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Old 16-07-2017, 10:39 PM
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The Finding of a Lost Ruby Ring; Against the Odds.

The Finding of a Lost Ruby Ring; Against the Odds.
I was going to visit Lee, a friend of mine and when I was making arrangements to visit, she said, when I come, could I have a look for her ruby ring that she had lost when she was throwing something off her verandah, the ring accidentally flew off her finger and into the wild garden below.
When I got there a few days later, we sat around having a talk over a beer and discussing how the search had been progressing.So far about 10 people had had a good look including someone with a metal detector but to no avail. I then told her some of my ring stories. Quite a few years ago, I found a large amethyst ring in the hall of my house. I had to do quite a bit of thinking as to who could the ring have come from. I decided it must have fallen off this man's finger who I had only met once or twice so I had to ring a mutual friend to make contact and find out that it had been his. He lost it and by the time he realized it was missing, he had no idea where it could be and so had not even bothered to contact me.
I couple of years ago, I was visiting my daughter in Sydney and was at Clovelly Beach when I looked in the sand a saw a silver ring with an interesting symbol engraved into it. I didn't know what to do so I thought the best thing was to leave it beside a post on the cement path beside the beach. I placed it there and was walking away from the area when someone came up to me and asked, the perhaps unusual question, "Had I found a ring?" To this, I answered "Yes, well in fact I had and had placed it over there, beside that post." The discovery of ring number two.
I then said to Lee and her friend, who by the way is an avid collector of art and antiques, someone who appreciates the potency of objects, that in fact, our eyes are not as good as we might think as we actually only see a part of our sight and really our brain just fills in the rest as it thinks it exists. I said to find anything lost, I think we need to make the psychic connection with what we are looking for. Lee told me its story ,how she had it made in India about 20 years ago, how she had lost it almost straight away in a tooktook but the driver looked her out and returned the ring. How she had recently thought that she has lost it permanently in the streets of the local town but found it a few days later in the vegetable tray of her fridge.
I then told of an old family gold ring and diamond my mother had given me when I got married for me to give to my wife, the lady I was marrying. The marriage occurred and the ring passed from me to her but unfortunately a few days later, she lost it but then again she found it a month or so later in the dirt under the house. Life progresses we are divorced and so things are forgotten but about a year ago or so, I asked my daughter had she seen this old ring? She didn't know anything about it but asked her mother what had happened to it. Unfortunately the story was the she hocked it a little while earlier for a few paltry hundred dollars without even telling me because for certain I would have purchased it back from her for obvious sentimental reasons. I know looking back, there was something in the marriage, at least from me, I though think that she thought almost nothing of me. She did though remarry and the day after she remarried, I cut off the side of my ring finger in a trice with a machette accident. There was a symbolic enforced severing as if ever there were any lingering attachments and need for such drastic action. Looking back, it seemed a bit unnecessary as they only lived together for a couple of months before the new husband returned home to the US, I'm sure a damaged man but she has probably totally forgotten.
To go back a little more and add a little extra, on the day I went to visit Lee, I also had to do a little shopping in the main street of the local town. There was an opportunity shop I went into just to have a look. In it I saw this old hymn book with music for one dollar and so I picked it up to have a closer look. It turned out to be from the very old and beautiful Ann Street Presbyterian Church. A church the government wanted to demolish for a carpark. Much had to be invoked from the little congregation to prevent this happening against an all powerful government. It turned out that the minister of this church was also the moderator of the church in Qld, lived two doors down from me when I was a youth. My mother knew the family from way back and although I did meet him a few times, I didn't get to know him well before he died. I then did get to know his wife and occasionally visited. She owned an old harmonium and I played this a few times for her. Eventually she died, and her daughter offered us this old instrument for a modest $25, an offer I accepted. The harmonium is now in my house here. I thought this was quite a coincidence the reuniting of an old hymn book from the church, the minister and his wife, and the old harmonium. Lee likes stories and so when I visited, with this newly acquired hymn book in hand, I told my story of how strange it was for me to acquire it and to delay a little the onerous task of what appeared to me, to find the impossible.
In due time, Lee and her friend set out yet again to find it with me the novice. Yes, I heard the story as to where it went, I did think where it could be and where no one had looked. My story starts out by saying I found it, and after just a few minutes looking, incredibly I did find it. I don't consider myself psychic, I don't have any special talents but I did find it and was the selfsatisfied hero at least for the moment. The ring has some value and was valued at something like a thousand dollars so the find was meaningful even in a materialist sense. My story though is more about the reason that events occur and the fulfilling of desires. Is there in here a deeper meaning through symbols as to an understanding of life and the bringing about of our life's journey. I do have other strange stories about my treeplanting life and how against the odds, it has come to fruition, the making of an environmentally correct way of living.
Postscript: In fact, now that I think about it, I do have a ring. It was given to me from a visitor who enjoyed her stay here as a reward and even a payment for her pleasure being here in the jungle. With her, the ring also has a history because it was given to her by a monk she met in Thailand and although I don't know exactly why other than she created a good impressed to him. The ring has a Buddhist aphorism written on it which unfortunately I don't know what it means. I keep it in a small wooded box a friend gave to me. The box is meant for the fulfilling of wishes.
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Old 02-09-2017, 10:28 AM
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Treeplanter: The ring has a Buddhist aphorism written on it which unfortunately I don't know what it means.
you could find someone to translate it i reckon.
then you'd know what wish has been receiving that 'fulfillment energy'.
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