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Old 29-12-2012, 01:06 PM
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The Graceful Art of Diffusing the Ego

What I want you to practice now is the graceful art of diffusing the ego, which gently and effectively stops the ego cold in its tracks of negative thought and manifestation, and immediately returns your mind to a state of Grace. This practice is most effective at turning the tables on the ego, and you begin by honestly and sincerely asking yourself, “Is THIS what I really want to create?” whenever a negative reaction comes to mind. Get into a practice of remembering to regularly ask yourself questions like, “Am I feeling defensive in this moment?” whenever a negative emotion arises. Be very honest with yourself here, for a negative reaction IS a defensive reaction. They are one in the same. Knowing this, you will therefore know immediately whether or not you are lying to yourself when you ask yourself such a question. For if you choose to react negatively to a negative reaction, you have just chosen insanity; you have chosen to build upon a shaky foundation, rather than perceive love as your only true foundation. A very useful tip to remember is that a negative reaction can only arise within you when your mind is in a somewhat lazy mood, when it is clouded and not really aware of the flow of energy in the body. You may be in a fairly positive mood and then someone may do or say something that you do not like, and a negative reaction may arise, but only because you were not really centered and grounded in your beingness, your sense of the power of Now. The Eternal Now is actually neutral, but not “neutral” in the way that you have been taught. This Divine Neutrality is beyond your ideas of good and bad, right and wrong, yet it is also Pure Positivity beyond all description and capacity for you to intellectually understand. Divine Neutrality IS Unconditional Love, you see, meaning no real conditions are known in It. The human mind cannot really comprehend this, because all it knows is conditions. Yet your Higher Self's intuition, which is beyond your human sense faculties, is fully capable of having a profound understanding of Unconditional Love. When you are very proficient at feeling empowered in the power of Now, a negative thought may even come to mind on occasion, and it will not have the magnetic “pulling power” that such a thought would have once had on you when you were less centered and aware of your Presence of Being. To quickly diffuse your own negativity, you must learn to remove “others” from the equation. As long as you rely upon sources such as CNN and the 6 o'clock news for “reality,” you are actually living with your head in the sand, believe it or not, for such sources are designed to keep you ignorant of your inherent ability to live centered in the Now. There is a website on the Internet that reports 100% positive news, and yet—by contrast to the well-known media sources—almost no one knows about it! This paradigm is quickly changing for the better, of course, as more and more of you awaken to new, higher ways of thinking, feeling and living, thus giving you access to MORE of that which you call “reality.” The fact is, in this day and age just about everyone is well aware of the “horrors” of the world, and you really don't need a news media source to report it to you in order for you to hear about it, for it is near impossible not to quickly learn about a tragedy that has occurred simply by word of mouth, for tragedy is one of the most dominant focuses that humans have in their minds. By practicing Self-awareness and learning to make your awareness of the energy in your body a primary concern, you effectively become MORE COMPASSIONATE about the state of affairs in the world, not less. You do not become cold and uncaring. This is a very common fear and misconception that most humans have, that somehow practicing Self-love will make you “selfish” and aloof to those that suffer and need love and assistance. It is not so, for nothing could be more effective in helping you be of service to others than your own Self-confidence and awareness of the point of power—the point of action—that you possess right now. Your power does not lie in stating “facts” about how horrible humanity is, how dreadful the world is. Anyone can do this, and it is not original to Who-You-Really-Are. To be original, as the word implies, you must return back to your Point of Origin, which is the Zero-point of Creation that you can acknowledge anytime you consciously and deliberately choose to shift your focus to it. It is your Eternal Point of Power, from which all “big bang” explosions of consciousness occur, and even right now as you read these words you possess explosive power beyond your wildest imaginings to effect great change in the world you see. Study your great teachers and wayshowers such as Mahatma Gandhi, who harnessed the power of Grace, the power of Now, in such a way as to render the games of the ego useless. He repeatedly demonstrated the power of “least physical effort” in order to put the domino effect into motion in such a way that is, even today, quite rare among the masses to see. Yet he was no more special than anyone of you, and neither was Jesus, for “These miracles I perform, you can learn to do as well, and even greater,” these great teachers teach you. Their teachings are alive and well today, fully accessible for you to practically apply in your own lives. Nothing is hidden and nothing is lost. There are no “secret teachings” that you must learn in order to work miracles. In a sense there is, if by “secret” one means those occult metaphysical teachings on the power of consciousness that have been ignored by the masses for many millennia. But now, the new modern mystics of the world are not just men and women who wear long robes, long beards, sandals, shaved heads or loincloths, but some are seen to wear suits and ties, such as the great teachers Jiddu Krishnamurti, Dr. Martin Luther King and