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Old 01-10-2006, 02:19 PM
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Shiedling and protection

You should ideally shield yourself energetically whenever you are going to be in a situation with lower energies, such as a public place or around angry or ailing people. This is especially important for sensitive people who tend to absorb the energy of others (ie. empaths).

To shield yourself, just imagine yourself completely enveloped in whatever colour light you have chosen. You can also shield others, or objects like your car or home. Shields wear off though, and will need to be re-applied every 12 hours or so.

Here are some colours you may like to choose from, depending on you particular needs:

White light: Good for protection against crime or physical attack. Invokes additional angels around you.

Pink light: Protects against negativity. Helpful in situations where you're around negative-minded, complaining or gossipy people, as only love can permeate a pink shield. (Must remember this at the school gates, lol).

Green light: A physical healing shield. Use this for someone who is injured or ill.

Purple light: Psychic protection. Shields against psychic attack or entities.

Mirrored ball : When you are feeling vulnerable, or when your chakras are open & clean, and you're about to go into harsh energy (such as crowds etc..) see or feel yourself stepping into a mirrored ball. All negative energy bounces away from the ball.

Lead shield: This is the ultimate shield against negativity - whenever a battle is anticipated, or you're feeling extra vulnerable or open. See or feel yourself completely surrounded by lightweight lead metal, which nothing can penetrate.
Old 01-10-2006, 02:23 PM
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Psychic and Spiritual Protection (an article from www.salrachele.com)

There are many schools of thought regarding psychic and spiritual protection. The most important point I want to make here is that these techniques are remedial in that they are only necessary as long as you believe in and give power to fourth-dimensional entities and energies. Once a soul rises to the level of love (fifth density), protection is no longer necessary.

As mentioned in the article The Illuminati and the Dark Forces, there are actually no "dark forces" per se, only energies and entities with very little light. Therefore, it is important to realize that all protection techniques are designed to withdraw energy from the illusion of darkness.

There are two approaches to protection -- embracing the light and dispelling the darkness. The dispelling methodology is eloquently illustrated in the Cutting Cords meditation. When releasing energies, entities or thought forms, you always visualize them moving into the light of God, with your blessing and well-being. Releasing anything in anger does not dispel it because the vibration of anger is what attracts such energies in the first place. So forgiveness is essential if you want to live a life free of energetic attachments.

Speaking of attachments, one more note before we get to the techniques. Most negative energies, entities and thought forms are providing some sort of comfort, or "payoff" else we would not have kept them with us. In almost 80% of all cases of so-called "possession", the offending entities are deceased family members that we have been unable to forgive and forget. This attachment to Uncle Bob or Aunt Beatrice is keeping them, as well as ourselves, enslaved in old energy patterns. When we release them into the light, they are being helped along in their evolution, and we are lifting a heavy burden from our shoulders. (Of course, all entities have free will and our favorite Aunt and Uncle may choose NOT to go to the light, but at least we are freeing ourselves from an unhealthy alliance.)

Technique No. 1: Declaring our Sovereignty

Visualize yourself filled with the golden light of the Father and the silver light of the Mother. See the golden light descending in a downward spiral through the crown chakra and filling your body with liquid golden light. See the silver light ascending up through the feet (if you are standing) or through the base of the spine (if you are sitting) and spiraling up your spinal column. The golden light of the Father is known as Divine Grace, and the silver light of the Mother is known as the Sacred Kundalini. The upward and downward spirals intertwined form the "serpent" that is depicted on the modern medicine symbol. In the heart center, visualize a white and pink light radiating out in all directions. This is the light of compassion. Issue the following command, repeating it until you feel complete: "IN THE NAME OF THE MOST HIGH GOD, I COMMAND ALL ENERGIES, ENTITIES AND THOUGHT FORMS THAT ARE NOT 100% OF GOD'S PURE, UNCONDITIONALLY LOVING LIGHT, TO LEAVE MY SPACE IMMEDIATELY! YOU ARE RELEASED INTO THE LOVING LIGHT OF GOD NOW!" Then see them leaving and drifting up into the light of God. Then say, "I FORGIVE YOU, RELEASE YOU AND BLESS YOU TO GO TO YOUR HIGHEST GOOD AT THIS TIME."

