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Old 23-03-2018, 06:25 AM
Cearneigh Cearneigh is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Feb 2018
Posts: 10
Also one point;
Not only was there this draw to the spiritual throughout my life, The fact I've got it confirmed 3 times so far I am very gifted.

I don't know what to think or do with all that information.

Somewhere there is this idea or talks through my head that it's all indeed a trial, or trying to keep the spiritual away from me.

I want to fight it, but no idea where to start.
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Old 24-03-2018, 09:52 PM
Kendaru Kendaru is offline
Join Date: Feb 2018
Posts: 60
Interesting... before getting on my computer just now, I was channeling with one of my guides, and she and I had a lovely conversation about trials - how they do it, what guidelines they follow, how they justify it, and what lines they will not cross. I logged on to write somebody a PM, found I actually have a PM from somebody else to respond to, and still was drawn back to this thread before doing either of those things. That, to me, is a clear sign that what I've just received can be of use to you!

This comes to me from a spirit who identifies herself as an aspect of the Ascended Master 'Abigrail.' For some reason, I can't find any information on this name (spelling, perhaps?), but I have found other channelings credited to that name online. I'd love to learn more about about her... but, I digress.

A true spirit guide - one that intends for your highest and greatest good and serves the light (this is a very good thing to throw at a suspicious spirit to challenge its intentions, by the way) - must adhere to God's/the Universe's will that humankind have free will. As such, they cannot (rather, should not...) coerce, trick, force, or otherwise taint your ability to make a decision on any matter. They can inform (to a point), they can talk you through your feelings, they can present options, but ultimately they must respect your ability to make your own choices.

When a spirit 'tests' you, I'm told their influence is a bit less direct than most of us probably believe. They don't go out of their way to set up a situation ahead of you like some cosmic Rube Goldberg device. They manifest it through the Universe/God by praying, meditating, or whatever else they do to intend that the Universe send us a challenge that guides us towards our best interest. Done correctly, their manifestations shouldn't put you or anyone else in danger, though they absolutely can and do manifest situations that can be stressful or make us uncomfortable. This is because stress is a terrific motivator for shaking up crystallized points of view, limiting beliefs, or just plain getting you to come out of your shell! When the challenge comes up, they watch, take notes, and then use that information to direct their next course of action, which usually involves manifesting something into your life that you need - be aware that while this can mean gifts, it can also mean experiences that will teach you a lesson.

Generally, a guide's influence should stop at the point of being 'uncomfortable,' though anger, sadness, and stress are all valid up to a point, usually momentary. There are cases that seem like exceptions - for example, when a guide's advice leads you to a decision that your s/o is not good for you and you eventually break up - but in this case, if your guide didn't tell you to sever the relationship then it was your decision based on the guidance you invited in (and if they did, then that isn't a guide).

We as humans tend to misinterpret some of these spirits' intentions because, from our limited perspective, we are quick to label things as "good" or "bad" - and we tend to think anything that makes us feel a negative emotion, like 'uncomfortable,' is bad. To them, there is no such distinction. There are things that resonate with you and your path, and things that do not. Personally, I tend to get stuck on the fact that all this sounds an awful lot like manipulation. To that, Abigrail confessed that it is - but when we think of the word 'manipulation,' we tend to think of being cheated or tricked into behaving a certain way. In a broad sense, any amount of persuasion, good or bad, is still manipulation. You want to get your kid to eat broccoli? You have to manipulate them until they believe it's good for them*. There's nothing 'bad' about that other than some preconceptions we hang over that word.

That said, there are negative entities that can manipulate you towards a negative outcome and are not averse to using force or deception, so you absolutely always need to be sure the entity is trustworthy - even if you just spoke to them recently, there are a lot of imposters out there, as well as parasitic entities capable of making your guides act against you. Without proper protection in place, these things can damage your trust in an otherwise positive entity - and a lot of these like to strike early, when you're still full of doubts.

To that point - and to the point that is likely most relevant to your situation - their influence should not be causing any real harm, and any guide worth their salt should respect your wishes if you tell them you don't desire their presence. Lesser spirits tend to get defensive or scared when confronted with the possibility that their ward wishes to sever consciousness with them, but an enlightened spirit understands that the Universe is eternal, and because all things will work out as they should in the end, it is up to the Universe whether this time/lifetime is right for you and them to commune, and being told off now does not necessarily mean they have failed in their goal. You might even choose to revisit this connection later - but that is your choice, and any guide truly acting in your best interests will respect that.

The takeaway from all this, I think, is to really dig deep on what this spirit wants you to do, or what this trial seems to be indicating you should do. If it's telling you that you have to do something specific 'or else,' or if there is any danger implied or real, that's not a trial, and it's not a guide. Threats, certainly, are not guide behavior.

I hope this information helps to guide you toward the path that's right for you.

* I pressed Abigrail a bit more on the broccoli example, and she gave me this distinction; While a mother will insist repeatedly that their child eat the broccoli, including the use of threats, bribes, and/or punishment, a guide will instead offer you the opportunity to eat broccoli, along with some signs that you should, but if you refuse it they'll find some other way to draw you towards the nutrients you need from the broccoli - and even then, it will still be your decision whether you accept the new source of nutrients or you send the guides back to the drawing board.
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Old 25-03-2018, 05:40 AM
Cearneigh Cearneigh is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Feb 2018
Posts: 10
The upside about all this so far, is that indeed there hasn't been any tricking for a while.
There has been a good amount of my own talks with my spirit guide as well.
And he / she does indeed not draw me to any bad behavior, always has been motivating me.
At least now ever since I found a defense.

