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Old 18-08-2014, 09:05 PM
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Question Did I just Astral travel?? INSANE dream or something more??

Hi. My name is Erica. I've been doing some research today due to a confusing experience I had last night. I came across your website which hopefully can offer some advice. I'm not sure if "astral travel" is what happened to me, but my gut tells me it did. I promise you tho it was something VERY unintentional and it left me with more questions than answers. Just really Bizarre stuff. Just to note: I am a sane individual, 29 year old mother of 4, married for 9 years, artist/medical assistant. I have had many spiritual and paranormal experiences throughout my life (first experience at 4 years old). I don't want to label myself a "sensitive" , cause that's just a term I don't quite understand, or for what qualifies one to be a "sensitive" . However the experience I had last night left me begging for some kind of answer. ANY kind of answer to better understand whether this was just a crazy,vivid, realistic dream, or something more. I lost a lot of sleep last night after waking up from something that honestly left me feeling pretty confused and maybe even a little traumatized. I have had very intense dreams before but this was something far beyond ANYTHING I've ever dreamt of. As soon as I woke myself up from the dream (by screaming) at 2:34 am. I immediately wrote it down so I wouldn't forget any details.

Last night I went to bed around 11:30 p.m. I tossed and turned til atleast 12:30a.m. with absolutely zero success of even STARTING to doze off. I was getting frustrated cause I was either too hot, had to go to the restroom, couldn't get comfortable, my husband was snoring (lol), it just felt like I couldn't turn my mind off. I remember before I did finally fall asleep my last thoughts consisted of me entertaining myself by wondering what the property of my house sits on may have looked like 9 milllion years ago. I started thinking about dinosaurs, Ice age, Pangea. Just weird stuff. lol! But I finally fell asleep!

Once asleep, I found my self IN A DREAM (we will call it dream #1): that I am in bed (at my fathers house tho for some reason) still laying next to my husband who is snoring away, I am still tossing and turning, still struggling to fall asleep. COMPLETELY frustrated at this point cause the clock says 7 am and I feel like I been fighting for sleep ALL night now. I start thinking about the same thoughts I had earlier (about what my property looked like 9 million years ago, Ice Age, and dinosaurs. This just happens to be the same thought that put me to sleep and sent me into dream #1. (Apparently I'm finding this to be a very entertaining thought). and then it happened!!!
In dream #1 I finally fall asleep!! I start to dream. So now I am dreaming within a dream (we will label this Dream #2)!!!

Dream #2: I find myself in what looks like space. its dark I see stars around me. I can't remember there being any sound. Suddenly I see two cloaked figures, one appeared to be male, one appeared to be female. They were a couple and embracing each other. I was pretty fixated on the female being. Her features just stuck out more to me. They seemed to be very humanoid for the most part as far as their height, their nose and lips, I couldn't see their eyes due to the darker shadows of the cloak that draped over top of them though.

The skin was glittering with like a silver and gold metallic glitter (the specks of glitter were of different sizes too) Her face was blue but a shade of navy blue that was lighter at the chin and gradually got darker as it went up to the top of the head towards the shadows of the cloak. Her lips were full , almost pouty (like an Angelina Jolene mouth) her lips were the color of a REALLY REALLY pretty violet purple with the glittering as well.

I just stood there and observed. I was pretty much hypnotized by her features, she was beautiful, and I was calm. I started looking further down her body. At that time, I noticed her lower body had a different skin . It glittered as well but it looked as if her body was made of the colors of the universe. I could literally see spiraled galaxies in her skin, I could see stars, planets, nebulae all within the skin of her lower body .

I looked over to her mate. to start observing his features. I think my focus was starting to get a little shaking at this point. One feature that stuck out the most from the male , was when he leaned over to kiss her. His tongue was a green color, about 4 ft long, with a lizard like appearance that was split at the end. He proceeded to lick up the side of her rib cage and the left side of her face. I began feeling uneasy and a little grossed out.

Suddenly I see these two beings being picked up by some octopus like figure that's face looked to have demon like features. I started to feel a little nervous watching the two about to be devoured. but I noticed something that kept me calm. The image of these cloaked figures had appeared extremely vivid and crystal clear to me the whole time. HOWEVER the octopus figure appeared faded out, almost like a pencil sketch. It reminded me a lot of those old school shaky projection movies as well.

I started to then look at my surroundings. I wasn't scared of the demonic figure as much as I started to fear not knowing where the hell I was. Why was I in space?! How do I get home? I felt the rush of panic come over me. It was almost as if I knew I had to wake up from dream #2 and then wake up from dream #1. I don't know why but I started to feel really overwhelmed!!

SUDDENLY I felt as if my wrist were tied above above my head . It felt like extreme pressure on my arms or something was trying to hold me down. I kept trying to bring my arms down or break free from what ever was preventing me from moving. Once I realized I couldnt break free. I went into full fledge panic mode.
It had been completely silent throughout this dream (#2) I took in every bit of air I could and gave as power as I could to SCREAM AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE! Once sound started coming out of my body I saw a quick flash of dream#1 where I wake up screaming. As fast as it came , it was gone. I then woke up from dream #1 Screaming out loud! (So I'm completely awake now. Back in reality, laying next to my husband, in my own bed, in my own house) I had woke my self up screaming! One thing that struck me as odd tho when I woke up my arms were stretched above my head and my hands clasped in a praying position. My arms still felt heavy but I could move them now, so I was definitely relieved. I looked at the clock it was 2:34 am. I had only been asleep for 2-2 1/2 hours tops. I was a bit shook up from it, finally fell back to asleep around 5 am and thankfully with that not happening again. lol.

Just wanted to get some opinions on it. If not just to simply share my story. It was definitely something I wont ever forget!
Thanks again,
Erica Upp
Dayton, Ohio
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