to reach me". That rang in my ears for more than a year. After that I went on so many meds to try and silence the pain. But it never worked for more than a couple weeks. It felt like a vibration from a church bell. It just kept getting stronger and stronger. It would stop me in my tracks, almost knocking me to my knees. It would start in my heart then shout through my whole body and out my hands, it felt like lightning bolts were going to shoot out of my hands. This continued until May 9th 2016 when a very close friend of mine died of a heart attack. He was someone that I told a lot of "secretes" to. I was so freaked out. I didn't know what to do. So I went deep inside my head... I mean really deep... Some would call it ego dissolution... The only thing left at the end was you... I couldn't stop it anymore. So I started to try and contact you again. I didn't mean to haunt you the way I did. But that's the only way I know how to reach out. After all that I think I needed those 2 years to sort my sh*t out. Since May I have tried to make myself available to you and all you did was block me from any form of communication. I constantly think of you and what is going on with your life. She tells me you were disgusted by me and you never had any feelings. So WHY? WHY can't I shake you!?! I can forget ANYONE and move on without a care. But you... That's a whole new ballgame for me. I have no clue what I am doing after I left her. I have to be with my kids as much as possible. I have to see her almost every day. It kills me every time I see her texting you. She likes to flaunt it like some sort of prize. I am all alone now... I have pushed everyone I care about away. Nothing feels right. I can't sleep still. The meds don't work / make things worse. I just wish this time was over and we could be happy again. I am sorry for asking your friend about you and telling to deliver a message but I didn't know what to do after I showed my true face. I talked to my sister about you because I literally had no one. She requested to be your friend on facebook after I told her not to. I didn't know my sister had done that. I am constantly beat up with how crazy you think I am. I just don't understand how I went from friend to a stalker. I have surrendered to this voice inside my head. I am ready to talk about stuff. Or just sit and be quiet together. You are missing from me. I'm here. You blocked me this time. All you have to do is send a text and all will be better. I never needed much more than a "poke" or an eyebrow lift while you drank from your straw. I love you, you know me... This is so hard...
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