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Old 02-01-2017, 09:26 PM
SkyGodWarrior SkyGodWarrior is offline
Join Date: Sep 2016
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lol the higher you go up the more it doesnt make sense to your physical body hahaha. I had a E.T try to teach me something way out of my league lol.... I was like what?! I dont understand any of this... I felt like Naruto... :P
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Old 03-01-2017, 02:49 AM
Podshell Podshell is offline
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I usually see an empty space where my body should be~ Do think it is a waste of time now trying to align or force myself to be in the exact same plane as the physical as it is a mundane drab place especially at night
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Old 03-01-2017, 09:23 AM
Astral Explorer Astral Explorer is offline
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Originally Posted by SkyGodWarrior
Ah I see... so much to learn.

"he logistics involved in one Human-being visiting another in another dimension are ridiculous and make it nearly impossible unless you had help from an other-worldly force. So random dream visitations do not happen unless you live in the same relative space, then it may be more likely to happen."

When you say same relative space do you mean "Earth" or just the same house or neighborhood? I have had plenty of times where I would have discusions with people in the astral realm. It would most likely be their higher self talking to me so that I would know the truth but it is def possible for other beings to pretend to be me. I do a lot of meditation and I liked to think that I am an unlimited being. I am also an very courageous. I tell the people I consider as good friends that if they are having a nightmare or something that I would be there for them. I know my higher self takes off and does things all the time. I caught em doing it a couple times and watched and then sometimes I would interrupt. I am even capable of changing forms in the Astral but its kind of mood related. The interesting thing that I have found is that 5 people who are separate from each other by many factors like age, location and relationship have reported the same form that I like to take.

Thank you for describing triporting. I dont have any conscious memory of such an event happening to me but like you said I may not have been aware. With that definition it seems similar to past live recollection but maybe the viewing is different? I dont really hangout on the lower planes unless its a specific mission I have going on. Haha I wish you didn't mention the name and now im sure he is aware of me lol if it cares.

Is this literal or how it feels when you are traveling or did I miss understand and it is a metaphor? "moving through multiple dimensions so it's easy for them. It's actually a huge procession of this happening involving carriages, sleds, boats, zip cords, and beings carrying you."

Did you know that you could adjust your energy through the silvercord in order to control which dimension you shift to? Sometimes you can even travel through consciousness which pretty much looks like your traveling through hyperspace. It just takes more consciousness in order to do so and practice. If you alter your energy to fast or depending on the circumstance you risk being "snapped back" to your body with a mean headache.

I think in my case because of who I am allows me to do certain things or maybe these "beings were actually let me triport" to do certain things? Who knows lol... much meditation my friend.

I mean same neighborhood or house. Since your physical body is located in the same relative space there is likely a somewhat higher chance that your astral body will start in a near space, but nothing is certain since astral projections don't necessarily start in the RTZ of your home every time for everyone. As far as your conversations keep in the mind the beings who take other's forms can learn everything about that person just by touching you. Every way you perceive that person is clear as day to them. So I wouldn't put much trust into the higher-self conversing idea. It is possible for dark-beings to do your bidding in some cases so it's just as likely that the cases where your friends said you protected them it was a dark-being doing so to make you buy into this whole thing. They want us to think we are unlimited powerful beings like Jedi, Super Saiyan, Naruto, etc. All of those movies/shows are metaphorically based in the spiritual dimensions and not the physical dimension. And it's for a good reason we are being brainwashed into acting these movies/shows out in our dreams/projections. Because using astral powers/magic to create an effect on another being is black magic and considered "the left-hand path" Even if you're defending yourself - that is exactly why these beings are attacking you. Because they want you to fight back and once you make the leap to using astral abilities to do so you are falling right into their trap. If we think we are all-knowing, all-powerful, unlimited, etc. then we do not consider them a threat and if we don't consider them a threat we don't pay as much attention to the fine details. Nor do we look for solutions to getting rid of them outside of just fighting them off one experience at a time and that keeps us right in their hands.

