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Old 05-12-2012, 02:59 PM
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Cool! I've found some people with ideas as whacky as my own!
My idea is that Time just is. We percieve it as being linear but really the past, present and future all exist.
We all experience the part our "minds" are in now, which is 40 years old.
This conversation is happenning for me now, but for you it happened when I am the age you are now.
All quite wierd to accept I know.
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Old 05-12-2012, 07:47 PM
QuantumKev QuantumKev is offline
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Thought I would throw my 2 cents in here and say that I too have wondered these same thoughts, and according to people who I consider to bu much more knowledgeable than myself in these matters, that is the very crux of the whole subject : the mystery of how the One becomes the many, and how the many comprise the One.

I have also heard it explained as such : being humans as we are, with our perceptions limited by a 3 dimensional world in which we live and all of our preconceived ideas and racial memory, it is basically not possible for us to accurately visualize or understand the way things may be on planes of higher dimensionality. Therefore, while we can postulate and wonder, we lack the true capacity to be able to gain a clear understanding of certain concepts that belong to these higher dimensions.

It's rather like trying to explain cell phone technology to someone in the 1300's - which is just in a different time frame, but still in our 3 dimensional reality. It would be almost impossible for them to truly understand what the capabilities are, how it works, or even why it's valuable. So it is with us trying to understand the true nature of consciousness and being.

At least that's my dog told me last night! Lol : )

Many Blessings,

"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."
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Old 05-12-2012, 10:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Graeme L. H.
Cool! I've found some people with ideas as whacky as my own!

Hahaha oh believe me we've discussed a lot weirder theories than these so you're in the right place! Your idea of the 'all-encompassing time' is really interesting, I'm trying to work out in my head what it means for Hedonologist's notion of philosophical zombies as despite it being true or not obviously my preference is that there ARE others out there!

And QuantumKev I really couldn't agree more, you've summed it up perfectly with your cellphone analogy! Despite it being incredibly depressing to think that no matter how far we go in discussion we will always eventually reach 'the barrier' in regards to how much we can know, I think it's actually a positive thing as (despite how cliche it sounds) a universe and life with easy access to all the answers would be almost intolerable! Challenge makes it all the more greater when those limits are eventually removed !
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Old 06-12-2012, 10:20 PM
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The main issue I have, which is one we've all probably had is "Why am I this spirit". This is often confused with "Why is my spirit in this body". For me, my theory is a reverse engineering of that problem. My conclusion is that is there is only 1 spirit then there need not be the question "Why am I spirit X as opposed to spirit Y?"

I'm sure you understand that from my perspective my spirit is more meaningful than other spirits, not only because there is concrete proof it exists, but because it is more concious than others (relatively).

I know it would be immoral to harm me, because I would suffer, but In essence, if I am not suffering, then there is no suffering. Spirit X(me) and spirit Y(another) both alledgedly exist, but my conciousness is something greater. The way I see it, there is no moral restriction on me harming anyone else because there won't be suffering as a result of it. Unless that body is merely another reincarnation of the same spirit.

Why must there be 1 spirit per person?

I don't mean to seem big headed and egotstical with this post, but having re-read it it does look quite bad hehe.


Originally Posted by Aidan108
a universe and life with easy access to all the answers would be almost intolerable!

He says that, but he would love easy access to all the answers really ;)
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Old 07-12-2012, 12:08 AM
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Obviously I would rather have all the answers now but I suppose that's one of the meanings to life with this lack of information inspiring faith, belief, hope and essentially most of human culture through art, literature etc.

I understand exactly what you mean by your "essentially no suffering" theory and that is both a fantastic and deeply worrying fact if your theory is indded true as literally every single decision 'the one' makes no matter how good or how bad it is requires absolutely no justification or moral/ethical accountability whatsoever.

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Old 07-12-2012, 06:42 AM
arive nan
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How would you define consciousness? What do you suppose consciousness is exactly?

