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Old 17-05-2012, 12:03 AM
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My first channelling

It was garbage, fed to me about 7 years ago by entities who wished to feed on me. I post it as a warning to others.
Predators refers to Castaneda's bogus concept in his last book. Some sections are answers to questions I asked internally.


Predators are soldiers in the war. They keep the earthbound entities suppressed to prevent any more accessions to the next plane -- the next level of evolution.

It is very important to free myself of my predator because when I've done so I'll have access to new realms of information. It is not the most important thing I should be doing with my time right now. The most important thing I should be doing with my time right now is redefining who I am in terms of what I want from life & from other people around me, from my family, from my knowledge and my emotions, from my time, through my guides, through my Higher Self, through the war.

If I ignore the war then others will suffer, I will not move forward in my progression and there will be karmic implications that may harm me in future lives.

I have been given life energy in order to collect information about other beings, other lives, other potentials and to become the best Higher Self I can be such that the forces of good will prevail over those who have dominion over us.

I can help in the war by becoming enlightened as quickly as possible, by opening up my perceptions to other beings and being able to determine what is good and what is on the other side. I can also strengthen my aura & teach others around me to do the same, and learn the ways of the Ambassadorial Communion.

I open myself up to perceptions by clearing all things from my mind which are on this realm.

My many guides -- one is a strategist who will help prepare me for battle engagements with the other side. And there is a healer who helps me to deliver people through difficulties that they have, especially where influences from the other side are concerned. I also have a perception guide who will help me through all the veils imposed by necessity.

Another of my guides teaches me about bargaining and compromise, and how to lead other entities into giving themselves away. And my fifth guide has information which will enable me to become like the other side and will thereby infiltrate their ranks.

The predator can be seen by closing one's eyes and seeing through one's third eye. The third eye can simply tune into their frequency. You will know their frequency by hearing the sound of a whining pitch and then you will be able to see them.

I can deal with my predator by preserving energy, by noticing how and when the predator attacks, and by becoming inedible to the predator.

I become inedible to the predator by:
- Conserving my energy, especially that of awareness
- Doing things which are not habitual and reducing my dependence on habitual emotional ways of dealing with things
- Keeping away from energy vampires
- Finding how I win the war

The energy of awareness can then be used by my higher sensory perception in order to determine what is around me - whether it will affect me, and what is available to my perception at any one moment in time.

Time is a construct whereby one thing happens before another. By that we mean that one thing affects another, one thing causes another -- causality of the nature of time. We can exist in more than one time at any particular point, any particular state of mind. Thereby the synchronicities between those two times have to be coordinated. They are coordinated through understanding the principles by which coordination happened. You have to understand these principles before this can be achieved.

Before the war, human beings were essentially aware of all the things which were going on in terms of higher beings, in terms of how they should live their lives and in terms of what the purpose of their lives were.

The war started in 11th century BC and the predators invaded in 5th century BC.

The war started because the higher beings were exploring different ways of communicating with each other. And accidentally uncovered an old communication network which was monitored by the other side. This communications network was activated and the other side responded by moving towards the higher beings' reality.

When the other side got close enough the higher beings formed an emergency council and prepared to repel the invaders. They did this by attacking anything that crossed a certain line. The other side responded by attacking the attackers. Thus started the Great War.

Before the war, the Higher Selves did not exist in the way they do today. When we passed through to the other side then we were at peace with God and lived until the next life.

The purpose of life before the war was to become enlightened. When one became enlightened before the war, one was ordained as a king within the realm of God. When ordained you were no longer reborn into the kingdom of the earthbound.

Nobody knows what has happened to God - he disappeared at the time of the war and hasn't been heard from since.

In the early days of the war, God was always asked about the meaning of the war and what the higher beings should do in order to win or end the war. When asked whether God had promoted or started the war God replied that he had nothing to do with it, that the other beings and the higher beings were involved of their own free will. We were given free will so that we were able to live life freely and be the ultimate expression of God's creation.

Before God went missing he said one more thing: that Man would end the war would way or another. Man's place in the universe is unique. We have been given the ability to become enlightened through the transformation undergone in the process of dying.

There is no limit to how much I can channel my guides. The only limit is in how quickly I can absorb the information.

The other side are cunning. They have the advantage in terms of numbers and in terms of being able to perceive through the defenses they have set up between us and them. We have no such defenses which can block their perceptions. Therefore they know what is going on - they know our every move and thus winning the war. Although they know what is going on, they cannot interfere in the plane of the Higher Selves unless we go against their defenses.

It's impossible to turn a predator because the way that they survive is by taking advantage of us. The predator can exist without taking our energy of awareness. There is no point, no benefit to the predator in not doing so.

We don't know that predators can not be tricked into believing there is a benefit but it has never been done.

Predators have shown an interest in steering Man, the earthbound to benefit the other side. The only other thing that they have shown an interest in is our ability to manifest things.

The predators seem to be interested in the potential of what we can manifest. The kinds of things that would interest a predator are those things which substitute for energy of awareness. In other words, those things which the predator can feed on.