Viktor Frankl. Female masters have always been available on your planet (for as long as humans have roamed the Earth), and today there are more of them present than ever before! Consider such exemplary heroes of truth such as Amma, Ammachi, the “hugging saint,” who is seen by millions to be Grace incarnate, as well as powerful teachers such as Anne Frank—who refused to live with bitterness and hatred in her heart, even among the most horrid of conditions and treatment of human beings—and amazing teachers of Self-realization such as Jac O'Keeffe, Byron Katie, Gangaji and the revered Indian/Bengali saint, Anandamayi Ma, who transcended religion and caste in order to shine a Light of Pure Spirit in the world. This graceful art is second-to-none, and YOU TOO can be as powerful in your spirituality as you choose to be, unhindered by the heavy burdens of the egoic mind. If someone like Anne Frank or Viktor Frankl can transcend the horrors of something like a Nazi concentration camp, focusing more on love, beauty and hope while most of those around them are steeped in fear, then imagine what YOU can do with tools and resources such as your Internet and YouTube, with greater opportunities to inspire great change, and even much quicker than in the era of the 1940s! Those two souls did not choose to spend their time sitting and complaining about the horrors of the world, but chose to focus on the opposite. Little are most of you on Earth are aware, but people like them are PROOF that living with extreme, negative conditions is NO EXCUSE not to practice diffusing the ego and living in the Now, choosing to focus on higher qualities of mind. Many will say, “But what about Anne Frank? She didn't make it.” Oh, but she did, dear ones, she did! She accomplished more in her short lifespan to bring Light to the world than most humans would achieve if they were to live several hundred years. She did not adhere to victim-consciousness, and her great spiritual maturity and her words prove this. How many adults do you know of older age (many who think they have “seen it all” and “lived through it all,” such as through the 1960s era, for example) that show even a fraction of the “old soul” compassion, wisdom and faith that little Anne Frank had in her teenage years? She made it, alright, for she found Heaven within her before her body succumbed to illness and death, and quickly adjusted to the higher frequencies of the Fifth Dimension after passing. The same soul walks this Earth again now during this Ascension of consciousness. But that is another story. A very simple, highly-beneficial meditation is known as “practicing the Presence of God,” as practiced by the beloved Brother Lawrence, and it is simply the practice of living gracefully in the natural, energetic flow of what is happening in the moment, not pushing against anything, finding the Divine in each moment and in every activity. This is not expected to be easy at first, and it does take much steady practice before it becomes one's natural way of feeling and being; however, in actuality it ALREADY IS your true, natural way of being human, just like the animals of your world live gracefully in their moments. The human animal has simply forgotten this. But it can be remembered with the loving assistance of the Higher Self. This is what becoming “innocent and childlike” means. It means living with a SIMPLE MIND, which is not an immature mind, but a mind that is Zen-like or “Tolle-like,” if you will, that delights in the simple pleasures of the Now rather than obsess over the complexities of daily living. Children and pets are no more innocent and precious than you adults! Learn to perceive all beings with eyes of equality, rather than clump different age groups and beings in separate categories. The only difference between a small child or an Ascended Master or a household pet, and YOU (speaking generally here), is that they simply haven't forgotten how to live gracefully in their moments, and thus they are demonstrating innocence more cleanly and clearly than most adults. They would rather be HAPPY than be “right.” They have nothing to “prove” to anyone. They are no more innocent than the most “wretched” of beings, as one may perceive such a being. They are simply not conditioned to react with ego. ALL beings are seen as equally innocent and divine by the Higher Self. For Me, there is no room for division, specialness or favoritism. I AM That I AM, in equal service to one and all, and I love you all as I love Myself, for there is but One Infinite Divine Self. THINK and FEEL with your Spiritual Heart before you react and comment, for in this way you are allowing Divine Grace to guide your thoughts, words and deeds. Namaste.
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Old 29-12-2012, 04:05 PM
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Old 30-12-2012, 03:05 AM
Nameless Nameless is offline
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I've been doing this a lot, and it really is life changing. Catching yourself thinking, or about to say something, takes practice.

This is a beautiful message.
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Old 30-12-2012, 11:05 AM
Miss Hepburn Miss Hepburn is offline
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I am lovin your posts or messages Sorcerer...thank you for taking the time.

A couple of paragraphs would help these old eyes read them better tho.
But don't stop...

Oops, I mean, Sourcerer.

"Prepare yourself for the coming astral journey of death
by riding daily in a balloon of divine perception.
Through delusion you are perceiving yourself as a bundle of flesh and bones...
Meditate unceasingly, that you quickly behold yourself as the Infinite Essence"

~Lahiri Mahasaya, the Guru of Yogananda's Guru

I have no scientific evidence for anything I say.

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Old 31-12-2012, 02:54 PM
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Thanks for the love, my sisters. <3
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