Technique No. 2: Replacing Your Guides

Almost all of us have spirit guides. Although they usually have our best interests at heart, some guides outlive their usefulness as we grow and evolve. During these times, it is important that our guides be wholly of the light and wholly of service to us. To ensure this is the case, use the following:

Visualize your guides (if you can) and say this: "AT THIS TIME, ONLY THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE 100% ALIGNED WITH GOD'S LOVING LIGHT ARE ALLOWED TO REMAIN IN MY SPACE. ALL OTHERS MUST LEAVE NOW!" Then see any guides that are not 100% aligned with God leaving and drifting into the light. Say, "THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. I BLESS YOU AND WISH YOU WELL IN YOUR JOURNEY TO LIGHT." Next, say "I WELCOME THOSE GUIDES THAT ARE 100% OF GOD'S LOVING LIGHT AND ARE PERFECT GUIDES FOR MY MAXIMUM SOUL GROWTH, ENJOYMENT AND PROSPERITY." Now visualize new guides descending into your space and welcome them, thanking them for their upcoming service to the light. Do this process in conjunction with the Cutting Cords meditation.

Technique No. 3: Chanting and Invocations

When you are driving or busy and cannot take time to meditate, you can chant aloud or silently to yourself the following:


If conditions permit, visualize a force field of golden light surrounding you during these chants.
Old 01-10-2006, 04:24 PM
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Another interesting article on clearing entities that are feeding off our energies.
Old 01-10-2006, 08:48 PM
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Jaycee great article.

I would add the violet flame and violet light which I use myself clearing them together with commanding them to accepted the light.

Old 01-10-2006, 09:30 PM
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Thanks so much Jaycee for starting this thread. One can never have too much info about the different forms/rituals/visualizations/prayers etc. to protect ourselves from the lower vibrating stuff. I had just mentioned to AM that we need to remember what exists between 3D (physicality) and 5D (higher energetic dimension many are headed towards and/or partically in already). What exists between 3D and 5D ??? 4D or the Astral plane! And because "The Veil" that normally held 3D and 4D separate is no longer in place, we're all living, sleeping, working, eating, functioning in that astral mess right here in 3D! Gotta clean up the Collective Garbage Heap before we wrap this cycle up and move into another one at a higher level.

So......I think it's really important to have good strong and workable info and lots of it, for all who are interested in how to protect themselves from lower 4D entities.
Old 01-10-2006, 11:04 PM
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People - - just consider - - that there IS no dimension of just - - length. In other words - - 1D is not just of length - - 2D is not just of length and width - - and 3D is not just of "physicality" - - or of length, width, and height. That is re-writing the structure of the dimensions to follow the evidence of our physical senses. Gee - - has the history of mankind ever done that one before ??

The lowest real "plane" in existence is the physical plane. It has the "three dimensions" of length / width / height - - coupled with a very slow vibration to make and maintain form.

The next plane of existence is most certainly the Astral - - and the size of the Astral Plane *dwarfs* the size of the physical plane. Just to give you an idea. This plane is the seat of emotion - - and it can somewhat be accepted that this is the reason emotion is such a driving force in the physical plane - - because it is so "near" and "akin" to the physical plane. Much more so than thought - - which is of a higher vibration still.

Lastly - - the "veil" is not breaking down. *We* are learning to leave and project into the other dimensions due to our broadening of our consciousness. Each of us. Individually. Nothing is guaranteed in Life - - on any plane. No one will get a "free ride." No one will be carried along on an "ascension wave" to whatever extent - - as a free ride to anywhere. Each individual "earns" where they "end up" - - so to speak. To be otherwise - - would vastly negate the intent of the Path itself.

Yes - - we all have emotions - - so we are living "parallel lives" - - kinda. The mind can make a LOT out of this.

So - - just be aware of who and what YOU are as an individual - - as opposed to what someone else wishes you to consider yourself to be. Know the difference. Know the probably outcome if you accepted what they want you to accept about yourself. Then make a conscious decision as to whether you wish to make their belief system - - their desires for you - - as part of your own belief system about yourself.

The Law of Consciousness states - - in part - - that nothing can be a part of anyone's consciousness unless and until the individual accepts it as such.

"How" the various Forces get the individual to accept beliefs and concepts about themselves is the game.

So - - true detachment - - true disbelief - - true non-acceptance is often one of the best "defenses" of all - - on any plane of existence - - anywhere. But - - the better you become at this - - the "better" become the con jobs to get you to believe. So subtle. So cunning. So tricky.

To "hold to who and what you know yourself to be" when all else around you is telling you otherwise - - is the nature of the game. And the Path.

And to constantly revise your "assessment of Self" is what it's all about.

That's the game. On it goes.
Old 02-10-2006, 04:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Lapis
So......I think it's really important to have good strong and workable info and lots of it, for all who are interested in how to protect themselves from lower 4D entities.

I couldn't agree more with this. Strong, clear info and lots of it! I find it so hard to learn or master a technique from just one or two articles, I have to keep reading, and keep reading, and eventually all of the gaps in the knowledge are filled in and the techniques start to work. The info in this thread has been great, so far.
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