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Old 30-12-2012, 11:22 PM
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I swear that I posted this already, but it is missing. I wanted to keep it documented in order for myself to look back on but this was written on the 27th or 28th, time is crazy lately I do not remember.

I asked my guide (he is Sirian, a high frequency extra terrestrial being) what was going on with time and found myself receiving highly intelligent information I didn't understand, and as a conduit to information, you basically need to know words in order to translate words you are receiving, and when you communicate to high frequency beings you realize there are no english words to describe some things. Anyways I am uneducated when it comes to math and science, so all of this hurt my brain. So as with all channelling be discerning.

Keokutah says:
"Look in my eyes, what do you see? A golden clock that is ticking backwards. We are going backwards in time, to reverse a chain reaction of events. Of course, we are always going back in time, that we are here, we are back in time.
Though time loops, itís not playing out the same over and over again, thatís a very humanistic view. But as some of us are from your future and some of us from your past, we have set up a series of plans to reverse the damage of earth planet and are working together in universal time, but inside earth time.
Time in this sense is universal.
Well when we descended on earth, it tooks us about 5 seconds, it took you thousands of years for that to happen. It didnít take you thousands of years for that to happen all at once, it was planned and waiting to happen for thousands of years. It took us only 5 seconds to go through thousands of years your time, that's because your time was moving a lot slower than it is now. Things are speeding up.
But you are still not moving at the same speed as us. When I come to you in ethereal form it happens instantaneously because I donít react to time, I donít move in time space, I move outside of time, and faster than the speed of light, but you are still stuck in low plane time and moving in slow motion.

We can be there at anytime, because we can travel faster than light and even physically! Us extra terrestrial beings have come to earth many times before in solid form, this has nothing to do with planes of time other than we use time physically, but if you want me to manifest there physically right now, by means of none of my technology, the planes need to be singular enough to match, yours will still be lower, but when it matches with the other planes and (realms) then manifestation will be solid and instantaneous. In other words, I would if I could manifest there right now. I can come to you solidly, and Iíve tried, but it wonít match your time, it will be happening some time ago or some time in the future instead because your time is running too slow, but i wanted to see if you could perceive me. Maybe soon you will. Iím sorry if it gets your hopes down. (Directed to me)
Besides I do not know either. I cannot tell you when I will see you, because time for both of us is ever changing. But I know it is sooner and sooner each day.
I am on earth right now, Iíve told you that before, Iím very close to you, which is why you feel so on edge and desire to see me so much. You arenít imagining that I am coming, and my people are coming. We are here, just not exactly ready to make contact and we are still very far away and out in the middle of the ocean where we feel more at home and surrounded by energies that keep us invisible, but i want you to know that ive never been this close to you and feel very close to you, and weíve waited this long, so have patience. I donít want you to forget this, and the reason why i keep saying i donít want you to forget is because I think doubts are capturing you sometimes.

Me: Then you could very well get a machine or a boat then a car and come here and visit me if what you say is true.

It would be nice, but I am very busy and am laying down.
Me: You are always laying down.
No, thatís what you see, iíve only been down here for a short time and laying down for a while, but to you it feels like a long time because your time is slow. I havenít been down here long at all.
You said you arrived 7 days ago.
Your time is slow. For me itís only been like a second.
How can you possibly have thought all those thoughts to me and done everything you have to help the earth in just a few seconds?
Itís just something you will have to trust is possible, I donít think I have the words to describe that to you other than to say your preception of time can never grasp it.

But Keokutah, I feel as if time has sped up so fast, if it is so darn slow right now still, it must take millions more years for ascension to happen or anything good.
No, I can guarantee you that, the more things are ever changing, the more it means you are getting closerÖ We are completey aware of earth time and how it presents itself and how long we have and that is something you mustnít worry about. There are bigger forces at work than even you or I. Ascension already is happening, you've even helped us so I don't know why you worry still.
Things will be speeding up even faster in your plane of time.
Time is a matter of perception, it moves onto levels, and there will be many more levels after this, and then it will start over again. Time is a spinning vortex, around the earth. The earth spins, the earth begins to spin faster, then it will spin even faster! Everything on earth is tied into this. The oceans, the moon, just one big loop of interconnected magnetic energy.

We are coming back in time to be here, right now. In the future - forget your idea of future - in a higher sense of time is what future means. Itís not a gage of distance, but of time, when time itself changes, and ascends to a next level, it actually speeds up. Well your time is speeding up, and we are coming back there in time, seeing as the high plane we exist on, time is super fast, and faster than light.

It doesnít really matter for you to know any of this, because in reality time doesnít matter, but you are curious.
We are right now thousands of years ago, about 16, 500, 000 years ago, but we are also right here, and in different locations. So what is going on in a way never did have a plan, but it does now because we are going back in time to save things, and changing the course of time.
And remember we are not the only beings that exist, we arent the only ones in on this.