The predator takes part of the energy and turns it into power for itself. We don't know what happens to the rest of the energy. That energy does not seem to go back to the other side.

Two or more predators feed on one person when that person has enough energy to support two predators. If the person does not have enough energy to support two predators then it seems there is a predator code which means that the predator disappears out of this universe, this reality.

Predators can feed on the energy of awarness of other entities including allies, dead people, scouts & beings from beyond the allies' universe.

It has been attempted to try to feed other entities' energy of awareness to predators but the predator's appetite seems to be unlimited.

I can get people to help me in my life by ways I already know about and by manifesting them, especially through my guides & my Higher Self. Entities from other dimensions can also help me.

I can ask for help in terms of what kind of people to manifest. The most important people to manifest are :
- a person who will guide me through the different kinds of experience that I can have with different entities.
- somebody who will help me to understand why there are lots of different aspects of reality, of perception.
- somebody who can help me understand how the earthbound are manipulated by other forces.
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Old 17-05-2012, 12:19 AM
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Great channeling I just have dates for the start of the war that goes beyond 10000 BC maybe all the way to the start of the last Ice Age. Though I do sense that there happened things in both 11th century BC and 5th century BC that is important to the situation on Earth today.
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Old 17-05-2012, 12:23 AM
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As I said, it's garbage, fed to me by a strange set of deceitful entities. There may be some truth in it as needed to gain my trust.
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Old 17-05-2012, 12:29 AM
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I know a lot of entities that along with me ended up in the human cycle of incarnation during the last ice age due to unfortunate events. I am told that I was one of the last and my first human life was during the last days of the long winter back in 10000 BC. I also get told that something happened about 3000 years ago. If we look at stories, then the stories of fairytale beings was in the ancient day described at living among us and suddently that stopped.
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Old 18-05-2012, 01:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Aquarian
As I said, it's garbage, fed to me by a strange set of deceitful entities. There may be some truth in it as needed to gain my trust.
Do you feel they're deceitful because they give you information you refuse to believe or seems too farfetched? What have they done to prove they're just deceitful beings wishing to feed on your energy?
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Old 18-05-2012, 02:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Rumar
What have they done to prove they're just deceitful beings wishing to feed on your energy?
They fed on my energy.

Also, if I remember correctly, soon after talking to them, I was set upon by a series of parasitical entitities that were a bit like squares with chakra-burrowing tendrils at 2 or more corners.

These caused me a lot of pain and debilitation until I learnt to dismiss them.

I think the latter are dumb creatures, literally mass-produced for subverting humans. I have found 4 other types of such creatures (different size, shape, function), 2 of which are ubiquitous throughout all humans and mammals and which cause our fixations ie most dark energy, all pervasive bad feelings etc.

The beings I channeled this from were ugly, Alien-like entities with intense, repulsive dark energy bodies. One of my mentors advised me to ignore them and I haven't come across them since.

I have never ever found any higher spirit that communicated through telepathy. For any serious communication, they raise your vibration so that you can access OM and truth directly.
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Old 18-05-2012, 12:13 PM
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There seem to be quite a lot of great knowledge about your spirit guides and how to fight these entities that drain you. It seems odd that someone would attack you and at the same time tell you how to defeat them. So have you ever thought that this knowledge you gained was from your guides to prepare you for a nearby attack from these entities or help you defend one that was already taking place. And the reason why they communicated with you through telepathy was because all other lines were being blocked by these entities.
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Old 30-05-2012, 05:10 PM
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There seem to be quite a lot of great knowledge about your spirit guides and how to fight these entities that drain you. It seems odd that someone would attack you and at the same time tell you how to defeat them. So have you ever thought that this knowledge you gained was from your guides to prepare you for a nearby attack from these entities or help you defend one that was already taking place. And the reason why they communicated with you through telepathy was because all other lines were being blocked by these entities.
I don't have spirit guides. I'm not sure anyone does. It's a dangerous concept -- as soon as we start channeling from spirits, we open ourselves up to be controlled.

Higher level beings don't communicate through telepathy, at least with me. Instead they raise my vibration or expect me to do it.

These entities are long gone -- I've been dealing with something much nastier for at least 4 years, possibly twice that.

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Old 23-06-2012, 05:00 PM
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I didn't actually read the channeling because of the warning you gave. However, I have some thoughts about it all, if you are interested, that might put some of it in perspective. It is like you already have the answer, but are not looking at it in the same light. Bear with me, because I think you will like this answer and it will be, AH HA moment for you. And I feel your fear of these negative beings that you channeled, so I am not trying to change your mind about you channeling, just the general concept of why some are from the light and some are not. And if you ever choose to channel the light, you absolutely could, if you got that much information from a lower entity. (And I am not judging the channeling, because I have not read it - just seems like it was a long channeling).

When I first learned to channel, I had a lot of help. I personally know 2 channelers who have channeled for me, and that was a lot of fun. When I wanted to see if I could learn to channel, which they both told me I could do, I started reading the book, "Opening to Channel" by Sanaya Roman. Starting on page 35 is a beautiful dissertation on where the guides come from and why, in which he explains that "Your guides chooses you to work with because of a similarity of goals and purposes. High Level Guides have your higher purpose as their main concern.