As far as your form these beings can take any form and know all the forms you like to take. So they can much easily take a believable form that you like to take while visiting these people and they know how to make it look like you are doing it. I'm not saying that what you believe is wrong, I'm just telling you what these beings are capable of. You're free to believe whatever you choose and I choose to respect your beliefs. I once believed the exact same things but personally learned the hard way once I discovered in my own experiences it was an illusion. These beings follow us around and since the whole experience is created by them when we use astral magic they make it appear like what we are doing is by our own hands. Because in the end it's not the magic itself that makes you walk the left-hand path or a black magician - it's the intention. And the intention alone is enough to cast us down that path regardless of if the spell worked or not.

Any Human-being that lives on Earth and is astral projecting is in the lower-planes whether they know or not. There are varying degrees of the lower-planes some more/less friendly than others, but it's still the lower-planes. We cannot project into the higher-planes by will. The beings who live in the higher-planes keep them protected otherwise anyone and anything could come there whenever they wanted and it wouldn't be a higher-plane any longer. In the beginning of my astral projections it appeared like the higher-planes and I thought I was around good ET's, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, etc. and it's not until much later that I discovered the truth. I believe that the Earth is protected by an energetic field that prevents us from leaving it, because the beings who feed on us want to keep us here. With that said you can be brought into the higher-realms but in the end even that could be a created illusion in my opinion.

The transportation is literal. They are the same basic principle in most of them but operate differently since it's a different dimension. They will shove a hook in your astral body and send you across a zip cord to another location. They put you in something (maybe a casket like box) and put you inside of some sort of carriage and bring you from one location to another. All the while beings in black shrouds walk by and you will see beings come up with others and dropping them off, then going back about their business else where. Sometimes they will stash you in a cave for awhile, sometimes one single being is carrying you to the transportation. Honestly it goes so deep I'm not going to describe everything because I think it likely will freak most people out.

You should read the Emerald Tablets of Thoth he speaks about the barriers of Earth that have been put in place to keep us here. As does he speak about his astral projections and ways of breaking out. But he emphasizes that one should not try breaking out until they are ready and that is what the New Age world and those types of shows are brainwashing people into doing. Because if you try and break out and fail you fall into these beings hands and Thoth says they will "devour your body." At first I thought he meant they will eat you and you die, now I know he means they will drink/eat you and keep you alive all while doing it. Although Peggy Kane speaks about how through reverse speech she discovered that in the astral when you die they will kill you and eat you as well - Reptilians that is. I listened to a video of her the other day and it was giving me chills because of how true everything was in my experience. Although I'm quite certain that Reptilians/Djinns/Demons/Shadow-beings are all the same thing just taking different forms to mess with us and confuse us.
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Old 03-01-2017, 11:14 PM
SkyGodWarrior SkyGodWarrior is offline
Join Date: Sep 2016
Posts: 499
I appreciate your beliefs too. Haha it is very pessimistic though. Do you have anything positive to say about the astral realm and your travels? It seems like its all a trick and a trap or are you just stating the other things experiences could be? "Just wondering not trying to insult" I have never heard such a version of the astral ream.

"your astral body will start in a near space, but nothing is certain since astral projections don't necessarily start in the RTZ of your home every time for everyone."

-It is possible to consciously separate from your body using certain techniques that the "mystery or occult schools" teach vs the technique of just becoming conscious of your vehicle being used. When you go to sleep your consciousness goes to sleep and your higher self basically switches roles with you. Thats why some times you are in random places when you come into consciousness. Sometimes your higher self will wake you up depending on your intentions and desire for astral travel. Other times what the higher self is doing some times triggers your consciousness to wake up. Like mines when ever I see a cliff or ledge I jump and that triggers my consciousness and then from there I can either enjoy a lucid or astral project.

