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Old 21-03-2013, 06:18 AM
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Over the years through communicating online with others I sometimes get triggered and have past life 'flashes'. Music and also pictures triggers me and in those moments I am right there, feeling and sensing everything so it can be quite emotional for me when this happens as it is all so real to me.

The first past life I was triggered to remember was as a gypsy girl. Eventually I connected with another who also shared this past life with me so I asked questions that I knew the answers to and she got them all right so I knew it was not just my imagination. I had had quite a few flashes by then.

Next life I was triggered to remember was my Arabian/Moors one. During that first remembering I had never felt such love. I was inspired to write a poem about this past life called The Arab King but I did not share it with anyone. A couple of days later my friend who had triggered me changed his signature name online to The Arab King. He had been my husband in that life time. He even ended up moving to Spain to the town we had lived in but I had no idea of the significance of the town until last year as this was when I got conformation of the place, the era and also our family name when I came across a website randomly... the facts were all there and all the parts of the puzzle fell into place. I have also connected with others who were with me in that life time.

I have always been drawn to Egypt and I have connected with others who knew me from there and also Atlantis. I was triggered last year on another forum and had a few flashes of Egypt. As a child I used to cross my arms before I would go to sleep; I have no memory of why I did this, I just did that as a child.

I have a celtic past life but this has been harder to place and figure out. As a young girl I had a raven or a black bird as a pet. A soul sister remembers this life time with me but at this time I do not have any memory's just the clues that I share with others hoping they will remember me.

Greenslade has spoken of his quest website on this thread. My main character is Owl and my other character Elinor is based on my celtic past life with the golden one's blended in. Things have came out in the writings at times as is always the way.

Also through Greenslades Quest website I had flashes that hinted that I was a Viking.

Clues over the years have also pointed to me having lived in St. Kilda, a small Scottish Island. I have had many synchronicities to confirm this but as yet no memories apart from a couple of poems describing my flashes triggered by celtic music. I think this is where my passion for spinning and weaving comes from as I had to learn those skills again. I also want to have my sheep. My soul calls for the Good Life...

The most recent past life remembered has been a big puzzle to put together but I know others who have walked with me there in that lifetime so that has helped. I was Mongolian, a young girl and was basically sold/gifted so I had an arranged marriage. I travelled to Japan to be married. At the moment I am putting a block on remembering this past life because when the triggering happens I cry so I shut down as there is too much pain. My sister in this past life is my best friend here and now. I have also found my master on another forum last year and I share other life's with him as we go way back.

I haven't always been on earth though but those memory's are still to be remembered apart from the one of me flying with my dragon soul friend among the stars. That memory was triggered by Lindsey Stirling's violin music and I also wrote a poem to express that memory.

I have had dreams where I am a spy. I don't know who for or what era at this moment in time. I do know however that as a child myself and my brother used to play at being spies, we would leave clues for each other around the house and also outside. There were codes to crack in some of the clues and I still love to crack codes in this life time as I find it fun. Often our childhood games can give us clues to our past life's....

In reply to the original questions at the start of this thread.......yes I have walked with a few members in this forum......
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Old 15-01-2014, 01:55 AM
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I only recently started looking into this regression for myself through meditation with the help of audio coaching. This particular session was applied to my last life before this one. I was only able to get glimpses but they were vivid and a spectrum of emotion was included. I was introduced to myself in my mid to late 20's I believe (I have not quite worked it out yet). It was 1923 and my name was Elliot (Elliot Grant I think) I lived in Oslo, Norway in a metropolitan area or possibly a university campus. I was wearing a brown suit and brown leather shoes. I was tall, maybe 6'2", sort of lanky and had black wavy hair. I carried a brown leather book bag over my shoulder. I am not sure what I did for a living and then almost immediately I saw myself as a juvenile boy maybe 10 wearing some strange leather like shorts / bib overall get up. Not sure how else to explain it. It was 1912 and I was standing in front of my house outside of Oslo in a wooded area. The house was sort of rustic and had a dirt roof with grass growing on it. The sun had just gone down and I could see the house was lit with both oil lights and candles. It was then I realized I had a little brother who I was worried about (not sure why) and an older sister who was no longer alive and we did not talk about her. My mother was a very loving woman who worked incredibly hard and had a hard life. She was very strong but had pent up anxiety. Her husband, my father did not love her and was never around, this is where her anxiety came from as she did not know how to be a better wife and accepted full responsibility for the relationship between her and my dad. I did not have any feelings for my father and I think I did not like him or was mad at him for how he treated my mother. In either case, we did not have a father/son relationship which is totally opposite with my father today. It was a horrible feeling. It was a stressful situation full of raw emotion in that life (not my life today) but it was very interesting. I did not expect Oslo, Norway, that was a surprise to me. At this point I just sort of popped out of my session.

I am not sure how to proceed or if I want to know more. It was interesting but I was not ready for or expect the feelings I experienced while in meditation. It does not bother "me" per se, but I have not experienced those types of family problems in this life so it was foreign to me. That pretty much sums up my own experience. I am debating if I should try it again. I keep asking if there is really anything to gain from it...
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