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Old 07-03-2018, 08:45 PM
Clio_86 Clio_86 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2015
Location: Toronto
Posts: 475
Question When Readings are Wrong

I wasn't sure where to put this... so stuck it in Divination.

So every September I go see a psychic medium for a reading. The man who gives me the readings has been correct on nearly everything from my mom having sore legs at night before bed, to my sister a year later separating from her husband, and where I would end up going for my doctoral program.

This September I went for a reading and he picked up right away how emotional I was and how hard of a time I was having. (Ended a six year relationship and also was in my first year of the phd with a bully in one of my classes and insane work load). I was also very stressed about finances, and he picked up on that and said not to worry as everything will work out for me and my finances will be good. Well that November my finances were not good and I had to take out an emergency loan from my university. The main question I had at the reading, I didn't even bring up, he brought it up and he said I would have success with one of my projects and everything would turn out fine. I didn't even have to ask.

Well this project of mine did not have the success I was hoping for and it did not turn out fine. I am still super broke. I had to borrow some money from my ex-partner just to pay my rent for March. Nothing he said other than picking up on my emotional state has come to pass.

I dont understand how all of his predictions could come true the previous years then he is wrong on everything this year? I understand free will and I did not do anything in haste or something to sabotage my own success.

Anyways, this project was incredibly important to me and for my career and I have been crying all day. I know not to depend on everything a psychic says but I just felt like it was the right time for me. Im really sad and am questioning my belief in everything. I know I'm a bit dramatic and Im sure I will feel better tomorrow. I'm just wondering what makes someones readings, who has had a good track record, get it all so wrong? Is it him? Is it me?
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Old 08-03-2018, 01:04 AM
LillyBelle LillyBelle is offline
Join Date: Aug 2014
Location: US
Posts: 964
  LillyBelle's Avatar
The future is never set in stone. Things are constantly changing. Psychics are kind of like weathermen. They can get it right most of the time, but in the end Mother Nature is unpredictable and can throw a few curve balls to keep everyone on their toes!
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Old 08-03-2018, 07:52 AM
H:O:R:A:C:E H:O:R:A:C:E is offline
Join Date: May 2011
Posts: 6,899
  H:O:R:A:C:E's Avatar
it's sounding as if that psychic medium is quite skilled, and trustworthy.
however, he's not in charge of your destiny, and despite your protestations
of "I did not do anything", i think it probable that something was done by
you to delay your project from producing the desired results.

it may be that "questioning my belief in everything" is precisely what your
soul has deemed the most important task at hand. figuring out why you're
motivated to pursue the goals you set may be a 'higher calling' than just
satisfying some temporary interests (?). [the "I didn't even have to ask"
may have rubbed your subconscious the wrong way.]
i feel enthusiastic about your project finding acceptance, and you receiving
an even greater benefit from the whole situation than you'd imagined before.
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Old 08-03-2018, 04:08 PM
dream jo dream jo is offline
Join Date: Apr 2015
Location: sea dream u cud say
Posts: 18,886
  dream jo's Avatar
sum tims thngs can get mixt up
or if its a crds redin sum tims bad crds cross wof gud 1s
dream jo

i dream dreams all dreams
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Old 08-03-2018, 04:17 PM
angelic star angelic star is offline
Join Date: Oct 2016
Posts: 1,794
  angelic star's Avatar
Well we have a free will, and readings and predictions change by the moment according to the choices we make. If we are in a positive state of mind and are motivated, the energy would reflect in the cards as success. Ultimately it's all on us.
About being right/ wrong, yes psychics can go wrong. They are humans. Maybe that is how they interpret energy at the time.
I have met these very confident psychics with years of experience not able to pick things I had hoped they would. It has been the case several times.
Then there are also more genuine/ evolved folks, who can see the bigger scene. They will probably not pick on the small details like someone having a sore throat or sore leg, but they will give you an expanded view on your situation. Because they have expanded themselves enough for that. The outcome can change depending on the situation. With relationships an expert can predict depending on endings, beginnings, soul contracts. An expert should be able to advise you on career/ projects etc and give you clues or guidance if they are taking those questions already. People make mistakes.
As in for the definite outcome of something we are working on, as in prediction, ultimately its our own actions, but someone should be able to give you more clues on what to expect.
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Old 08-03-2018, 06:02 PM
Clio_86 Clio_86 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2015
Location: Toronto
Posts: 475
Thank you everyone for your responses.
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Old 11-05-2018, 07:59 AM
o0A0o o0A0o is offline
Join Date: May 2018
Posts: 97
IDK if anyone here mentioned it, (the font is so small and my eyes are tired this evening so I did not read through every post thoroughly....my apologies), but sometimes we need to be caught off guard in life to get the lesson. You went through some unexpected events as a result of those not being foretold in advance which would have given you an opportunity to prepare and lessen their impact. You are still recovering. Chances are you will do things differently during your life ahead. It may not be obvious and only surface as an impulse but hard lessons are not easily forgotten.

Believe it or not I have had readings from 100+ different readers on a single topic over the past 6 months. You would think everything would have a chance to be seen by at least 1 in 100+ but I have still been completely blind-sided by unforeseen events that have life changing / life ruining potential. If all we needed to do was regularly get readings to have a smooth life practically everyone would be getting readings like practically everyone has a cell phone because you need one to get around in life.
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Old 14-09-2018, 03:42 AM
kjalways kjalways is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Sep 2018
Posts: 23
Clio, I am wondering how are you doing now? Are you still having a hard time or did things turn around for the better? Maybe, you could go back to your psychic and let him know what has happened and maybe get another reading, but make sure he is aligned or grounded or whatever it is that he needs to be by doing test questions first.

I remember there were times my pendulum would give me opposite answers. I was told that I was not aligned. I am wonder could your psychic could be out of alignment and just did not know it. This is why I always test my pendulum before using it to make sure the answers are aligned.
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Old 15-09-2018, 07:48 PM
wombaton wombaton is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: Sep 2018
Posts: 11
He can't be blamed. He is not god - he's only human and humans are not perfect....
But in life I've learned that it's better to pour my energy into manifestation instead of divination and chasing after predictions.
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Old 16-09-2018, 01:09 AM
Reincar-Nation Reincar-Nation is offline
Join Date: Sep 2014
Location: Adelaide
Posts: 263
Or maybe the failure you experienced wasn't the end of the story, maybe the failure was only one of the steps on the way towards the end. Maybe as a result of the failure you do something different which leads to a different outcome in some other aspect of your life.
I've grown so accustomed to realising that unpleasant events are not necessarily the end of any given story but sometimes just something you have to go through.
Given this post was a few months ago how was it all going now??
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