It seems that, during discussions involving consciousness, this question is skipped past, as if everyone would have the same idea of what consciousness is. But not everyone does have the same understanding of what it is. Not everyone has really looked into that question before wondering about things like why they experience reality from the perspective of their own body instead of from somewhere else and why they are connected to the body they are in instead of a different one... My own ideas and explanations for that fell into place naturally for me after examining what consciousness itself is until I found an answer that worked for me.
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Old 08-12-2012, 12:38 PM
Greenslade Greenslade is offline
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Originally Posted by Hedonologist
I'd like to share with you my beliefs about consciousness specifically, and reincarnation. My thoughts on this have developed over many years so it might be difficult for me to articulate it fully at times.

The core principle of my beliefs on this matter are that there is only a single consciousness, and that if other people do exist (as opposed to just being philosophical zombies) then they must be a reincarnation of the single consciousness. For example, once I pass away I may reincarnate into another person. the idea of there being more than 1 conscious entity seems incomprehensible to me. I have also used this to answer the common question of "why was my spirit put into this physical body, rather than someone else" the answer being that there is only one spirit that travels through different physical entities.

I suppose the main question isn't "why is MY spirit in THIS body", but instead "why am I THIS SPIRIT"

feel free to ask questions as I may not have made my thoughts clear enough to those new to my ideas.

It's been said that once upon a time there was a single consciousness, all alone in the night. Then that consciousness did something that changed the Universe forever, it asked the question "Who Am I?" In order to answer that question it split itself in two so that it could look at itself. The Universe had changed forever. Duality and Separation was was born. Quite a few years later and here we are.

Just as we have different aspects of ourselves - father/mother, son/daughter....... If we were as clever as Spirit perhaps we could completely separate those aspects as individuals so we could see how they interact with each other. So the question would be, if you ccould separate those aspects of yourself into individual components then bring them together again to interact with each other, what would you get out of it? I believe that we are an aspect of our Spirits. For me, that answers many questions on how I remember Past Lives. It is also known as the 'Oneself' or 'Overself'. If you think of an octopus with us on the end of a tentacle you'll get the idea.

Originally Posted by Hedonologist
I suppose the main question isn't "why is MY spirit in THIS body", but instead "why am I THIS SPIRIT"
It's about levels. If we could see those aspects of ourselves as individual and separate we would learn/experience on a personal level. Being (seemingly) separate humans brings that up a level, as would (seemingly) separate Spirits. Each level would bring its own understanding. As Above, so Below. If you know what it means to be mother/father, son/daughter... then you would have a little inkling as to what it means to be (seemingly) separate beings, Spirits...

"why am I THIS SPIRIT" What does Spirit get out of it?
"Take your legacy and understand what has gone before. Make a new tomorrow in Love, Light and Faith."
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Old 08-12-2012, 01:17 PM
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I enjoyed reading your response here Greenslade,

I do think it's a very big question that is being posed here personally because as I see it proceeds from the point of view that life is fixed in the here and now , these two alone support the concepts of both time and space. It seems to suggest that this you now is the only you now.

But theres always that odd anomaly (or perfectly normal depending on your point of view) of dreams. dreams whereby the consciousness seems to be able to visit the future and the past. Consciousness appears quiet mercurial to me any way, Even in waking life now, I would suggest that you are not the same person as you were 10 years ago. Even on a day to day basis, The Person relaxed is not the same person fixed in concentration.

Then there's progressive hypnosis of course, Like regression hypnosis only you are hypnotized and taken to a future life..so you begin to see how it go's beyond time and space a little.

I have not here even begun to explore the particular branch of quantum mechanics which suggests parallel universes exist, with versions of us in them as I think it would muddy the waters.

I can sum it up simply by using an often used cliche. " He has not been himself lately" or "She is not her usual self"...Who are they then ? Where did the other one..The one we know go?

As I was saying, It is a very big question posed the OP
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Old 12-12-2012, 07:18 PM
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When Hedonologist and I have discussed this issue in the past, as Neville says with the mention of quantum mechanics there is just SO many things and interpretations to bring into it that this subject isn't one that can ever truly be answered. Like so many things (and like so many of our coversations have ended!) I would have to say that it comes down to each individual's belief
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