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Old 04-07-2018, 01:59 AM
SerendipityLizard SerendipityLizard is offline
Join Date: Jun 2017
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Originally Posted by Shivani Devi
One last thing, and I shall finish it off with this.

If you are going to be victimised and hated no matter what you do...

1. I don't know how financial you are, but get yourself a good Lawyer/Public Defender and if the authorities wrongly accuse you of criminal activity, you can say "prove it in a court of law or leave me alone, or else I shall be going straight to my local newspaper and Member of Parliament with this".

2, Do some charity work or volunteer somewhere...It is hard for others to hate you when you are giving up your time helping those less fortunate.

3. Involve yourself in a Church or other spiritual or religious group. The members of such cannot hate you or mistreat you, lest it totally goes against their teachings...If they do, you can start quoting Bible verses at them, making them aware of their own shortcomings in the personal application of their faith.

4. Get a medical certificate from the doctor, saying that all this ongoing stress is causing mental health issues, then get some supplies for a fortnight and barricade yourself within your house or room for two weeks without any external contact or communication. No phone, no computer... Eventually, others will just give up, unless the cops want to come in and break your door down.

5. Join a social action minority group for victims of persecution. You will find that those who everybody else hates, share a very strong loving bond.

Iím happy youíre willing to share such good advice here, Shivani. Hope the person who made this thread can benefit.

Take care.
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Old 04-07-2018, 03:11 AM
Shivani Devi Shivani Devi is offline
Join Date: Nov 2015
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  Shivani Devi's Avatar
Here is a little personal story about my "curse" and what I have learned from it.

I have a disability and I am on the disability pension.

For years, I have been getting help and support from peer support workers, personal helpers, welfare agencies and the like, just to manage my daily living.

From March next year, the government is going to cut ALL funding to welfare agencies and disability support services, introducing an insurance scheme instead, called the NDIS to fund people on an individual level and not fund the services which provide for them.

My peer support worker is helping me fill in my claim for the NDIS.

Now, in order to receive this assistance, I need supporting letters of my physical and mental conditions, from all my doctors, specialists, GP, medical services and the like..

So I go and speak with my psychiatrist about it and humbly request a certificate and get him to sign an "access form"...his reply:

"I'm sorry, but as soon as I put my name to anything and sign it, it becomes a legal document which I can be personally subpoenad over, thus dragging this practice into ongoing legal problems...The solicitors of this practice have told us not to do this...So I really can't help you out there".

So, I go and see my psychologist with the same request...her reply:

" You are visiting me under Medicare and Medicare only covers your visit to me and NOTHING else, certainly not any extra time I must spend in writing any reports and such.. I need to be PAID for doing so because my time is both precious and limited. You are looking at $400 for me to do such a thing...I'm sorry"

So I go and see my GP:

"Have you any idea how many of these things I have been asked to do? There just aren't enough hours in the day and so I've had to say no...and if I say no to one person, I have to say no to everyone..I'm sorry"

So, I go and see another specialist.

"This practice does not support the NDIS, so there's no way I am going to provide a letter OF support for you to join it...I am sorry".

I tried to obtain a copy of my OWN medical records under the "freedom of information act" and I get told.." I'm sorry, but those records are sealed...do you have a court order?"

On and On this went, until I finally just gave up and told my peer support worker what happened..her response?

"I have done thousands of these applications and I have NEVER come across any of that before...ALL of my other clients applications went through smoothly and without any problems.. doctors were only to happy to fill in reports and forms".

So, I invited her to go back with me to all of my doctors, specialists and everybody I see for my conditions, and they told her everything they told me...she could not believe it...she refused to believe it... stammering "these... things... just.... don't....happen" and she was that angry, she was almost in tears..

Then I had to explain to her that this was not her fault, because I am ALWAYS the single and sole exception to the "general rule of thumb" and it is an aspect of my life I have to learn to deal with..."my case" is always going to be the exact opposite of "everyone else's case" because I am NOT everyone else.

For ages she has tried to help me, to achieve those goals I have set for myself, to make friends, but she has witnessed first hand how the universe gets in the way of anything I WANT to do, totally preventing it, or how people turn and run as soon as I smile and say "hello".

In the past two years, I have had seven support workers, and all have quit the job with the service within weeks of meeting me...I have a "revolving door" of personal helpers, because their lives all seem to go to hell within a short time after taking me on as their client.

What I have learned from this experience, is that I have NO "free will" to do ANYTHING I want..and God does this to me because He requires my earnest supplications and surrender and if I do NOT do that, He is going to make sure that my own life goes to hell because He is totally jealous and possessive that way...
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Old 05-07-2018, 01:11 AM
SerendipityLizard SerendipityLizard is offline
Join Date: Jun 2017
Posts: 449
Dear Ankhesanemum,

I sensed you accepted my offer without replying back out of fear of what others might think. Very well, I’ve already started working on the negative energies around you.

Some of the angels under AA Michael got sent there, and some were ordered to hang around me just in case they desire for the medium between you and the protection angels to be attacked. So I’m pretty safe. As an incarnated angel, let’s just say I have wings in my etheric field that can extend like a shield as large as my local neighborhood — I hope they’ve done a similar shielding for you.

I’ve been told I need to practice working in the field myself, so I’ve done some of the work through remote viewing. I’ve sent some astral fire to cleanse the energies around you — it’s advised to create it with an electric violet color to make it stronger, but it seems they have a very powerful concentration to change the color of my astral fire to be weaker. I’m getting better on this incredibly rapidly though — it seems I’m a natural.

We also thought of creating a shield around you. It seems a little difficult due to how intense the pressure of their energies are, but I’ve managed to expand the bubble to push through the energies. Michael’s angels did the rest and are working at it on the moment — a little too advanced a skill for me at the moment.

Some of them decided to influence my electricity and personal devices, trying to prevent me from contacting you. Though, it was basic to put a shield around my devices and to manifest positive intent for me to do this.

Lastly, we thought the shield around your auric field is best created to have an elemental Earth influence. This helps ground you and think more clearly — so at the very least you might work on resisting these negative entities’ influence yourself by trying to affirm your strength against them.

I very much hope and believe in you. I did sense you withheld your permission to let me participate for a while, but later you managed to find the bravery to ask for help. That’s a lot of potential there of strength to grow. Thanks for helping me find a place to practice these skills.

Take care, Ankhe, and please be reminded that we’ll stand by your side.
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Old 05-07-2018, 03:35 AM
Aethera Aethera is offline
Join Date: Jun 2018
Posts: 44

I think those that have accused you of being someone that you aren't. They are projecting there own insecurities onto you, with there criticisms. They're not very trusting of others, and those people that act that way to you are very insecure. Like qualities that they see that they don't like in you, that they see as your own. Are there own traits, that they are not acknowledging and choosing to ignore.
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Old 05-07-2018, 06:03 PM
Hoppy7 Hoppy7 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2017
Location: Pomona, CA
Posts: 71
http://www.victorianparanormalconnec...0Energy.htm l

Try these and see how you feel and you have a curse btw and it will go away! Ask Archangel Michael to put White Light Shields around you now that are so big that you can't feel or hear a thing and to make them last for 72 hours. Ask him to do this in the name of Jesus Christ and ask it to be for the Highest Good of all Concerned. Say "Thank You" at the end. It will be over with. *HUGSSSSS!!!!!!* You'll be fine!!!
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