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Old 03-08-2015, 12:55 AM
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Question "Dire Prophecies" of the Kolbrin Bible and the Lost Book of Enki

Hello everyone,

I am hoping you are somewhat aware of the Kolbrin Bible (search YouTube for "Dire Prophecies of the Kolbrin" for one recent discussion and introduction to some of the text and purported origins[Can't post URLs yet, apparently ). It may be that my own background, personal research interests, and spiritual leaning give me a different perspective and conclusions on its relevance and meaning. My question would be to those who have also read the Lost Book of Enki and Sitchin's translation (which is available for free online) about whether there may be some correlation between these texts, and is it just me, or has any interest in Sitchin died out along with him?

Not to digress, but from my elementary understanding of the process he used, there were rosetta stones found for another language, Assyrian, which were used to basically make an educated guess at what the original Sumerian meanings were. It's laughable to me, but there's even a website called sitchiniswrong.com (or something) where the author basically debunks (at least in his own mind) Sitchin's entire premise for the evidence of ancient aliens in the texts by merely pointing out that there weren't any words for space ships or nuclear bombs, yet these were mentioned by Sitchin.

Anyone can realize that a language, not the original language, may not even HAVE the words for the level of technology spoken about, hence we have colorful allegories of chariots flying through the heavens and crash-landing on Earth, yet does it really take a revolutionary to put 2 and 2 together to realize the chariot they were speaking of wasn't the same one with wheels and bound by the laws of gravity as we know them?

Especially listening to this YouTube video, where the author and guest are admitted Christians (simply an observation of inherent bias and belief-systems), I'm curious if the guest who claims this is the most important link between science and religion and proves everything in the Bible even is aware of the existence of the Lost Book of Enki, Zechariah Sitchin's long work in the field of Sumerian translation (or transliteration?) and personal belief that these were in fact historical accounts of real nephilim or annunaki from Nibiru or Planet X?? I admit to not having purchased the full book so can't say whether there's more to this, but from the excerpted creation story, this seems a much more modern re-telling or selective informing to those in certain secret societies or mystery schools, whereas the Lost Book of Enki really does come across to me like an accurate and often brutal telling of what happened before Adam and Eve, the true purpose for their creation, why the annunaki came to this planet, etc.

Just wondering if there are others out there who have read both, don't necessarily come from a particular religious background, or at least willing to put that aside when clear evidence seems to invalidate dogmatic belief, and agrees that people have sort of missed the relevance of the Sumerian tablets if they're referring to the oldest or most revolutionary text connecting science to religion, explaining human origins, etc. From what I gather of the Kolbrin, it explains all earth calamities, including the destruction of Atlantis the the floods, as punishment for humanity's evil and defying the natural laws, yet this sounds to me like more watered down morality, in contrast to the older Lost Book of Enki, which explains the calamities were astronomical in nature (i.e., a huge star or object affecting gravity, causing electrical storms, pelting the planet with meteor showers and other debris trapped in the brown dwarf's local gravitational field) and rather, that those who died did so because the annunaki failed to warn or save them... No moral imperative or story about how if we only had been "good" or lived in the "right way according to God" none of the calamities would have occurred. It's exactly for this reason and others that I feel the significance of the Sumerian tablets have thus far been understated, under-appreciated, and thus far, not given their due significance, mostly due to (and I don't mean this as an insult) most modern man's refusal to accept or even consider the possibility of being genetically engineered or altered by an advanced species.

Because it's such a "scary" or forbidden, unthinkable thought to most people, they refuse to accept any evidence or even philosophical line of reasoning which would tend to support the notion that, if there are indeed older parts of the universe, and evolution occurs of its own accord, persevering and adapting in the most extreme of climates, could it not be possible, rather, more likely than not, that IF life tends to progress and evolve, that IF life did exist elsewhere and had in fact evolved or sprung forth at an earlier stage, that they'd have a far advanced technology, ability to scan the vast infinities of space for other life forms, even find ways to traverse seemingly insurmountable distances in the matter of a few seconds or similarly compressed fashion?

Are people beginning to be willing to consider the implications and consequences if this WERE true, since the opposite can't be proven (and I'm not saying the story as told in the Lost Book of Enki can be proven either, yet there's a lot of circumstantial evidence, and from a debate/philosophical point-of-view, I wish people would actually realize if they can't disprove a theory that means there's a possibility, even a very slim one, that the theory is correct, and it's really cliche, but true that a mind is like a parachute and works best when open

At any rate, hopefully someone can relate to some of what I've written and/or has some observations having also looked into both texts and possible implications. Namaste!
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Old 07-05-2016, 05:54 AM
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I read all of Sitchin's books available in the late 1990s. I still have them. I'll go take a look at the Lost Book of Enki. Life is so very busy that I'm not going to promise when. I am a Sitchin fan.

I had the remarkable experience of handling a stone big as a platter which was carved exactly like an amulet shown in Von Daaniken's "Gold of the Gods." I became very curious and that's when I ran across Sitchin.

Thanks for the information on the free online site.
There is much to be learned. Stick with me kid. Let's make it playful." My Guide
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