"I mean same neighborhood or house."
For me it is certainly easy to project and visit someone who lives near me but haha thats boring. As far as finding someone you know that is far away you kinda have to have permission if they dont know you well and depending on your intentions. I remember I tried to visit my sister and a portal opened up and I went through but once I got to the end it was like a black wall or a block and I went all the way backwards back to where I started. You didnt answer my question... Have you ever traveled through this type of portal? How old are you btw Just wondering? My friend tells me a lot of things but he is like 60years old. I know that I have at least one past life off planet and that I am an Indigo kid...

"keep in the mind the beings who take other's forms can learn everything about that person just by touching you."

Haha I know all about this. Since I have been practicing how to project consciously and learning about my energy and being able to sense my energy body I am able to tell when there are outside influences affecting me. Even when I am dreaming I am able to tell now so if you dont know much about it I think if you learn more about chi gong or tai chi that it would go a long way. In my parents house we use to have a very negative energy but it could never escalate its energy to doing something big because I was there.
I was able to see it physically 5 nights in a roll. I could see the glare of light reflecting off its eyeballs... lol try dealing with that. From that being I learned a lot from it because it would try to do the things you are talking about because if it showed itself it could potentially get destroyed. So it would do all these tricks and create all these "scenarios and scenes... lol dream within dreams withing dreams being in a dream sleeping in a bed that was my own... Another incident was when I moved to a new place and the ghost or what ever it was did just that touched me and entered my dreams... I instantly went into intimidation and attack mode and the energy left immediately and never tried it again. Recently I have been trying different barrier techniques and was allowing any energy good or bad to come during the day.

As soon as day broke I had a nightmare. I felt the energy but I wanted to see what would happen. In the dream my parents were screaming at me and as soon as I had enough I woke up and saw the energy dart away. I am able to evade or get out of visions/dreams that I do not like. I understand about what your saying though about the "Super hero Mentality" but i think with at least those stories you might be over looking a big point that is true..... that is the heart and love conquers all. But your right about someone egotistical and underestimating things lol... I am open and clear. I am pretty good at controlling the chatter of my mind and not letting thoughts come in when I dont want and humble. I know that respect goes a long way. As far as black magic goes for me I think it depends what you do and who you do it too. Look at Arch Angel Michael... He is always either seen stepping on some negative entities face or carrying a sword.... Some other higher beings just have prayer beads but it is just as effective but the higher dimensional ones they talk about love and stuff being the ultimate way to live. Love is contagious... ;)

"Any Human-being that lives on Earth and is astral projecting is in the lower-planes whether they know or not."
I remember I was dreaming and I realized that something was following me... I turned around quick in the dream and it darted through a portal.... I teleported to that portal and entered.... lol bad idea it looked like we were in the middle of a live volcano and there were beings burning in the lava.. I dont know what that was or what it is all about... Im pretty sure I am well known on the lower plains because of my past and all the beings know that if I see them its game over.

"You should read the Emerald Tablets of Thoth"
I have about 20 times so far. I am no where near where Thoth was though so I am not really a problem to types of guardians. A guardian once told me something about the light and dark and stars lol I dont remember the quote exactly but thoth says something that elludes to what they said. Something about dark entities being the light in their own way.

"she discovered that in the astral when you die they will kill you and eat you as well - Reptilians that is."

Reptilians are usually physical beings that can also go and travel within the astral and I know all about them eating people. If running is easier for you then use that option but for me it is easy to just pull off their arm or something else... which is why they wont mess with you. I was actually banned from the Astral Realm because of something I did against an entity... Ever hear your guardians scream Noooooo Terrance...? Yeah its not good. Since then I have learn to not be so hostile but my guardians actually keep me flying under the radar and I think right now because of recent things that they are pretty busy.

Well it is definitely gets complicated once you get on these planes but I think everything you need comes from within. With a little development you can really go a long way especially into those "Higher Realm Restricted Areas."
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