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Old 08-08-2015, 06:31 PM
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My intent with this post is to share about some experiences that I’ve had and that led me to develop a spirituality, in case someone reading this could relate to it or/and give me clues toward answers. I’ve been looking for peers for all my life, and I just have to try on this forum centered around spirituality.

Sometimes when listening to a song, watching a certain scene in a game or a show, or gazing at art or Nature, I would get an emotional experience so powerful, that it feels “out of this world”. Some people are talking about shivers, some others about crying, but what I experienced is definitely something else. It overwhelms your body and mind, like you are in a state of trance, or “nirvana” if you want. It feels like you are touching your soul, reaching the divine, making things “absolute” and no more “relative”… No matter the words I’m using to try and describe it, I believe those experiences cannot be described with words, you have to experience them to know. And from those experiences, I got my awareness of that “something else” that I can’t describe with words, but that I can definitely feel the presence. It’s very vague I know, but I just only know that much.

I’m calling those experiences and that power, “Passion”. Because while the trigger is almost always music for me, I feel that what is giving the raw emotional power is the feelings you have for the concerned work.

When something that powerful and incredible happens to you, you can’t help but ask yourself questions. What is it that I felt? What does it mean? What am I meant to do? Can I fully reach to that “something else” in my life? Can I actually “do” something spiritual in response to what I felt? How can I thank whoever/whatever is responsible for giving me the ability to have those experiences?
(What I feel the most is actually gratitude… for those experiences. And my greatest wish is to successfully convey that gratitude to whoever may be up there.)
Those questions and that thinking progressively grew a spirituality in me. Not as a believer, but as an agnostic (someone who is looking for answers).

My “problem” (if there is any) is that “What next?” question : now that I experienced something spiritual and became aware of that “something else” there is to this life, what next? What can I do? Advancing blindly through this life, eating, working, sleeping, having fun, it all seems “meaningless” to me. Don’t get me wrong, this life is wonderful and all, I’m the first to say it, but there’s a difference between things you do in this world, and things you “felt” from that other world/realm… “spiritual” things. And now that I had a “taste” of that other realm, I want to reach out to it fully, as soon as possible, because constantly “falling asleep” in this world doing everyday things is like running away to me, it doesn’t feel right.
And I feel I could actually do something… I’m just not sure what. Of course, since death and the afterlife seem to be the only thing unknown, it could seem like the only “hope”, but that would be way too easy. I believe we could achieve actual spiritual things in this world, in this life, and just because it seems impossible to common sense, doesn’t mean we have to give up.
As my favorite quote says…

“Everybody is moving toward awakening to a psychic power that is right in front of them. These things are just a few centimeters further than your outstretched fingers. These things exist as an extension of daily life. Seeing these things is a sign of budding psychic powers. Almost no one can reach it. Everyone only gets close. Occasionally, there is a person with an excellent speed for reaching psychic powers, but there are an overwhelming number of people who give up because even just a few centimeters in front of them is too far.” (Yashiro Hoshimiya)

(replace “psychic powers” by the spiritual goal of your choice)
I really like the “few centimeters further than your outstretched fingers” line. I can really feel that is true. I can feel it’s close… very close. We just have to find a way… to do the last few centimeters, that feel “impossible”, just like people would usually think “magic” is impossible, for example.
I don’t believe that it is possible to get there for sure… I believe in the possibility that we may be able to get there. I wouldn’t be surprised if we could.
Again, all beliefs I have come from first-hand experiences, I must really stress that point.

If you can relate to having such powerful, life-changing experiences, don’t hesitate to tell me about it. Also, if you feel like you could give me any hint toward one of the answers I’m looking for, please do tell me. What I explained in this post is literally the most important thing in my whole life, so it really matters to me a lot.
And we all could actually kind of be in the same boat… looking for answers… But who knows, maybe with experience sharing we can actually find something out :)

No matter if you can help me or not, thanks a whole lot for reading, for your open-mindedness, and for your respect. This is my first post on here along my introduction post :)

Have a great day and don’t forget to smile!
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Old 08-08-2015, 07:20 PM
Riboflavin Riboflavin is offline
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Makenshi, I know exactly how you feel. It's like it's all there and if you could only reach out and touch it you could always have that experience.

The thing is though that energy stuff isn't really something you can touch. Matter based physiology just isn't designed to interact with it on that level, and if there's too much of it you will actually damage your body.
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Old 08-08-2015, 07:38 PM
Frederick33 Frederick33 is offline
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hi yes the divine energies of love and light

the higer vibrational reality we could all be in

made this posting yesterday

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