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Old 26-01-2015, 12:56 AM
baro-san baro-san is offline
Join Date: Jan 2015
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Same, from side.

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Old 26-01-2015, 03:19 AM
Botticella22 Botticella22 is offline
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You're not alone in this. It's a frustrating thing. I experience this too. It's to where I've even had my thyroid checked several times (along with several physicals) to make sure that nothing is wrong, but no - everything's fine. It's annoying too. It's almost as though I have absolutely NO metabolism. Or it stopped working :P
Old 29-01-2015, 07:05 PM
baro-san baro-san is offline
Join Date: Jan 2015
Posts: 487
From an article, today on y!

For those seeking help with weight loss, here are a few things I learned along the way — some from reading, some from speaking with my doctor, and some simply from my personal experience.
  • The most important realization: weight loss is math and you can’t cheat math. If you regularly burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight. Track calorie intake and calorie burn, and don’t cheat by omitting things you eat. Every calorie counts and if you’re going to do it, do it right.
  • Calorie density is a hugely important consideration if you have an issue with portion control. Divide the number of calories per serving by the number of grams per serving to determine calorie density. The best foods have a calorie density around 1 — you can eat more and therefore feel more full.
  • Drink a large glass of water about 20 minutes before each meal. It takes 20-30 minutes to feel “full” while eating and this helps that feeling hit before you eat too much.
  • Never skip breakfast; it gets your metabolism going. Eat a healthy breakfast that is low-calorie and has a good amount of protein.
  • Don’t overdo it. Be smart with your workouts and avoid fads or high-intensity workouts until you’re in good shape.
  • Most people know this in this day and age, but spot reduction is a myth. Doing sit-ups will not burn belly fat, though it will strengthen and tone abdominal muscles. Cardio is the most important thing for burning fat — get your heart rate up, and watch your heart rate closely so you don’t overdo it. Here is a link to the AHA’s page on target heart rates.
  • Weigh yourself every single morning immediately after you use the bathroom (this will help keep somewhat consistent conditions when you weigh yourself, since weight fluctuates throughout the day). Nothing gets you back on track faster than seeing your weight jump up after a stretch of a few lazy days.
  • Last but not least, it’s not worth it. If you’re at home snacking, don’t eat that last cookie. If you’re out to dinner at a restaurant, don’t order dessert. The joy you’ll get from losing more weight far outweighs any pleasure you might get momentarily from eating that junk.
Old 13-02-2015, 06:21 AM
Posts: n/a
i am getting there but slowly. still having thyroid issues, and far too long not taking care of myself. acupuncture is also helping a lot. taking it day by day.
Old 06-02-2019, 06:11 AM
janielee janielee is offline
Join Date: Dec 2018
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Originally Posted by Baile
Okay I will and you're welcome! I focused my responses on the practical and I'd like to speak about the spiritual side of things now. The practical is the external focus on the day-to-day doing. The spiritual is the inner will required to carry on with this day-to-day doing over an extended period of time. The spiritual will is the magic in all this.

Pushing or forcing yourself to do a particular thing, is physical will. For me, exercise is a physical will activity. I go for walks each day and that's about all the physical will I have for exercising. Plus the last time I did aerobics I blew out both my knees, and three years later they're still sore. Painful yes, but even if I had tried, I couldn't have dreamed up a more convenient excuse to avoid working out. Thank you universe!

Forcing (willing) one's self to like something, or to want to do something, is much different than, say, one's love and enthusiasm for horses and Derek Jeter. (Please don't say you prefer Mark Teixeira!) Your love for such things is a gift of grace to put it one way. These are the natural, loving expressions of your soul relationship with life in this particular incarnation. You probably dream of riding; you think about it all the time and can't wait to go galloping off somewhere. I have the same relationship to kayaking. The love we have for such activities is an integral part of our soul life and identity. We don't have to think about doing it, or force ourselves to want to do it. And that's because we have a spiritual will connection to it. We can't imagine our life without it, it's like breathing.

There are spiritual traditions that speak of one's angels departing for a time as one enters their 30s. Up until then, these gifts of grace come naturally to us. They're part of our incarnation blueprint. The angels - the universe - has graced us with these loving gifts and soul connections. As we get older however, part of our spiritual development task is to learn to create and manifest our own gifts and soul connections. This is just one part of learning to become co-creative beings with Spirit.

The task in our later years then, is to learn how to create and manifest a spiritual will relationship to those life tasks we identify as crucial to our soul evolution. For me, that included losing 95 pounds. I was not interacting with life because I was too embarrassed as I said. I avoided social activity and basically lived inside my house for years. (And I wasn't kayaking that whole time either, telling in itself!) I knew in my soul that I needed to lose this weight in order to continue to progress a healthy relationship with life... which is a huge part of the soul evolution journey and what the universe asks of us.

Forgiveness for me means getting on with things; I don't dwell on mopey thoughts about what was or could have been. So rather than "forgive" my fat self, I directed my attention to what was needed in order to fix the situation. But that's how I personally deal with things. And all I'm doing here is trying to explain how I was able to shift my association with dieting/proper diet into a spiritual will relationship. Because for many years I had a physical will relationship with it. I had to continually force myself to eat properly; continually talk myself into the benefits of losing weight and making it through the day without cheating.

You have identified a soul desire. This soul desire is you, and the dream you have of you. Currently, that dream manifests in your life as extreme frustration and tears. This is not a bad thing, this is good! This is your soul, longing and crying out. Half the battle in resolving any issue is identifying the problem. You have identified the issue, and on a soul level. You're half way to resolving this thing. Imagine if this were a spiritual exam: you would have already scored a 50% and passing grade, and without even trying! (This is stealth forgiveness rhetoric and logic I fully realize. Regardless of what I previously said, self-forgiveness does come into play in all this.)

But the reason one doesn't dwell on the self-forgiveness aspect is because it pulls the individual back into the past, back into the issue. Rather, you want to evolve a relationship with the NOW of being in that perfect place of recognizing and fulfilling your soul longing. You are interacting with Spirit. You are conversing with love and grace. I really can't stress this mindset enough. That which you dream about has already taken place; that is the magical promise of benevolent Spirit. Yes, you still have weight to lose, and that still needs to happen. But what HAS taken place and what has happened - and cannot be undone - is that you have made that trusting soul connection to Spirit. And you are now co-creating and manifesting a spiritual will relationship to and with that magnificent reality. THAT relationship has been birthed now (in tears and soul wails no less!). You are now on the path. You have incarnated this, and it cannot be undone.

Spirit will not let you down. It will help manifest your dreams and they WILL BE. You are an active participant in this co-creative process; this is a great and magnificent responsibility you lovingly undertake. That is your 50% role: the recognition and will to do this and to honor this agreement. Spirit will take care of the rest. This epiphany and soul understanding will not become your life, it NOW IS your life.

Great post.
Old 03-04-2019, 12:04 AM
dream jo dream jo is offline
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if u on meds it carzee yore waitt to go in diiffo wayss it can
evn if u not medss can carzee wait gain it an dependd on yore body pluss yore famlyy histryy so on ib lenrtt ths obver yrs i hav
if im sayin wong thngs
dream jo

i dream dreams all dreams
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