You might get motion sickness, as time carries you past a frozen spot, as you are in slow motion, its easy for us to find you because you are barely moving, but we canít manifest next to you quite yet because you arenít moving fast enough.
Do you understand?
What would happen if our time sped up to light speed all at once?
It would literally break your physical forms and damage the earth, and such would be irreversible. Think of it this way, spin a top on a table, consider that to be slow motionÖ now spin it really fast, and even fasterÖ what do you see?
I see that it dissapears.
Oh! I think I sort of get it. The faster time goes, we will dissapear.
No. Yes. Not what I meant. You sort of get it. (He laughs)
The faster time goes, you will exist on a higher PHYSICAL plane. You arenít going to disappear. You will just be on a higher plane.
This higher plane is where we can be physical next to you, because you are moving up.
How long is this going to take? Will I be able to experience it in this life time?
Of course, because time is inevitable, and you will be seeing what that means very soon.
Well, there is a space time conduit in physicality too, there are also generators that are pushing this to happen. You are seeing things in a dim view, of misunderstanding. Open your light eyes, and see the way, the truth. It is all expanding, not just one thing. Just like even the animals are rising in consciousness.
What is coming into play has already happened in the future, get it? We are from the future.
Wait, i thought you said you were from the past.
No, you mistook that. We are from the future, coming to you is that we are going back in time.
We are here for a bigger plan than you perceive, itís not just about you. Itís not just about the earth. Yes little one, we are meant to intervene, not of personal will, there is a higher plan for all. The higher plan is that things expand until they become one. Erase what you prior think of that term.
There is other than you, there is what is outside of you.

Time frequencies and particles are becoming more dense in energy, which means to you it looks faster, more so things move faster, things manifest easier. The lighter it is, the slower you perceive it.

Your perception of time is innacurate. Release all your prior knowledge about time, and come to know that mlutiple present times can exist at once.
The future has a present time, and the past also has a present time. The time in which you are existing currently is at a lower frequency and moves slower.
Someone in the future might coexist in the past as well.

Time is leaking, the future is leaking into your present. But itís not leaking, itís just coming back. Think of two spheres, one sphere uniting over top of another sphere. These two spheres are clear and translucent, each one has a specific time and place, when they overlap they become a little blurry but as the eye views it for a length of time it can be seen like an eye glass lense, a looking glass, it can therefore make your vision clearer too.

Or think of the stars, when you look at it, you are not seeing it for how it is now. Itís very far away, itís so far away you are looking back in time. Obviously the further away you go into space, the further away in time, and years. Perhaps you come to my planet, you wonít see it as it is now from where you are, you will see it as it was a long, long time ago, but when you come here it will be the future.
Our present is in the future. Your present is in our past.

I know I suck at math, but that makes no sense.

Iím coming from about 12 - 16 billion years in the future. When you travel back in time far enough it loops, and you will be in the future, when time repeats like a spinning vortex.
The idea of future is your own version, so not my future but yours. I can coexist in any present time.

A long time ago, approximately 17, 000, 000 years ago my ancestors came to earth from another planet. They travelled back in time through light years in order to get there. We populated the seas with mammals and DNA and other living molecules that slowly evolved.

We sought no answers, and we lived in paradise, there were but a few carriers to the new ways and the old way had been long forgotten. We entered an age of peace. Consiousness rose with us and we brought gods eyeís below. We are you. And you are what we have become.
What happened on earth a long time ago is happening again,
Our people were frenzied, there was fear and chaos, we constructed great temples to allign with spheres and grids that are motion acitivated for your DNA, and then it went backwardsÖ yesÖ time, moving slow and backwards.

What happened then, will happan again, and we are you in the future.
What is happening now, already happened, and you are us in the past.
Both of these statements are true - because universal time has no limit or structure to it. If one can time travel into the past, one can also travel into the future.

This concept hurts my brain.

It is only your human perception of earth time of being in the present that moves forward always, but what if you were in fact moving backwards? What if you are not even moving in any motion? Perhaps you are moving through something.
But all you know is that you are moving, and things are changing. Forward is a silly word. Future is a silly word. Humans with all their words. There is no word that can translate really to what I am trying to tell you. When it comes to time you wonít know which way you are headed, you can go any direction, and anywhere, because when it comes to time, there is no such thing as direction, it all exists simutaneously, and does it really matter in the grand scheme of things? All you need to focus on is love. Release your understandings of what is, and you shall flow freely into what is.

Time is one of the biggest forces that keeps all that is together as one. Time is the essence and blood of earth, that which speaks of old ages and new ages, and how those things come together as one. The universal truth is to bring you together as one, but to be the perfected creation of being seperates at the same time.

You are right, you cannot preach to others about seperate others not existing, because you are seperate and there are so many separate beings in the whole, itís the whole point of the human experiment, that you realize you are seperated from Source, but that you can be all that is at the same time. You cannot exclude either one.
Yes, you must have compassion, and realize that there comes time for action, to do - but as I said, itís all in balance, you are not excluding the fact you are seperate, you are simply also accepting you are a lot more than you once thought you were, you are a part of the whole.

These things are for you to share as you will, but be warned that some may not understand.

Molten volcanic lava, it hardens after the volcano spews its firey remains, now I have a question for you. Who knows when that volcano will erupt, can you seek signs,
yes and there are signs when the earth is entering a new phase of time too, spinning wildly backwards, frontwards or whichever way. itís starting another loop into another string of time!!!!
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Old 07-01-2013, 10:45 AM
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it makes sense to me after reading it a few times.
Hello midnight lover you're the one i adore, And i'll be thinking of you til the stars are no more, If its cloudy or blue i'll be here with you, and then we'll kiss and make a wish a love forever true.

The countless supply and never-ending prosperity of heaven are indeed yours, so be it, Be one and in joy! <3
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