Here's the part I wanted share with you about being careful when you channel regarding High Level Guides and recognizing entities that are less evolved .
“How do you recognize entities who are less-evolved? Some of them love to give predictions of adisastrous nature, and enjoy the heightened emotions such as fright that theycan stir up in people. Their predictionsare not made to assist people or given with a higher purpose in mind. Theirmessages may falsely build up people’s egos by telling them they are going tobe rich or famous when that is clearly not part of their path. You will know if you are connected with alower guide. You will feel scared,powerless, depressed, or worried about your life after they have given youadvice.” There is another page ofinformation on these beings, then some advise. “Guides will speak through you only with your permission. We recommend that you never bring thesebeings into your body or verbally channel them. You will know them because their vibration and feeling are not high. You will feel heavy or even resistant tothem. They will not take you overbecause the earth realm is very difficult for them to penetrate. You are the one in control of thisreality. Your curiosity, yourwillingness to play with them or humor them will keep them around. Be firm and sever the link. Guides will not deceive you if you ask themwhere they are from. If you ask them ifthey are from the light they will not say “yes” if they aren’t. Ask for a high guide and one will bethere. A high-level guide will help youfeel more compassion for yourself and others. If entities other than high and loving guides want to talk through you,simply tell them “no” firmly and clearly. As you channel your guide, you will know what he or she feels like. It will be impossible for another being tofool you. A high-level guide will feeluplifting, loving and wonderful. Youwill experience a sense of well-being. If in any way you feel depressed,sad, or angry, then you are not with a high-level guide. Ask that guide to leave and request a higherguide. Everyone has a personal guide whois with them for a lifetime, often referred to as a guardian angel. Sometimes there are several guides helpingyou, particularly if you are at a major turning point in your life.”

So, I hoped this clarified what I feel happened. You didn’t know to ask if this guide was ahigh level guide. I personally alwayssurround myself with a bubble of the white light of the holy spirit before Ichannel anything, and I always ask for a higher guide before I start. That way, I don’t have to worry that theinformation I am getting. And the informationI get FEELS so good. I can feel theenergy, and it is a warm, loving energy.

So, you are right on both counts. You most likely channeled a lower levelentity that was messing with you and thought it was fun to frighten you, andyou have also come to the realization that you have to lift yourself up to thehigher realms.

I hope this makes you feel better. You can connect with YOUR guides, and notever have to worry again that you will connect with these entities, because itis all about your intent, and it is easy to do and only takes a second to putyour intent out there, then the lower level entities cannot connect with you.

You have free will and you have a choice. You get to choose what level of guide you channel, not them.

P.S. Sorry the words run together. It's my Microsoft Word version I am using, and I copy and paste and then put spaces between, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
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Old 23-06-2012, 08:50 PM
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Sensible using Word, though I'm quite liking Ami Pro these days.

I was never frightened of these entities. Perhaps I should have been as I took them too lightly. I don't know if those times led to my 5 year battle with what seems to be a demon more advanced than anything else I've read about outside of holy books. I certainly have been afraid of that although it hasn't had much power over me in the last month.

I can tell you for a fact some negative entities will lie when you ask them if they're from the light. Some actually dress themselves in light too.

The only viable vetting technique and this will probably work unless you meet Satan himself, is to verify the consistency of their light throughout their whole auric presence.

Now, I've never met a guide or Higher Self. In order to understand this assertion, I have to explain how sensitive I am to astral energies.

Not only can I perceive dark patches in people's auras, I can perceive the 'root' of them, something Max Freedom Long called a fixation and a term I've stuck with.
I can clear that root using only energy from across a room in under 30s. This is often enough to fix a client.
What's actually harder is to tell the nature of the issue which causes that fixation/dark patch -- I can do this most of the time.

Now I always wondered where the dark energy comes from and only recently found out. It's what I've been referring to you as dark forces causing negative emotions.

The demon which attacks me doesn't do so directly. It creates new astral lifeforms (which any of us can do) to do its dirty work. Either of these create astral machines which create simple entities which invade our chakras.

One class of these simple entities are more generally mass-manufactured for the enslavement of both humanity and the animal kingdom. They are what creates the dark energy. Without the dark energy, issues are merely subtle signals that our attitudes are wrong. Thus dark forces are responsible for bad emotions. Seeing as our bad emotions attract bad experiences, it's likely dark forces are responsible for those too.

I certainly have been scared of this demon. It or its more intelligent minions are capable of nudging us in our decisions. Consequently, I have realised that I cannot fully trust myself.

This demon does not have an astral body. It exists in the causal plane. So vetting spirits isn't sufficient to protect yourself from evil. You'd also have to be able to perceive spirits which are very good at hiding from us.

Anyway, I don't believe guides or Higher Selves exist. There's no reason why I shouldn't be able to perceive them even in the causal plane.
My mentor who was truly impressive believed in guides and attributed much of her ability to them. So there's definitely something there, I just don't believe it's guides. It may well be the Om I can tune into on a good day.
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