Probably because my nature, or the shell that I've build up is hard to break.
The name Abigrail seems to be familiar too on that note.
Reading that gave me a deja vu.

One name that popped up too throughout this was Maryam.
I'll let you google that one yourself, but if you know your bibical, that name should be familiar.


Yesterday I went to a medium IRL. Since that seems to be the best way off it.
One note that pops up is, he said; 'Do not trust those who found the truth, but those who are looking for it.'
It was said when he was channeling, that I have to connect back with mother earth. Go out in nature.
The funny thing is, that was most of my childhood too, and when I disconnected from going out in nature almost daily,
I did start to go in depression and going down a bad path.
There, going out in nature I need to learn to love myself again. Then I'll be able to learn to give.
He also did mention to not trust in false prophets and be wary, as they are everywhere.
But first I have to disconnect from that world, to get stronger myself.
Probably to be able to then see who is the truly evil, and who is not.

I did found something on Abigrail and I'll have to look up on this story. Thanks for the read on this,
it has been very helpful for some insight.
Seems like insight is the thing this weekend. Making me believe I'm even closer to my goal.
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Old 25-03-2018, 06:18 AM
Kendaru Kendaru is offline
Join Date: Feb 2018
Posts: 60
'Do not trust those who found the truth, but those who are looking for it...' I like that! It brings to mind a memory I tend to think of frequently. Before I'd found my faith in what I was receiving, I'd explained my spiritual experiences with a psychologist - for a very long time, I was trapped between wanting to believe this is real and fearing I was feeding a delusion. His reply startled me; he said, "Of course it's real. It's real to you. Whether it's real to me makes no difference, because ultimately, you define what is real to you." To expand that to what you're saying, one who claims to have found the truth has settled upon their reality.

I'm glad you found this useful :) Namaste.
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Old 25-03-2018, 08:27 PM
Melahin Melahin is offline
Join Date: Dec 2015
Posts: 1,445
Originally Posted by Cearneigh
I want to fight it, but no idea where to start.

Fighting it is this weird mammal instinct that will not serve you very well in these matters; maybe for awhile it might be necessary to engage. You more want to actually relax out of the situation, since the more relaxed you are, the more your intuition / nature will take over. That is a good thing. I Remember once lovingly asking an undine to stop bothering a certain someone, it worked great wonders. Maybe such is easy for one like me to say, yet if these things work for me why would it not work for you. If it is true that their world is one of war or whatever, you need a different mindset to disengage it... even Einstein suggested this I believe Practice true love, and your world will change in ways you cannot even start to imagine...
I am the flower, the tree, the vine. I am the path
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Old 30-03-2018, 11:38 PM
jerrygg38 jerrygg38 is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Jan 2018
Posts: 18
Originally Posted by Cearneigh
Alright, here is a little story that I need some input on.

Apologies if this is the wrong thread. Still learning my ways here.

There has been an evil spirit harassing me. I think it has ever since childhood.
There was a soulmate for the longest time in my life,
but when she came out over something quite distressful that happened to her,
that's where our paths ended.

Now as off a few months ago to a year now,
I was in contact with someone else I would have considered a soul mate,
but she went down a path that was very similar to the distressful part of my previous soulmate.
The only difference here is this one was willing under the influence off this spirit.
Which I only now realize it was too coincidental that I called it there.

This spirit has been showing itself off in the meantime when talking with this soulmate.
Right now I've been trying to find a defense for it,
but it's taunting itself as a very powerful evil spirt (perhaps demon).
A few things happened with the other soulmate that made it hard for me to ignore it was there. It was hurting her too on occasion.
At first I thought it was a succubus or the like, but this goes further.
I can't explain all the events for private reasons, of course.

It's trying to find a weakness in me or triggering similar events that happened in life to get me off edge.
When I try to find a defense against it, the demon itself only gets stronger.

What I need mostly is an identity on this demon,
in the best case I want it out of my life, but it keeps telling things on the spirit realm, how I am associated, how strong my energy is.
It keeps trapping my own spirit, so that I don't feel like myself, or put myself in a bad spot anywhere.

Thanks for reading.

This is a very difficult situation. I learn about the spiritual world from my own spirit within my soul. Upon this Earth there are many reincarnates. That means the spirit within them has lived before. It died and was purified within the spiritual dimension within the center of this Earth. there you will find the many Gods of man which are spiritual collective souls. After achieving the particular Kingdom of Heaven a spirit will reincarnate. A fetus will be born with a purified soul. And that will protect him from damned souls who were destined for the outer darkness. Rising populations produce many new souls. The people with a new soul are vulnerable to being taken over by an evil spirit. Various religions have attempted to cleanse a person of an evil spirit.
If you enter a particular religion you will be surrounded by reincarnates. This will help to drive off the evil spirit. I do not preach any particular religion because they all have positive and negative qualities. But you need spiritual help and they can provide it to you. What was the religion of your parents? It may be best to return to that pathway. You cannot do this alone.
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